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Yashahime Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Yashahime Season 3

The long-awaited third season (Princess Half-Demon) is finally on the horizon. Yashahime is a sequel to the iconic anime series Inuyasha, bringing back the beloved franchise after over a decade. The first two seasons were premiered in 2020 and 2021 to great success, continuing the story decades after the events of Inuyasha.

With the recent announcement of Yashahime Season 3, fans are incredibly excited to see the next chapter in this thrilling saga. Let’s look at what we know about the third season and what it might store for viewers.

Background on Yashahime

Inuyasha sequel

It is set in feudal Japan many years after the events of Inuyasha, which concluded in 2004. The original series followed the half-demon Inuyasha and human priestess Kagome as they fought evil demons and sought the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

It picks up with their daughters Towa, Setsuna, Inuyasha, and Kagome’s niece Moroha. Like their parents, the girls embark on a perilous quest in Japan’s Sengoku period.

Sessrin Angel

The first two seasons’ summary

They introduced the three main girls in the first season – Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Towa and Setsuna were separated at birth, while Moroha grew up alone after her parents disappeared. The three slowly uncover the mystery of their past while battling powerful demons who are after the Dream Butterfly.

In the second season, she continued to expand the world’s lore. Towa began developing new sword techniques, Setsuna pursued her demon heritage, and Moroha learned more about her missing parents. They also encountered major antagonists like Kirinmaru, the demon responsible for separating Towa and Setsuna.

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Details on Yashahime Season 3

Release date

Yashahime Season 3 is expected to premiere in 2024. The first two seasons aired in Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, so this follows the expected annual release pattern. Fans are thrilled they won’t have to wait too long to reunite with their favorite characters.

Trailer and key visual

A brief but exciting trailer was released together with the Season 3 announcement. It shows the main trio ready for action and hints at an epic showdown—the visual features Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha with fierce, determined expressions.

Staff and studio

This anime is produced by the animation studio Sunrise, known for classic anime franchises like Gundam. According to reports, the main staff and studio will remain the same for Season 3. This ensures continuity in the show’s stellar animation quality and faithfulness to the original series.

Story and characters

Continuing the journey

Yashahime Season 3 will pick up right after the climactic finale of Season 2. Our heroines are getting closer to finally solving the mysteries of their past and reuniting their families. But more dangers lie ahead in their quest through feudal Japan.

Continuing the journey

Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna

The core trio of Yashahime will take center stage once again. Moroha is determined to find her missing parents and become a full-fledged demon slayer. Towa seeks to master her skills as a half-demon and protect her sister, Setsuna. And Setsuna continues on her complex path, balancing her human and demon sides.

New characters

While the main cast remains unchanged, Season 3 will likely introduce new allies and enemies. We expanded the world in previous seasons by bringing in characters like the Spirit Demon Princesses and Kirinmaru’s underlings. We can expect even more menacing demons and perhaps new friends for our heroines.

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Major plot points and theories

Addressing open questions

A driving force of Yashahime is resolving lingering mysteries about the previous generation of characters. Season 3 promises to finally answer some huge questions – like what happened to Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, and the others. Events like the Forest Fire will hopefully be explained in full.

Final battle with Kirinmaru

Kirinmaru, an extremely powerful dog demon, is the main antagonist, trying to kill Towa and Setsuna. The final episodes of Season 2 teased an epic showdown between the girls and Kirinmaru. Fans predict this battle will reach its climax in Season 3.

Resolving the mystery of the Dream Butterfly

The mysterious Dream Butterfly is connected to Setsuna’s memories and has incredible power. Towa came into contact with it in Season 2, indicating the butterfly will play a pivotal role in Season 3. Its origins and purpose should finally be uncovered.

Romance arcs

Romance has not been a huge focus yet, but potential love stories seem to be developing. Moroha may find love with demon hunter Hisui, while Towa has chemistry with demon Rion. And will Setsuna open her heart up again? Fans hope these tantalizing romantic threads will be explored in Season 3.

Production and animation

Art style

It replicates the aesthetics of Inuyasha while modernizing it. Like the original series, it uses a colorful palette and ornate costume designs inspired by feudal Japan. Season 3 will maintain the anime’s signature look.


The sweeping orchestral music by Kaoru Wada adds drama and emotion. The evocative soundtrack will surely continue to accent the high stakes and fantastical tone of Season 3. And we’ll likely get an exciting new opening theme song befitting the final season.

Production and animation
Yashahime Anime

Voice cast

The Japanese voice cast will reprise their roles for Season 3, with voices fans adore from previous seasons and even Inuyasha. This includes industry veterans like Sara Matsumoto as Moroha and Mikako Komatsu as Setsuna.

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Impact and reception

Fan excitement

The Yashahime fandom exploded with joy on social media at the news of another season. After a decade, Inuyasha followers are thrilled to spend more time with characters they’ve come to cherish. There’s immense hype among longtime fans who have been invested in this universe since the 2000s.

Popularity in Japan and overseas

Inuyasha has always had a global reach with fans in Asia, North America, and beyond. The anime has continued its worldwide popularity, especially among women and young adult viewers. Season 3 will surely attract an international audience when it streams on services like Crunchyroll and Funimation.


Yashahime Season 3 has big shoes to fill, serving as the climactic chapter of this exhilarating saga. Fans hope the new season will provide satisfying closure and long-awaited answers. One thing is certain – viewers can expect no shortage of stunning animation, demonic battles, and heartfelt character moments. The Inuyasha franchise will surely conclude on an epic high note that honors its legendary legacy.


What is the release date for Yashahime Season 3?

It is scheduled to premiere somewhere in 2024.

How many episodes will Season 3 have?

Details on the episode count haven’t been announced yet. But the previous two seasons each had 24 episodes, so fans can reasonably expect around 24 episodes for Season 3.

Will It get a new opening theme song in Season 3?

Most likely, yes. The precedent set by the first two seasons indicates there will be a new catchy opening theme song unique to Season 3.

Is Sunrise returning as the animation studio for Season 3?

Yes, Sunrise will continue producing the animation for the third season of Yashahime. This ensures consistency with the stellar visual quality of the first two seasons.

Will the Japanese voice cast remain the same?

Yes, the main Japanese voice cast will reprise their roles for Season 3, including talents like Sara Matsumoto as Moroha. Their stellar voice acting helps bring the characters to life.

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