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The Delicious Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream Discontinued?

lucas chamoy ice cream

Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream is a popular frozen treat that originated in Mexico. It’s flavored with chamoy, a sauce made from pickled fruit, chiles, and spices, giving it a unique sweet, sour, and salty flavor profile.

The ice cream is characteristically bright red or pink from the chamoy. It’s rich and creamy like traditional ice cream but with an addicting kick from the chamoy swirl or ripples running through it.

Origins and History

Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream was created by Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles as a fusion of traditional fruit paletas and American-style ice cream. The name “Lucas” comes from the popular chamoy sauce brand swirled into the ice cream.

Versions of chamoy ice cream likely existed in Mexico before arriving in the States, but the Lucas brand helped popularize it in California and beyond. It’s now a staple summertime treat in Mexican communities across the southwest.

Ingredients and Flavors

The base of Lucas chamoy ice cream is simple – cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla make up the smooth ice cream base. Flavors like strawberry or mango are commonly mixed in. But the star ingredient is the chamoy sauce, made from pickled fruits and chiles like mango, pineapple, apricot, and chili peppers.

It brings a tangy, sweet, and spicy zing to the ice cream. Other toppings like chocolate sauce, whipped cream, fruit, Tajín seasoning, or gummy bears are often added on top for extra flavor and texture.

Has Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream Discontinued?

Yes, it’s unfortunate news for popsicle enthusiasts, as Lucas Chamoy’s Popsicles have been discontinued. This means you won’t find this treat anymore. If you’re unfamiliar with popsicles, you might not come across this term after learning about it here.

Why Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream is So Popular

There are several reasons why Lucas chamoy ice cream has become such a hit treat across North America:

lucas flavors
Lucas flavors

Unique and Addicting Flavor Profile

The interplay between the sweet creaminess of ice cream and the salty, sour kick of the chamoy is unique and addictive. The flavors complement each other perfectly, exciting your taste buds surprisingly. It’s an experience you can’t get from any other ice cream.

Fun Toppings and Presentation

In addition to the chamoy swirl, Lucas ice cream is loaded with toppings like fruit, candy, cereal, Tajín, and whipped cream to create an over-the-top, colorful dessert. The vibrant presentation is eye-catching and tempting.

Perfect Balance of Sweet and Savory

Lucas chamoy ice cream hits the ideal balance between sweet and savory. The saltiness of the chamoy balances out the rich sweetness of the ice cream base for a treat that satisfies both a sweet tooth and a craving for something more salty or umami.

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Where to Find the Best Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream

The best places to get authentic, high-quality Lucas chamoy ice cream include:

lucas at instacart
Image Credit: Instacart -> https://www.instacart.com/products/16998526-lucas-chamoy-bar-2-5-fl

Traditional Mexican Ice Cream Shops

Many mom-and-pop Mexican heladerias, like Mariscos Jaliscos in Los Angeles, serve delicious versions. These shops use time-honored techniques and quality ingredients.

Trendy Dessert Shops Serving Fusion Treats

Gourmet ice cream shops are putting fun twists on Lucas chamoy ice cream, loading them with even more outrageous toppings. Try Coolhaus or Creamistry.

Specialty Latin Markets

Many Latin grocery stores carry pre-packaged Lucas chamoy ice cream that you can take home to enjoy. Brands like Paleteria La Michoacana and Floreria Atlantico are tasty options.

 Make Your Own at Home!

If you can’t find Lucas chamoy ice cream near you, it’s easy to DIY. Mix chamoy sauce into your favorite ice cream base, and let your imagination run wild with toppings.

Creative Serving Ideas and Pairings for Lucas Chamoy Ice Cream

There are endless ways to enjoy Lucas chamoy ice cream. Get creative with these serving suggestions:

Affogato-Style with Espresso

Pour a hot shot of espresso over a scoop of Lucas ice cream for a twist on affogato. The coffee cuts through the richness.

In Milkshakes and Ice Cream Floats

Blend Lucas chamoy ice cream into milkshakes or root beer floats for the ultimate sweet-salty treat.

With Fresh Fruit and Granola

Contrast the chamoy’s tanginess with fresh fruit like mango, banana, or pineapple. Add crunch with granola.

In Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sandwich Lucas ice cream between cookies, brownies, or churros for handheld portion control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chamoy made from?

Chamoy is a salty-sweet condiment made from pickled fruit (like apricots, mangos, oranges), chile peppers, spices, and sometimes vinegar or soy sauce.

Is Lucas chamoy ice cream spicy?

It has a mild kick from the chamoy sauce but isn’t overly spicy. It focuses more on the sweet-tangy flavor.

Where did Lucas chamoy ice cream originate?

It was created by Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles as a fusion dessert.

What is the best topping for Lucas chamoy ice cream?

Some popular toppings are Tajín, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cereal, candy, and chamoy!

Can I make Lucas chamoy ice cream at home?

Yes! Mix chamoy sauce into your favorite ice cream base, or swirl it like ripples after churning. Top with whatever sounds good.


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