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Skeleton Knight in Another World Season 2: All We Know So Far

Skeleton Knight in Another World Season

Skeleton Knight in Another World captivated viewers in 2022 with its thrilling twist on the popular Isekai genre. As fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, uncertainty still shrouds the anime’s future.

Official Announcement

Unfortunately, neither the creators nor the studio have confirmed the renewal of Skeleton Knight in Another World for a second season. With no official announcement yet, fans anxiously turn to other metrics to gauge the likelihood of a sequel.

Previous Seasons And Episodes

The first season premiered on April 7, 2022, comprising 12 episodes that enthralled global audiences. Its success is evident through impressive ratings and popularity metrics across platforms like MyAnimeList and AniList.

Where To Watch The Show

Crunchyroll remains the go-to platform for enjoying Skeleton Knight in Another World. A subscription provides access to this series, plus a vast anime library.

Google Trends Data Analysis

The Google Trends graph displays spikes in searches for the anime, highlighting a dedicated fanbase. However, more movement on the higher end would solidify confidence in a second season.

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Social Media Engagement

On social media, fans argue it’s too early to expect renewal news since the first season only recently concluded. While engagement seems decent, more hype is required to compel creators towards a sequel.

Expected Plot of Upcoming Season

If renewed, season 2 would likely adapt volume 4 of the light novel, “In Hot Water.” The story promises fresh adventures for Arc, unexpected humor when he discovers a magical healing spring that turns out to be a hot spring, and political intrigue around Prince Sekt’s power grab.

Skeleton Knight in Another World Plot
Skeleton Knight in Another World Plot

Important Characters

Some of the most pivotal characters include:

  1. Arc: The witty and pragmatic protagonist on a quest for exploration.
  2. Ariane: A committed dark elf seeking to liberate her enslaved kin.
  3. Ponta: Arc’s adorable and clever fox companion.
  4. Chiyome: A diligent beastman kunoichi aiming to save enslaved kin.
  5. Goemon: A silent warrior who relies heavily on brute strength.
Skeleton Knight in Another World Characters
Skeleton Knight in Another World Characters

Important Crew Members

Vital creative minds behind the anime include:

  • Producer Aya Iizuka
  • Director Ono Katsumi
  • Singer PelleK
  • Author Enki Hakari
  • Animation studio Studio Kai


While anticipation runs high for a continuation, the ultimate fate of Skeleton Knight in Another World season 2 remains uncertain. Fans cling to optimism but may need to pursue light novels to progress the engrossing story, at least for now.

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Is there any confirmation of season 2?

There is no official confirmation yet regarding the renewal of the anime for a second season.

What is the expected plot?

Likely an adaptation of light novel volume 4, continuing Arc’s adventures and political intrigue in the kingdom.

Where to watch season 1?

Currently available on Crunchyroll.

Most popular characters?

Protagonist Arc, Ariane the dark elf, Ponta the fox, Chiyome the kunoichi, and Goemon the warrior.

Who created the anime?

Key creators include author Enki Hakari, director Ono Katsumi, producer Aya Iizuka, and Studio Kai.

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