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Just Cause 5: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of Just Cause 5

Over the years, the Just Cause game franchise has gained a huge cult following for its chaotic open-world sandbox gameplay featuring grappling hooks, wingsuits, parachutes, and various explosives. After Just Cause 3 was released in 2015, fans eagerly awaited details on 4th season and now Just Cause 5.

Developer Avalanche Studios has finally lifted the curtain on the 5th season, revealing the release date, an exciting announcement trailer, details on the map, gameplay features, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

Just Cause Overview

For those new to the franchise, this series of games empowers players with endless tools of destruction and mobility to creatively tackle missions in a massive, open world.

Equipped with a grappling hook, parachute, wingsuit, and vast weaponry and vehicles, you can approach objectives however you want – stealthily infiltrating an enemy base or chasing in guns blazing and blowing everything up. Just Cause is all about staging elaborate stunts and creating your own emergent, physics-based mayhem.

Just Cause 5
Just Cause 5 Overview

Just Cause 4 Recap

Just Cause 4 launched in 2018, taking the action to the fictional South American country of Solís. This lush, diverse landscape provided amazing wingsuit courses and grappling opportunities with its vast forests, snowy mountains, and desert environments. The 4th season refined the grappling hook with new functions like attaching boosters or balloons to objects to make them fly.

The weather system could also create enormous sandstorms and blizzards that dynamically affect gameplay. However, the story and missions were criticized for being repetitive and uninspired compared to previous games. Still, the 4th season expanded the over-the-top open-world mayhem in fun ways.

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Just Cause 5 Release Date

It was expected to launch on November 15, 2023, for current and next-generation consoles and PCs, as it was reported to be in development. Now, it is expected to be launched in 2024. This matches up with the leaked Just Cause 5 release date that first surfaced in November 2022, lending more credibility to all the accurate plot and setting details in the massive leak.

Avalanche will cut it close to getting the 5th part polished and ready to deliver the ultimate chaotic sandbox experience in time for the 2023 holiday season. But after years of waiting, fans will finally get their grappling hooks on this November.

Just Cause 5 Details

In January 2023, Avalanche Studios finally announced Just Cause 5 with an exhilarating reveal trailer and debut gameplay footage at The Game Awards 2022. Fans had been speculating about the 5 for years, probing Avalanche for any hints about a sequel ever since Just Cause 4 launched.

Avalanche stayed silent through it all, caught completely off guard by the timing and scale of the leak. Luckily, they were already hard at work on the 5th season and could swiftly capitalize on the leak with an official announcement trailer to build more excitement.

Platforms Details

Just Cause 5 will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Avalanche Studios is building the game to take advantage of the power of new consoles with features like ray tracing support.

But they are also optimizing it to still perform well on last-gen hardware, given the massive combined install base across both console generations. PC system requirements have not been revealed yet but should scale to a wide range of rigs when they are announced before launch.

Just Cause 5 Platforms
Game Locations

Game Setting

This season will occur in the fictional South American country of Antioquia. This is a return to the South American region after Solís in the 4th part, but Antioquia will provide a diverse new backdrop. Lush jungles, snowy peaks, sprawling cities, deserts, and beaches will make for an exotic setting rife with grappling and wingsuit potential.

Antioquia is being ruled by a ruthless dictator named Gabriela Morales, who’s hoarding the nation’s oil reserves for personal gain. Your mission is to spark a revolution and free Antioquia from Gabriela’s cruel regime.

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Trailer Details

This reveal trailer shows protagonist Rico Rodriguez returning to battle oppression and tyranny with his trademark parachute, wingsuit, and upgraded multi-booster grappling gear. After a military plane drops Rico into the jungle, he grapples and wingsuit through a series of stunning set pieces.

Highlights include using his grappling hook to divert missiles back at enemy choppers, hitching a ride on a fighter jet mid-air, using a container as an improvised battering ram to smash through structures, and utilizing boosters to ascend tall buildings rapidly. The trailer ends with Rico standing atop a cliff overlooking a sprawling tropical island as the revolution begins, setting the stage for players to liberate Antioquia however they see fit.

Trailer Video

Here is a trailer that I found on YouTube.

Gameplay Features

Just Cause 5 will retain the core pillars of grappling hook mobility, wingsuit flying, and parachuting that make traversing the open world incredibly fun and freeing. There will be new grapple modifiers like the air lifter to levitate objects, lightning rod to electrocute enemies, and micro bomb to trigger timed explosions.

Rico’s wingsuit and parachute designs have advanced, with better maneuverability and speed. Just Cause 5 will feature the biggest map yet in a Just Cause game, providing room for chaos. Weather effects like sandstorms return with new volumetric clouds and improved water physics.

The Apex engine has been overhauled for next-gen optimization and to support ray tracing ambient occlusion, reflections, shadows, and global illumination for more realistic lighting and visuals. It will also introduce a new progression system with unlockable mods and upgrades to customize your gear fully.

Vehicles Details

Just Cause 5 will feature a diverse roster of vehicles to commandeer, from military jets to civilian cars and everything in between. Speed through jungles on rugged dirt bikes, rule the highways in sleek sports cars, take to the skies in fighter planes and cargo jets, patrol the waters on battleships and speedboats – the endless possibilities.

