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Styling Powder vs Pomade vs Gel: Which Suits Your Style

Using styling powder

Trying on new hair styling products can be a little overwhelming and costly at the same time. Selecting hairstyle tools has become an essential component of personal care regimens. Of all the alternatives available, styling powders, pomades, and gels are the most widely used. 

Every product has something special to offer, meeting the needs of various hair kinds, styles, and tastes. So, if you’re wondering if you need pomade, gel, or styling powder, you came to the right place! This article will help you know which hair styling product suits your style!

Hair Basics First!

Before choosing which is right for you, know first the basic characteristics of each product:

Styling Powder: Versatility Above All

Talc-based styling powder is usually a thin substance that gives hair body and volume. It’s natural appearance and matte finish making it a great option for various styles. The best Styling Powder Australia offers doesn’t make the hair appear weighed down like heavier products.

Pomade: A Traditional Classic

Pomade is a traditional hairstyle product that gives hair a sleek, glossy look. There are other formulas available, such as water-based and oil-based versions. Pomades have a strong grip, making them ideal for styling hair professionally and in a well-defined manner. They are renowned for being adaptable, enabling constant style throughout the day.

Gels: Strength in Grip

Hair gels are products with an alcohol or water base that give hair a strong grip and frequently produce a glossy or wet look. Gels are popular for sleek or sculpted designs because they hold hair in place. 

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Comparing Hair Styling Products: Which Fits You

Which hair styling product suits you depends on your finish, texture, or versatility preference. Here, you will see which of the three products comes on top in terms of various factors:

Texture and Finish

Starting with texture and finish, most men prefer the powder because of its matte finish and lightweight texture, which give an all-natural appearance without the sheen of some gels and pomades. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants a textured or more laid-back haircut without looking like they’re wearing a lot of makeup.

Hair style finishing
Hairstyle finishing

Pomades, however, provide a sleek and glossy finish, which makes them ideal for attaining sophisticated and timeless appearances. Meanwhile, gels are renowned for having a glossy finish. However, the degree of shine varies according to the formulation.


If you’re more concerned about the hold of the product, then your choice could be between gels and pomades. Gels are great for producing well-defined looks and holding hair in place because of their powerful hold.

Meanwhile, pomades come in second for their renowned grip, making them perfect for designs that call for a polished and sleek appearance. Styling powder has a light to medium hold, so it’s good for creating texture and volume without using too much force. Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice for carefree, tousled looks. 


Regarding versatility, styling powder edges the two since it is very adaptable, making it simple to change looks throughout the day. Because of its adaptability, it’s ideal for people who would rather try out several appearances before settling on a certain haircut. 

While gels can be prone to stiffness and may need to be washed to restyle, pomades also provide flexibility for restyling.

Ease of Styling and Washability

Applying style powder is frequently as simple as dusting or sprinkling it onto the hair. It also tends to be more forgiving than pomade and certain gels, which must be distributed carefully to prevent clumping.

Meanwhile, pomades are frequently oil- or wax-based, facilitating a more seamless application method. But this also means that pomades might be harder to remove than style powder, which usually rinses away readily.

Washing hairs
Washing hairs

Depending on the formulation, gels might be easy or difficult to apply. Gels with a water base are typically easier to remove than those with an alcohol base, which can be more tenacious.

Choose the Products That Suits Your Lifestyle

Using any product ultimately depends on personal taste, hair type, and intended appearance. The lightweight, adaptable nature of styling powder, which offers a natural finish and the flexibility to restyle as needed during the day, makes it stand out, while pomades are ideal for traditional styles that need accuracy since they provide a polished appearance and a solid hold. 

Gels are great for holding hair in place because of their strong grip, but washing them out could take more work. Ultimately, finding the ideal fit for your particular grooming requirements will be easier by trying out several products and learning about their distinctive features. Several solutions to fit any taste are available, whether for a classy, finished look or a casual, textured look.

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