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Seraph of the End Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Seraph of the End Season 3

Seraph of the End, also known as Owari no Seraph, is a popular Japanese dark fantasy anime series. It first premiered in 2015 and has so far spanned two seasons. In this article, we’ll find out the Seraph of the End season 3 release date, plot & other prospects.

Season 1 and 2 Overview

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus has killed most adults and wiped out modern civilization. Vampires emerge as ruthless rulers of the remnants of humanity. The series follows Yuichiro Hyakuya, a Japanese Imperial Demon Army member. He enlists to fight against vampires after they kill his family.

Yuichiro joins the Moon Demon Company and trains to master cursed gear weapons to defeat vampires. He is driven by revenge and a promise to rescue his best friend, Mikaela Hyakuya, from captivity. The first two seasons follow Yuichiro and his friends as they confront vampires and uncover the true motivations behind the virus outbreak.

Major story arcs

  • Yuichiro attempts to infiltrate vampire nobles to locate Mikaela
  • Humans experiment with forbidden magical weapons
  • Vampire noble Ferid Bathory manipulates behind-the-scenes
  • Imperial Demon Army wages war against vampire nobles

Main characters

  • Yuichiro Hyakuya: Protagonist driven by revenge against vampires
  • Mikaela Hyakuya: Yuichiro’s best friend turned vampire
  • Shinoa Hiragi: Yuichiro’s squad leader in the Moon Demon Company
  • Shihō Kimizuki: Member of Yuichiro’s squad
Seraph of the End Characters
Seraph of the End Characters

Popularity and Success of the Anime

Seraph of the End has developed a strong fanbase and enjoyed solid viewership during its two seasons.

Positive fan reception

The anime stands out with its apocalyptic setting, complex characters, and dark vampire mythology. Fans have praised the emotional storylines and action-packed vampire battle scenes.

Strong viewership and profits

Both seasons earned profits for the production committee. The anime also increased sales of manga and light novels. And there were 13 million copies in circulation. This demonstrates the strong interest that could motivate approval for Season 3.

Prospects for Season 3 Renewal

Several factors suggest good potential for Seraph of the End to return for Season 3.

Source material availability

The manga series is still ongoing, currently with 23 volumes released. This leaves plenty of source content for continuing the anime.

Demand from fans

Many fans eagerly await Season 3. Unresolved plot threads have left them wanting more of the story. Interest remains years later.

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Loose ends to explore

  • Yuichiro’s next moves against vampire nobles after losing his cursed gear
  • Mika’s struggles after refusing to drink human blood
  • Mahiru’s resurgence from within Guren
  • Vampire noble political scheming and Ferid’s true motives

Financial incentives

Previous profits and strong fan demand could incentivize producers to fund another season. The franchise remains popular in Japan and internationally.

Seraph of the End Season Seraph of the End Season Prospects
Seraph of the End Season Prospects

What Fans Can Expect from Season 3

If renewed, Seraph of the End Season 3 would likely include:

Continuation of main storylines

Major plot threads would carry over and drive the narrative in the future.

Vampire realm invasion

Yuichiro lost his cursed gear weapons so the human army would launch attacks on the vampire nobles in their territory.

Yuichiro’s cursed gear

Yuichiro would work to restore his broken cursed gear or master new weapons to stand a chance against the powerful vampires.

Introduction of new characters

The light novels feature characters not yet introduced in the anime, which could make appearances to help advance the plot.

Epic vampire battles

Fans anticipate more intense action sequences as the humans battle the vampire nobles. These fights display unique weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and magical abilities.

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Romantic developments

The complicated relationships between certain characters could evolve.

Mika and Yuu

Mika and Yuichiro have one of the most popular dynamics in the series. More could be explored between the vampire-turned-friend and his human companion.

Shinoa Squad bonds

Relationships between members of Yuichiro’s squad could deepen through their shared trauma.

Seraph of the End Season storyline
Seraph of the End Season storyline

Release Date Speculation

While many fans remain hopeful, there has been no official confirmation yet on plans for Season 3.

Dependent on renewal status

Until the producers officially announce a renewal, any release date remains speculative.

2025 would be most likely

If the anime is renewed within the next year or so, Season 3 could potentially air in 2025 based on typical production timelines.


Seraph of the End left off on compelling cliffhangers that have kept fan interest alive years later. There is ample source material remaining to support another season. The anime continues to generate profits in Japan and internationally. These conditions indicate a reasonable chance of the series returning to resolve unfinished storylines.

An official renewal would welcome news to its dedicated fanbase, who eagerly anticipate the day they can dive back into its dark vampire world.

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Is Seraph of the End Season 3 confirmed?

No, as of now Season 3 has not received an official greenlight. Fans remain hopeful as discussions around renewal continue.

How much source material is left for more seasons?

The manga is still published with enough chapters for potentially several more seasons. Availability of source content should not be an issue for continued adaptation.

Who are the studios and producers behind the anime?

Seraph of the End is produced by Dentsu, Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS), and Aniplex. It is animated by studio WIT Studio with direction by Daisuke Tokudo.

How many light novels exist in the Seraph of the End series?

There are currently 18 light novel volumes published, written by Takaya Kagami with illustrations by Yamato Yamamoto.

How does the anime tie in with the Seraph of the End manga and novels?

The anime storyline overlaps heavily with events from the manga but also incorporates elements from the light novels not shown in the manga.

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