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4 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Dental Crown & Bridge 

Dental Crown & Bridge 

A dental crown is a crown-like cap that is used to restore a tooth. It can enhance a tooth’s aesthetics, which includes its shape, size, and color, too. This treatment also strengthens a tooth by improving your biting manner. 

On the other hand, filling the gap between teeth is known as dental bridge treatment. Missing teeth can lead to major issues such as bad bite patterns and poor smiles. In some instances, it can also result in serious gum diseases and even TMJ disorder. 

Both are common dental treatments. However, you must be well aware of their applications to decide between the two. 

Today in this blog, we’ll shed light on the four major questions you must ask before your dental crown and bridge procedures. 

1. Who Should Acquire a Dental Crown or Bridge Procedure? 

If you have cracked, crooked, uneven, or weak teeth, then a crown would be the best choice for you. It’s also useful for treating tooth decay and toothaches.

A person who has big gaps between their teeth qualifies for a bridge. However, make sure you don’t have weak bones since when you get the bridge implanted, your jawbones should be strong enough to support the device’s volume.

When you have gaps between your teeth or are losing them, you may be experiencing bone deterioration. Under such conditions, you should look for a crown and bridge dental lab to receive X-rays of your jaw structure and ensure you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

2. How Do You Select a Dentist for a Dental Crown or Bridge?

Choosing a qualified dentist is an important decision. The process is common and standard; nevertheless, ensure that your dentist adheres to international dental standards.

For example, medical certificates are a confirmation that your dentist is qualified for the position. You can also ask about their educational background to be sure.

A Dentist

3. How Much Time Will They Last?

Dental crowns and bridges will last a long time, but how long depends on a number of factors.

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis is necessary for good oral health, as oral cleanliness should be your top concern if you want the procedures to last shortly and be successful in the long run.

You should also avoid eating unhealthy foods with a hard surface, as they may harm them. They will last between five and fifteen years.

4. Which Is Best for You?

As previously mentioned, bridges and crowns have various functions. A crown can be a preferable choice if your tooth is decaying. However, a bridge is a better option if you have missing teeth.

Both situations seem to be more painful and odd in terms of the dental aesthetics of your face needs extra care. So, first visit your dentist for your tooth checkup, and once the actual issue is diagnosed correctly, go for the prescribed treatment. 


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