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Detroit Become Human 2: All We Know So Far

Featured image of detroit become human 2
Featured image of detroit become human 2

Detroit Become Human, the 2018 story-driven adventure game developed by Quantic Dream, left many fans eager for more after its dramatic cliffhanger ending. Its beautiful cinematic graphics, difficult moral choices, and compelling android characters like Connor, Kara, and Markus resonated strongly with players.

Now, anticipation is building for a sequel that could continue the stories of these android protagonists. While Quantic Dream has yet to officially confirm Detroit Become Human 2, many promising signs point to its development.

Background on Detroit Become Human

Story and setting

It is set in a futuristic version of Detroit, where highly advanced androids have become part of everyday life. The game follows the interweaving stories of three Detroit characters – Connor, Kara, and Markus. Connor is an investigative prototype trying to hunt down sentient androids. Kara becomes a fugitive after breaking her programming to protect a young girl.

Markus deviates from his programmed service role to lead an android revolution. Across branching narratives, the game explores themes of artificial intelligence, slavery, discrimination, and sentience.

Background on Detroit Become Human 2

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The complex player-controlled androids are some of Detroit’s biggest strengths. Connor can be played as coldly robotic or more empathetic. Kara forms a motherly bond with her ward, Alice. Markus can ignite a violent revolution or peaceful protests. Their cinematic character models showcase Quantic Dream’s advancements in conveying emotion and humanity through detailed facial expressions and body language.

Gameplay and mechanics

Detroit uses quick-time events and dialog choices to shape your story. Investigating environments and making moral decisions influence how characters react and what possibilities emerge in later chapters. Subtle variations in Connor’s negotiation tactics, Markus’s speeches, or Kara’s parenting, for example, lead to major divergences. Quantic Dream perfected this cinematic, choice-driven formula in earlier titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

Popularity and Critical Reception

Sales and player response

Detroit Become Human was a commercial success for Quantic Dream, selling over 6 million copies across PlayStation 4 and PC. Many fans praised the meaningful storyline branches, difficult ethical dilemmas, and performance capture for the android cast. The game resonated emotionally with players if the 1.5 billion YouTube views for its content are any indication.


Reviews were generally positive, with aggregator Metacritic scoring 78 on PS4 and 80 on PC. Critics praised the impressive motion capture, environment detail, and accomplished actors like Bryan Dechart as Connor. Lower review scores stemmed from criticisms of simplistic gameplay, limited consequences from choices, and heavy-handed symbolism. But most agreed it reached new heights for the narrative adventure genre.

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Evidence pointing to a sequel

Cliffhanger ending

Its endings leave the door wide open for a sequel. While androids may finally achieve freedom, we get little resolution on the lives of Connor, Kara, and Markus post-revolution. A cliffhanger epilogue scene also suggests more machinations between androids and humans are afoot. These loose narrative threads could easily lead to a direct continuation.

Cliffhanger ending
Walking along the footpath

Developer comments

Quantic Dream has hinted that more Detroit Become Human is possible. In an interview with Eurogamer in 2018, studio head David Cage said, “We created a whole universe that we can explore in many different ways, and we can see different things we didn’t have time to show in this first game.” Cage also teased that they had many ideas for DLC chapters that never materialized.

Continued interest from fans

Fans remain eager for more stories set in Detroit’s evocative sci-fi future. Popular fan theories speculate endlessly on unresolved questions. Cosplay and fan art communities centered around its characters remain highly active 5 years after release. A sequel could re-engage this passionate fanbase hungry for a return to these characters and dilemmas.

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Potential release timeframe

Development schedule

If a Detroit Become 2 entered production immediately after the first game shipped in 2018, typical AAA development cycles suggest a 3-5-year timeline. This would target a release window between 2021-2023. As 2023 is about to end, we can expect some news in 2024. However, Quantic Dream began working in 2019 on a new IP exclusivity contract with Sony. This may have delayed the start of a Detroit sequel.

