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Games to Play on School Chromebooks

Games for School Chromebook

Chromebooks have become incredibly popular in schools due to their affordability and functionality. While these devices are great for doing schoolwork, they can also be used for entertainment during free time. Many fun games are available to play right on school Chromebooks.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of playing games on Chromebooks, recommend some top games to try, and provide tips for responsibly enjoying games during school.

Best Games to Play on School Chromebooks

Action Games

Puzzle Games

Strategy Games

Multiplayer Online Games

Single Player Online Games

Offline Games

Chromebooks in Schools

Chromebooks are laptop devices that run on Google’s Chrome OS operating system. They rely heavily on Internet connectivity and cloud-based apps. Their low cost and ease of management have made Chromebooks the top device choice for many school districts across the United States.

Students can use Chromebooks to access Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Classroom. They can also install web apps, extensions, and Android apps on Chromebooks to expand their capabilities. While they may lack some features of traditional laptops, Chromebooks provide everything students need for daily schoolwork.

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Benefits of Educational Games

Games aren’t just for entertainment – they can provide various educational benefits too! Many games help develop critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. Playing games in subjects like math, science, history, and even coding can reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.

Educational Games
Educational Games

Games also allow students to experiment and learn from failure in a risk-free environment. Losing a level in a game has fewer consequences than failing a test or assignment. This promotes ongoing trial and improvement until mastery is achieved.

Finally, occasional game breaks during long study sessions can renew focus and motivation. Responsible gaming gives students’ brains a chance to recharge before diving back into academics.

Tips for Playing Games on School Chromebooks

Students should follow certain etiquette while gaming on school Chromebooks:

Use Your Free Time Wisely

Only play non-educational games during breaks, study hall, or once assignments are complete. Never let recreational play interfere with learning.

Be Discreet

Use headphones and mute game audio to avoid disturbing classmates. Don’t play publicly competitive games together with friends.

Don’t Get Distracted from Schoolwork

Avoid addictive games and set a timer to limit play sessions. Immediately close games when instructed by teachers.

Game time on school Chromebooks should be an earned reward, not an expectation. Maintain focus on academics and only play during designated periods.


Chromebooks are incredibly versatile devices. While their primary use in schools is completing assignments, they can also be used for gaming during free time. A variety of entertaining yet educational games are available. Puzzle, action, strategy, and online multiplayer games each provide distinct benefits beyond just having fun.

With responsible use, gaming on school Chromebooks in moderation can give students’ brains a recharge. It can also complement academic lessons. Hopefully, this guide provided some useful recommendations to make learning enjoyable. The next time you have some spare minutes, try out a new game!

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Are games available offline on Chromebooks?

Yes, many apps and Android games will work offline once installed on the Chromebook. Popular examples are puzzles, arcades, and strategy games.

Do Chromebooks have enough processing power for gaming?

Basic gaming performance is adequate on most Chromebook models. For more advanced games, look for higher-tier Chromebooks with enhanced RAM, graphics capabilities, and storage.

Can teachers monitor or restrict game playing on student Chromebooks?

Yes, Chromebook policies can block gaming sites and limit Android app installation. Teachers can also remotely monitor all device activity during class.

Are there risks associated with gaming on a school network?

Gaming could spread malware or overload school networks, especially large online games. Schools may require updated antivirus software and limit bandwidth-intensive games.

Can Chromebook games be made educational?

Absolutely! Many games teach critical thinking skills, coding, math, history, and problem-solving. Teachers can also use multiplayer games like Kahoot for whole-class learning.

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