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Will There Be a Nisekoi Season 3? News & Leaks

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi is a popular romantic comedy anime series based on the manga by Naoshi Komi and the first season aired in 2014, followed by a second season in 2015.

Now, over 7 years since the last installment, fans eagerly await news of Nisekoi season 3. Will there ever be a continuation of this beloved franchise? Let’s examine the reasons for and against a third season of this series.

Overview of Nisekoi

For those unfamiliar, Nisekoi follows the story of Raku Ichijo, a high school student heir to a yakuza family. Raku enters a false relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki to prevent conflict between their gangster families.

However, Raku already has a crush on his classmate Kosaki Onodera. This forms the main love triangle driving the plot. The fake relationship soon develops into friendship and possibly romance between Raku and Chitoge.

It skillfully blends comedy, romance, and slice of life in a high school setting. The anime adaptation was produced by studio Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbou of Monogatari fame.

Overview of Nisekoi

Nisekoi Season 1 and 2 Recap

The first season introduced the main characters and set up the fake dating situation between Raku and Chitoge. We got to know more about Kosaki’s feelings for Raku and met other quirky classmates like Ruri Miyamoto.

Season 2 continued the relationship entanglements while bringing in new plot threads. It introduced Marika Tachibana, another girl harboring affection for Raku. More of Chitoge’s backstory and family connections got fleshed out as well.

The ending of season 2 kept the romantic tensions unresolved. Raku has not definitively chosen between Chitoge and Kosaki yet. The mystery behind the lost locket and promised girl from Raku’s childhood remains unsolved.

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Reasons for Nisekoi Season 3

Fans have many reasons to hope for a continuation of the this anime. Here are some of the main driving factors:

Unresolved Plot Points in the Manga

The Nisekoi manga continued the story well beyond the anime adaptation. When season 2 finished, plenty more manga content was available to animate.

Key plotlines like the resolution of the love triangle and the true promised girl’s identity have yet to be animated. Season 3 could finally provide closure for fans.

Popularity and Financial Success

Both seasons of the Nisekoi anime were commercial successes. Its Blu-ray sales topped the charts when they were released. The franchise has clearly demonstrated its popularity.

Financially, season 3 could ride on this proven fanbase and likely find success again. The still-strong brand and audience numbers strengthen the case for renewal.

Demand from Fans

Not a day goes by without fans asking about Nisekoi season 3 online. Interest remains incredibly high, with viewers still enthralled by the characters and relationships.

Continued passion from its devoted audience makes a compelling incentive for studios to produce another installment. The demand is surely there for more.

Obstacles to Nisekoi Season 3

At the same time, there are a few roadblocks that may hinder it from continuing with season 3:

Length of Time Since Last Season

It’s been over 7 years since Nisekoi season 2 aired in 2015. Anime productions usually capitalize much sooner to take advantage of the hype.

The longer the wait, the more difficult it is to align voice actors, studios, and committees for a new season. Momentum becomes harder to regain.

Availability of Source Material

The Nisekoi manga ended in 2016, so a finite amount of new story content is left to adapt. While enough chapters likely exist for season 3, there may not be enough for additional seasons after that.

Studios also prefer ongoing manga, so a constant stream of new material is available if sequels are greenlit. The confined source material limits options in the future.

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Scheduling and Production Constraints

Shaft Studio has kept busy with other successful series like the Monogatari franchise and Madoka Magica. Their production schedule may not accommodate another lengthy season.

Securing all the same talented staff and voice cast again after so many years presents challenges, too. The logistics get more difficult the longer the wait.

Obstacles to Nisekoi Season 3

Predictions on Likelihood of Season 3

Given all the above factors, what are the odds of Nisekoi season 3 becoming a reality? Let’s examine some angles.

Insights from the Creator and Studio

So far, the original creators, Naoshi Komi, and Shaft Studio, have not provided any definitive updates. Komi has been occupied with other manga projects in recent years.

The intention to release more anime remains unclear unless they issue an announcement. Their involvement would be integral to spearheading a third season.

Status of Manga and Anime Industry Trends

The manga industry has seen a resurgence of popular series, like Fruits Basket and Shaman King, getting new seasons after long hiatuses. Reboots years later have also become common.

This series fitting this pattern of revived interest seems possible. However, dedicated confirmation by the production committee is still needed.

Potential for a Reboot or Remake

If a direct season 3 proves too difficult, Nisekoi can get a complete reboot or remake years later.

Successful romantic comedy series like InuYasha have been remade before. With fresh animation and a condensed story, it could find new life again.

What Would the 3rd Season Cover?

Assuming the 3rd season does get approved someday, what storyline content would it tackle next?

Continuing the Story from Season 2

Season 3 would pick up right after the end of season 2. After revealing her illness, it would start resolving cliffhangers like Marika Tachibana’s fate.

More context about the photo of young Raku and his promised girl will be explored as clues keep appearing. The main love triangle develops more, too.

New Character and Relationship Developments

Exciting new characters like the younger sister, Haru Onodera, would be introduced. We would see how Kosaki’s family fits in.

Ruri Miyamoto and Shuu Maiko’s constant banter and friendship would continue with plenty more humorous moments, brightening the story.

Concluding the Love Triangle

Finally, the much-anticipated resolution to the core love triangle would play out. Who does Raku ultimately choose between Chitoge and Kosaki?

Does he actually end up with his mysterious promised girl from childhood instead? Fans are desperate to see an outcome after many seasons of guessing games.

The ending would tie together all the narrative threads and bring satisfying closure.

Concluding the Love Triangle

Closing Thoughts on Nisekoi’s Legacy and Future

While the odds seem uncertain, there is hope for Nisekoi season 3 or a reboot someday. What do you think?

Impact on Romantic Comedy Genre

Regardless of the anime resumes, it leaves behind a meaningful impact. It reinvigorated interest in the harem romantic comedy genre.

Nisekoi’s clever writing and compassionate character portrayal won over fans’ hearts. The beautiful animation and soundtrack elevated the source material as well.

Could Spinoffs or Sequels Be Possible?

Even if the main story ends, the Nisekoi universe still holds many possibilities. Potential spinoffs with side characters or a fresh sequel following Raku and Chitoge’s children could come someday.

For now, it remains fondly remembered for its endearing characters stuck in a tangled web of relationships and comedic misunderstandings. Fans will always treasure the joy they felt watching this charming anime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the likelihood of Nisekoi season 3 happening?

The likelihood seems uncertain, given the long gap since season 2 ended and the lack of updates from the creator or studio. However, renewed interest in old series getting new seasons provides some hope. Fans remain eager for a continuation.

How much-unadapted manga content is there for a 3rd season?

Estimates indicate this manga probably has enough unadapted content to support a full 12-13 episode 3rd season. Key story arcs like resolving the love triangle have not been animated yet.

Would the original voice actors return for season 3?

Ideally, if season 3 happens, the intent would be to return the original Japanese voice cast. However, after many years, they may not all be available anymore, which creates production challenges. The studios would do their best to coordinate schedules.

What are some potential spinoff ideas for Nisekoi?

Interesting spinoff ideas could focus on characters like Ruri x Shuu, Kosaki’s younger sister Haru, or Raku and Chitoge’s future children. Spinoffs could take place in alternate universes, too. There is lots of room for creativity!

Will Nisekoi get a live-action adaptation?

Currently, there are no announced plans for a live-action adaptation. But its popularity makes it a viable candidate for a live-action series or movie if renewed interest sparks in the franchise again. The colorful, comedic characters and relationships would translate well.


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