Comparisons to the first game’s timeline

The 1st part was in development for 4 years before its 2018 release. If Quantic Dream follows a similar production cycle, the 2nd part could be released as late as 2026. However, the studio can reuse much of the groundwork from the first game’s engine, assets, motion capture sessions, etc. This may accelerate the timeline compared to the original’s full production needs.

Video Trailer?

Here is the second season’s trailer that I found on YouTube.

What to expect from Detroit Become Human 2

Continued stories of Connor, Kara, and Markus

Fans would be eager to continue the journeys of Detroit’s three android protagonists post-revolution. Will the heroic deviant leader Markus be able to broker peace amidst growing resentment? Could Detective Connor reconcile his machine directive with new emotions? Might Kara and Alice find safety or face new threats? Their unfinished arcs offer many directions.

New android characters and perspectives

While beloved characters would likely return, Quantic Dream could also introduce brand new androids with fresh dilemmas to shape a new story. This worked successfully before, evolving Kara from a short tech demo into a full-fledged protagonist. More unique android designs and personalities would further expand Detroit’s lore.

Evolved gameplay and mechanics

Detroit’s signature formula of story branches and morality systems was refined for years and games. For a sequel, Quantic Dream may look to push gameplay forward even further. We could see new dialogue mechanics, more open exploration or field missions as Connor, or added activities for other playable androids. Virtual reality support has also been rumored.

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Unknowns and speculation

Story direction and choices

Much remains uncertain about Detroit 2’s narrative direction or protagonists. Might it follow directly from one of the existing endings or explore a new period or corner of Detroit? Are additional human perspectives possible, or will androids remain the focus? The many possibilities for Quantic Dream’s branching storytelling make speculation difficult.

Will David Cage return as director?

As writer and director, David Cage’s unique vision defined this game and prior Quantic Dream titles; however, after 15 years leading Quantic Dream, Cage has hinted he could pass the reigns. It’s unclear if he would return as director for Detroit 2 or if another could successfully guide the sequel.

Will David Cage return as director?
Detroit’s Main Character


The original Detroit launched as a PlayStation exclusive before later coming to PC. Quantic Dream’s renewed partnership with Sony could make ]2nd title a PlayStation 5 exclusive at launch. But given the first game’s later expanded platform release and PC focus, multiplatform or timed exclusivity for Detroit 2 seems likely.

Excitement Builds For The Next Chapter

The first part brought Quantic Dream’s brand of storytelling to new heights in 2018. Over 5 years have passed, and anticipation continues for a return to its compelling android characters and futuristic version of Detroit.

While Quantic Dream stays silent for now, fans remain hopeful they will someday continue the journeys of Connor, Kara, Markus, and more in 2nd part of this title or future sequels. With so many narrative paths left to explore in this sci-fi setting, the possibilities are as boundless as an android’s imagination.


Despite no official confirmation from Quantic Dream, the evidence points to Detroit Become Human 2 likely being in active development for a release in the next few years. The critical success and passionate fan response to the first game showed the creative potential remaining in this android-driven, choice-based formula.

Detroit created a strong foundation of gameplay mechanics, technologies, memorable characters, and world-building that a sequel can build upon. When 2nd part finally gets unveiled, it is sure once again to capture players’ imaginations with its cinematic stories reflecting poignant themes about humanity, empathy, and the meaning of free will.


Q: Will Detroit Become Human 2 happen?

A: Nothing is guaranteed yet, but given the first game’s success and the developer’s comments, a sequel is highly likely at some point.

Q: What platforms will it be released on?

A: Likely PlayStation 5 at minimum, with possible multiplatform or PC ports later.

Q: When could it potentially be announced?

A: Announcements are possible anytime, but upcoming events like E3 offer good reveal opportunities if ready.

Q: Will it continue Kara’s story?

A: Kara seems likely to return as one of the main protagonists, given her emotional story arc with Alice.

Q: Could the second part have a human protagonist?

A: It’s possible, but androids seem likely to remain the central characters. A human perspective may play a supporting role.

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  1. It would be really cool if they allowed us to create our own character to enter the story in the second game, like if we could choose between being human or Android.Like if you chose human there would be different endings and if you chose Androids there would be other endings, it would be something very new that would make the player even more immersed in this world.


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