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Packaging Companies’ Investment in Kodak’s CTP Innovation

Kodak's CTP Innovation

Staying ahead of the competition while delivering premium performance and quality has become imperative for companies in the printing and packaging industry. One technological innovation rapidly gaining traction in the industry is Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technology, specifically the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter.

This article explores the factors driving packaging companies like Ehtesham Packages to invest in CTP Innovation and how it addresses the industry’s growing demands.

High Productivity and Efficiency

The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter is setting new standards for productivity and efficiency. It stands out as the fastest 8-page CTP available, capable of imaging up to 84 plates per hour. This exceptional speed means small and large commercial printers can significantly increase output, easily meeting tight deadlines and accommodating high-volume orders.

Furthermore, the modular design of the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter offers easy scalability, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs seamlessly. The availability of various plate options further enhances flexibility, ensuring that companies can choose the most suitable plates for their specific applications.

MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter
MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter

Advanced Automation

Automation has become a crucial aspect of modern prepress production. It reduces waste and costly errors and optimizes throughput and efficiency. The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter offers a range of automation options to cater to diverse business requirements:

Continuous Load: This semi-automated feature is a game-changer, enabling one plate to undergo imaging. At the same time, another is ready and waiting for automatic loading as soon as the drum becomes available. The integrated punch system, capable of accommodating up to 10 punch heads, streamlines the process, ensuring that press-ready plates are efficiently prepared without manual intervention.

Multi-Cassette Unit (MCU): The MCU can hold up to 500 plates in 5 cassettes for fully automated operations. Each of these has 100 plates of the same size and thickness. This enables up to 5 different plate sizes online, automatically selecting according to the job definition.

Single Cassette Unit (SCU): Taking automation to the next level, the SCU (Stacker Conveyor Unit) offers a fully automated solution. It can securely store up to 100 plates of the same size and thickness, with slip sheets for added protection. What’s more, the availability of additional trolleys makes it a breeze to switch to a different plate format, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow without any disruptions.

Multi-Pallet Loader (MPL): Offering even greater capacity, the MPL can hold one or two pallets of up to 1,500 plates each, with optional one or two cassettes holding 100 each. This results in a total capacity of up to 3,200 plates, accommodating up to 4 different plate sizes.

Manual Bypass: The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter also provides the flexibility of a manual bypass, available with SCU, MCU, SPL, and MPL. This allows operators to quickly remake a plate or create plates of a size not loaded into the pallet or cassette, increasing uptime and flexibility.

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Maximum Stability and Image Quality

One of the standout features of the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter is its use of thermal SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology. This technology automatically compensates for temperature-related plate expansion and contraction, ensuring precise and consistent imaging from plate to plate and machine to machine.

Moreover, SQUARESPOT Technology employs Geometric Correction to correct for mechanical asymmetries and plate variations during plate loading. This results in imaging stability, even across different platesetters. This level of precision is essential for achieving photorealistic results and ensuring extraordinary tone and color consistency throughout the press run, thanks to STACCATO Screening.

CTP's image printing quality
CTP’s image printing quality

The dynamic autofocus mechanism prevents hot spots and enhances robustness to process variation on the plate, contributing to superior image quality.

Remote Monitoring and Environmental Benefits

The optional Mobile CTP Control App allows businesses to remotely monitor their MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter using Android or iOS devices. This feature provides real-time alerts if any CTP device requires attention, ensuring quick response times and minimizing downtime. Furthermore, customizable reports on CTP uptime, plate usage, shift performance, and more empower companies to make informed decisions to increase productivity and efficiency.

In addition to performance advantages, the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter also reduces the environmental footprint. It is the fastest CTP for SONORA Process Free Plates, eliminating the environmental impact of processing without compromising productivity. This environmentally conscious approach aligns with the sustainability goals of many packaging companies.

Enhanced Plate Stability and Consistency

The stability of plates used in the printing process is critical to achieving high-quality results consistently. The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, equipped with thermal SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, offers exceptional plate stability. This technology compensates for temperature-related plate expansion and contraction, ensuring that each plate is consistently imaged.

Mechanical asymmetries and plate variations during loading are also corrected through Geometric Correction, guaranteeing that printers can rely on imaging stability, even when using different platesetters. This level of control over plate stability minimizes variations in print quality, leading to uniform and high-quality packaging output.

Superior Screening Technology

Achieving moiré-free image fidelity with extraordinary tone and color consistency is paramount in the packaging industry. The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, in combination with KODAK STACCATO Screening, excels in delivering these results. This screening technology offers a maximum line screen of 450 lpi, ensuring fine details and smooth gradations in packaging designs.

The optional 10-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening further elevates the quality of printed materials, making it a preferred choice for packaging companies aiming to produce visually striking and precise packaging products.

Increased Throughput and Uptime Optimization

Efficiency in the packaging industry relies heavily on throughput and uptime. The MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter excels in speed and can connect remotely to service teams. This feature enables the diagnosis and resolution of up to 50% of service requests without needing on-site visits, resulting in significant time and cost savings. 

Packaging companies can rely on the continuous operation of their equipment, reducing downtime and production interruptions. As the industry demands faster turnarounds and increased output, the combination of high throughput and remote service diagnostics makes the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter a scientifically sound investment for packaging companies looking to maintain a competitive edge.

In conclusion, packaging companies such as Ehtesham Packages are increasingly investing in CTP Innovation, particularly the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, due to its exceptional performance, advanced automation, image quality, remote monitoring capabilities, and environmental benefits. In a highly competitive industry where speed, efficiency, and quality are paramount, the MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter offers a compelling solution to meet the evolving needs of businesses, both large and small.  

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