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Hotline Miami 3: Everything We Know So Far

Hotline Miami 3

Hotline Miami is an iconic top-down shooter series known for its neon-soaked violence, surreal storytelling, and synth-wave soundtrack. Developed by Dennaton Games, Hotline Miami 1 and 2 gained a cult following upon release in 2012 and 2015. However, it’s been over seven years since the last entry, leaving fans wondering about the state of Hotline Miami 3.

Hotline Miami 1 and 2 Recap

The original Hotline Miami threw players into a hazy, dreamlike version of 1989 Miami as a masked vigilante carrying out bloody hits for cryptic messages left on your answering machine. Its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, expanded the story with varied protagonists across multiple eras.

Both games delivered challenging real-time combat across procedurally generated levels. Their gritty stories explored themes of violence, guilt, and morality.

Plans for Hotline Miami 3

Teased at the end of Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 2 ended on a cliffhanger, teasing a third game with the achievement “See You in Miami.” Developers Dennaton Games confirmed their desire to finish the trilogy.

Developers Confirm this

In interviews following Hotline Miami 2’s release in March 2015, Dennaton Games co-founder Dennis Wedin expressed plans for a third and final game. While no details were given, Wedin said they hoped to wrap up loose ends in the story.

Hotline Maiami 3 Gameplay

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Hotline Miami 3 Potential Release Date

Planned initially for 2018-2019

Early indications pointed to a 2018-2019 release window for this, about 3-4 years after the second game, like the gap between the first two. But after that, there were no indications from the company about its development.

Long Gap Between Games

However, that proposed timeframe has long since passed. It’s been over seven years since Hotline Miami 2 arrived in 2015. This long gap has left fans questioning why it is taking so long.

Development Challenges

A variety of factors likely contributed to its lengthy development:

  • Shifting resources to focus on publishing other indie games like Gato Roboto
  • Challenges replicating the magic of the first two games
  • Perfectionism and desire to stick the landing for the trilogy finale
Hotline Miami 3 fighting

Is Hotline Miami 3 Cancelled?

No Official Cancellation

There’s been no official word that Hotline Miami 3 is canceled or coming. Dennaton Games has provided no new updates on its status for years, going radio silent on the project.

Possible Reasons for Delay

Several circumstances may explain the extended delay and lack of updates:

Changed Developers

In 2018, co-creator Jonatan Söderström said Dennaton Games would not develop the threequel in-house. This shift from internal to external developers likely led to restarts.

Financial Difficulties

There are rumors that Dennaton Games faced financial and legal troubles, compromising their ability to fund its development.

Shift in Priorities

Söderström expressed wanting to work on passion projects outside of Hotline Miami. The team’s interest in the series may have waned over time.

Signs Point to Eventual Release

However, Söderström said this could happen “once the time is right.” The creators likely want to recapture their inspiration to deliver a worthy sequel. The chances seem low of it being outright canceled.

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What to Expect?

While details are scarce, we can speculate on what 3rd series might include if/when it gets made:

Story and Setting

The trippy story will continue from the cliffhanger ending, likely based in a post-nuclear 1990s Miami. More twisted characters and factions are likely to emerge.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Expect the same top-down real-time action requiring quick reflexes and tactical thinking. New weapons, abilities, and modifiers could spice up the gameplay formula.

New Weapons and Abilities

Melee weapons, firearms, and abilities expanded across the first two games. A third outing could introduce even more ways to dispatch foes stylishly.

Hotline Miami Double gun
Dual Gun Attack

Hopes and Predictions

Hopes from Fans

Fans are eager to revisit the series’ neon-drenched violence and characters. After years of waiting, the desire to tie up loose ends and experience that signature gameplay again is stronger than ever.

What Would Make a Worthy Sequel

For the 3rd part to live up to the series’ pedigree, it must balance retaining the core elements fans love and evolving the formula. An unhurried development cycle focusing on quality over haste seems paramount.


While frustrations over the endless wait are understandable, Hotline Miami 3 remains a hypothetical game. Dennaton Games likely wants to stick to the landing so that the extended radio silence may benefit the final product. For now, fans hope the cryptic “See You in Miami” message will someday prove true.

Though the road ahead is uncertain, one truth remains evident: when Hotline Miami returns in full force, the brutally cathartic killings will feel sweeter than ever.

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Is there any trailer or gameplay for Hotline Miami 3?

No official trailer or gameplay has been revealed for this yet. Any videos claiming to show its footage are fake or speculatory. We’ll have to wait for Dennaton Games to release official material.

Will this be on PS4 and Xbox One?

Platforms have not been confirmed for this. However, given the first two games’ presence on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, a PS4 and Xbox One release seems likely whenever it is revealed.

How can I get updates on it?

Dennaton Games does not provide regular updates on the status of the release of the next season. Checking their social media accounts like Twitter is your best bet for any official word on its progress. Gaming news sites will also report on any significant Hotline Miami 3 announcements.

Is Dennaton Games working on anything new?

While Hotline Miami 3 remains unconfirmed, Dennaton Games has focused efforts on publishing other indie games. Recent examples include the motorcycle action game Highwayman and the roguelike shooter My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge.

Where can I play Hotline Miami 1 and 2?

Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are available for purchase on PC via Steam and PlayStation 3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.


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