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Erased Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Erased Season 2

Erased, also known as Boku dake ga Inai Machi or The Town Where Only I Am Missing, is a mystery, supernatural anime that aired in 2016. After moving to Netflix, the anime found a new fanbase, leading fans to wonder if there will be a second season.

As of now, it’s uncertain if it will be renewed for another season. It’s been over half a decade since the anime ended, and there’s no indication from the producers about plans for the future.

Reasons For and Against Renewal

On one hand, the anime did gain new fans from Netflix, but it’s unclear if that’s enough for a renewal. On the other hand, the manga concluded in 2016, along with the anime and live-action film. This rounded ending makes a logical case against continuing the story.

New Fanbase from Netflix

After the anime finished airing in 2016, Netflix obtained the streaming rights. This exposed it to a wider audience and many new fans. However, Netflix has not commented on the series’ future.

Completed Manga and Anime

The manga that the anime adapts finished its run in April 2016, around the same time the anime and a live-action film were released. The anime is beloved but also had a well-rounded ending that covered the major plotlines. This makes the case for moving on to new stories instead of revisiting Erased.

Erased Season main characters
Erased Season main characters

Possible Release Date

There has been no official confirmation of a second season renewal yet, so there is no set release date either. If Erased does get picked up again, it likely won’t premiere until at least 2024 due to typical production timelines.

Earliest Potential Release

Assuming the attention from Netflix convinces producers to order another season, 2024 would be the absolute earliest fans could expect to see it. Anime productions typically take at least a year or two to complete.

What Could the Plot Be?

If Season 2 moves forward, writers will have to craft a new story. The anime would likely continue to center on Satoru and his time-traveling ability to prevent deaths. Possible ideas include:

Continue Satoru’s Story

Season 1 wrapped up the major plotlines about Satoru saving his mother and friends. A new season could create another mystery for him to solve using Revival.

Follow the Spin-Off Novel

There is a spin-off novel that explores the original killer’s motives. This could provide source material to continue the story.

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Erased plot
Erased Season Plot

Who is the Cast in Season 2?

Casting would depend on the new plot, but the lead actors could potentially reprise their roles:

Reprise of Lead Voice Actors

Ben Diskin might return as adult Satoru, while Michelle Ruff could voice young Satoru again. Both are seasoned voice actors with major credits.

Other Potential Returning Cast

Other voice cast members may return as well if their characters are incorporated into the new plot. But new characters could also necessitate recasting.

Previous Cast and Their Credentials

Ben Diskin, known for his roles in ‘Naruto: Shippûden‘ and ‘Boruto,’ voiced the older Satoru in the English dub. Michelle Ruff, recognized for her work in ‘Akira’ and ‘Lupin the Third,’ portrayed the younger Satoru. If it secures a second season, these experienced voice actors could potentially reprise their roles.

In conclusion, the fate of Season 2 hangs in the balance, with fans eagerly anticipating any official announcements. As the anime landscape evolves, the potential for a continuation of Satoru’s journey through time remains a captivating possibility.

Erased character
Erased Season Character

Possibilities for Erased Season 2

If a second season materializes, the challenge lies in crafting a new and engaging storyline. The manga’s spin-off novel offers potential source material, delving into the killer’s motives. This could serve as a foundation for a captivating narrative in season 2, continuing the exploration of Satoru’s time-traveling power.

What Do Fans Want from Season 2?

Devoted Erased fans have some ideas for what they’d want to see if the anime returns:

Answer Open Questions

Season 1 left a few mysteries about the killer unresolved that fans would enjoy seeing wrapped up.

See Revived Characters

Viewers became invested in the characters and would love to see favorites somehow brought back in a new storyline.

Explore the Killer’s Backstory

Learning more about the killer’s history and mindset through the spin-off content would provide satisfying insight for fans.

Conclusion and What We Know So Far

While Erased gaining a new audience on Netflix has sparked some hope of renewal, the anime’s producers have yet to confirm plans for season 2. The story reached a rounded conclusion, but a new season could explore unresolved questions. Major cast members could reprise their roles if a second season moves forward. Fans eagerly await any update from the creators on this beloved anime’s future.

There is no official renewal yet, and it remains unknown if season 2 will materialize. Fans can only speculate and hope for now. If renewed, the new plot might feature Satoru solving a new mystery or follow the events of the spin-off novel that dives into the killer’s backstory. But any specifics remain unclear unless an announcement happens in the coming years.

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Is Season 2 officially confirmed?

Currently, there’s no official confirmation for ‘Erased’ Season 2, leaving fans in anticipation.

When did the original manga conclude?

The original manga series concluded in April 2016, providing the basis for the anime adaptation.

What is Satoru Fujinuma’s unique power?

Satoru possesses the power of “Revival,” enabling him to go back in time and prevent life-threatening incidents.

How did the anime ‘Erased’ differ from the manga?

While the anime followed the main plot, it diverged in its conclusion, offering a different resolution to the story.

Who are the voice actors for Satoru in the English dub of Season 1?

Ben Diskin voiced the older Satoru, while Michelle Ruff portrayed the younger Satoru in the English dub.

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