Avalanche is also teasing all new vehicle types that have yet to be revealed. Given the series’ penchant for experimenting with gyrocopters, jetpacks, mech walkers, and other exotic modes of transportation, the new vehicle additions will provide creative new ways to explore the massive map.

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New Weapons

Just Cause 5 will include a wide assortment of pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, LMGs, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and explosive weapons to rain down destruction. New firearms introduced include the GS-9 laser rifle, capable of slicing vehicles in half, and the experimental TX-11 plasma caster that disintegrates enemies in gooey green plasma.

Many weapons can be dual-wielded for extra firepower. You must build an impressive arsenal to remove Gabriela’s well-armed forces, including exo-suit-wearing elites. Heavier weapons like mounted machine guns, missile launchers, and miniguns can be ripped off their turrets and carried for even more over-the-top firefights.

Just Cause 5 Weapons
Just Cause 5 Character

Multiplayer Options

The 5th season will feature a 4-player online co-op, allowing you to explore and liberate Antioquia with friends. This is a first for the mainline. This series has focused solely on single players in the past. 4-player co-op opens up all new possibilities for experimenting with Just Cause’s systems and creating absolute mayhem.

Imagine using your grappling hooks to airlift objects, having one player fly a jet while another hangs off the wings, shooting at enemies below, or seeing who can wingsuit closest to the ground. The potential for sandbox fun is exponentially expanded. There is no word yet on whether a competitive multiplayer mode will return after being introduced in Just Cause 3.

Map Size

Early reports indicate Just Cause 5’s map will be 1500 square kilometers. This would make it the largest map featured in this series, dwarfed only by truly massive open worlds like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with its 130 km2 map. 1500 square kilometers translates to roughly 580 square miles.

For reference, that’s around 50% bigger than the map of the previous release, over twice as big as 3rd season’s map, and almost 5 times larger than the 2nd season’s map area. With this gigantic scale, Avalanche aims to provide environmental diversity, ranging from dense cities to wide open deserts that feel lived-in and have gameplay possibilities.

PC System Requirements

The official PC system requirements for Just Cause 5 have not been announced yet. But based on the technological leap and larger map, you’ll want at least an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Intel Core i7-6700 CPU, 16GB RAM, an AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT or Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU, and 60GB of storage space.

Playing with maxed settings and ray tracing at 60fps or higher in 4K resolution will likely demand an even more powerful setup like an RTX 4080. More modest PCs should still manage 1080p medium settings at 30-60fps. The Apex engine optimizations and scalability should make it accessible to a wide range of gaming rigs when requirements are finalized.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-ordering this game will grant access to The Deathstalker Scorpion Pack. This includes an exclusive Deathstalker Scorpion Buggy with mounted plasma cannon spiked tires and nitrous boost.

The pack also includes a scorpion-themed wingsuit, parachute, grappling hook skin, and access to the Deathstalker’s Sting harpoon gun weapon, which impales enemies with devastating damage before reeling them back in.

Digital pre-orders automatically grant the pack through any retailer, while physical copies include a DLC code inside the box. In its massive open world, the Deathstalker Scorpion pack provides great early-game upgrades for your wingsuit, vehicle, and weaponry.

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Editions & Pricing

Just Cause 5’s standard edition will retail for $59.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC or $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to account for next-gen pricing. The Gold Edition will cost $89.99 across all platforms, adding the season pass, including 3 DLC expansion packs, bonus weapons, vehicle skins, boosters to upgrade early, and weekly supply drops with exclusive gear.

The Steelbook Edition retails for $79.99 on PS4 and Xbox One or $89.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, including the base game in a collectible steel case alongside the Deathstalker Scorpion pack and an Antioquia map poster. Pre-orders are available for all versions before the November 15 release date, entitling you to the Deathstalker pack bonus content.


With its grapple-and-wingsuit-fueled action dialed up to new heights of creative chaos, Just Cause 5 will be the most ambitious and outrageously fun entry in the over-the-top open-world series yet. The colossal map provides endless potential for physics-based stunts and wanton destruction.

Co-op multiplayer, new gear mods, expanded arsenals, refined controls, and enhanced graphics powered by next-gen tech set the stage for an unforgettable revolution. When it launches this November, get ready to experience sandbox freedom like never before and help liberate the people of the beautiful but oppressed nation of Antioquia however you see fit.


Q: What is the Just Cause 5 release date?

A: It is expected to be released worldwide in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Q: Will it have multiplayer?

A: Yes, for the first time, it will introduce a 4-player online co-op, allowing you to explore the massive open world and create chaos with friends.

Q: What platforms will it be on?

A: It will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Next-gen and last-gen console versions are planned.

Q: Where is Just Cause 5 set?

A: It takes place in the fictional South American country of Antioquia, ruled by the dictator Gabriela Morales. It promises diverse tropical environments.

Q: What preorder bonuses are there?

A: Preordering grants the Deathstalker Scorpion Pack an exclusive buggy, wingsuit, parachute, grappling, and weapon skins.

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