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Tropico 7: Everything We Know So Far

Featured Image of tropico 7
Featured Image of tropico 7

The Tropico series has long been a favorite among fans of city-building and management simulator games. Players take on the role of “El Presidente” – the dictatorial leader of the fictional Caribbean island nation of Tropico. Balancing the needs of various factions, building infrastructure, trade, and industry, and fending off foreign powers and natural disasters – it’s all in a day’s work for El Presidente!

The last full game in the series, Tropico 6, was released in 2019. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited news of the next numbered sequel in the franchise, Tropico 7. While some details have slowly emerged, many are still wondering: When will Tropico 7 be released? What can we expect in terms of gameplay and features? This article will break down everything we know so far about Tropico 7’s release date, trailers, gameplay, and more.

What is Tropico 7?

Tropico game series overview

For the uninitiated, the Tropico series is a tongue-in-cheek city-builder game where you take on the role of a Caribbean dictator. The games blend city-planning, politics, economics, and espionage together for a unique mix of strategy, simulation, and humor.

The first Tropico game was released in 2001, with five main numbered titles and several spin-offs released over the years since. The games are noted for their distinctive visual style showcasing lush tropical environments and their sarcastic sense of humor parodying real-world dictators and politics.

What is Tropico 7

Tropico 7 setting and premise

Tropico 7 will be a direct sequel to Tropico 6, continuing the antics of the franchise’s iconic dictators. It appears that Tropico 7 will retain Tropico 6’s mid-20th-century to contemporary settings, spanning eras from the World Wars to the Cold War.

Players will once again step into the role of the ruler of a Caribbean banana republic, balancing politics, economics, trade, and the needs of various factions, including foreign powers. The tongue-in-cheek humor poking fun at tyrannical dictators and bureaucracies remains a staple of the series.

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Tropico 7 Release Date

Expected release window

Tropico 7 does not yet have a firm release date. Based on announcements from the developers, it appears to be targeting a 2023 release.

The game was originally meant to launch in late 2022. However, some factors caused a delay until 2023. We’ll likely see Tropico 7 release sometime in Q1 or Q2 of the next year.

Reasons for delays

Developers Kalypso Media announced in the summer of 2022 that Tropico 7 had been delayed to 2023. They cited several reasons for the postponed release.

Firstly, they want more development time to ensure the game meets the high quality and depth fans expect from a major Tropico release.

Secondly, broader industry-wide factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and global supply chain issues made it challenging to keep the original timeline.

While disappointing for eager fans, the delay will hopefully ensure Tropico 7 delivers a stellar tyrant-simulator experience.

Tropico 7 Trailers

Announcement teaser trailer

The first glimpse of Tropico 7 came via a brief announcement teaser trailer in August 2021. The trailer featured the series’ signature lush tropical visuals and Latin music. You can watch the trailer here.

It showed iconic dictator El Presidente overseeing construction projects, factories, and more on the island. The trailer confirmed a planned 2022 release date, which has now been pushed back.

Gameplay reveal trailer

At Gamescom 2022, Kalypso Media showcased the first full gameplay reveal trailer for Tropico 7. This provided a much more in-depth look at the new features and improvements coming to the game.

It depicted new production chains, tourism opportunities, and an era-based progression from WW2 through the Cold War and beyond. We also see returning features like edicts, foreign relations, and sham elections – with the trademark fictional tropical politics humor on full display.

Overall, the trailer highlighted a wealth of new content and customization options for managing your islands coming in Tropico 7.

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Tropico 7 Gameplay and Features

Based on the reveal trailers and developer commentary, here are some of the key gameplay features we can expect when Tropico 7 releases:

Campaign and sandbox modes

Tropico 7 will contain new campaign scenarios across several eras from World War 2 through modern times. This campaign will help introduce new players to the game’s mechanics and progression.

Sandbox mode also returns, allowing experienced players to customize a tailor-made island experience fully. Additional challenge modes will provide ways to test your skills after the campaign.

Campaign and sandbox modes
Campaign and sandbox modes

New edicts and decrees

As El Presidente, players can enact various edicts and decrees to shape island life. Tropico 7 will bring even more of these powerful laws and diktats to implement your will upon the nation.

Tax cuts and social programs to appease or enrage the population, economic interventions, and more – the new edicts look to give greater control and customization over your regime.

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Improved trade and diplomacy

Managing relations and trade partnerships with foreign powers have always been key in Tropico. Tropico 7 expands on this with new trade mechanics and options for diplomacy – or aggression if you prefer the nuclear option.

Advanced trade interfaces allow for setting up complex production chains and export/import routes. Meanwhile, new treaties, accords, and acts of sabotage come into play for foreign relations.

Tourism and attractions

Tourism can provide a major economic boost to your island nation. Tropico 7 adds new systems for building hotels, restaurants, landmarks, and attractions to draw lucrative tourists.

Keeping visitors happy will require balancing quality accommodation, dining, leisure activities, and transportation options for tourists. This looks to add another layer of depth to the island management gameplay.

Modern times era

Most previous Tropico games progressed only through the Cold War era. For the first time, Tropico 7 will progress beyond the 20th-century setting into contemporary times.

This allows for addressing new themes and dynamics relevant to more recent decades. Things like advanced telecommunications, social media revolutions, and rising environmental awareness shape politics in the 21st century.

What Fans Can Expect in Tropico 7

Based on the info revealed so far, here’s an overview of some of the key improvements and changes fans can anticipate when Tropico 7 launches:

Deeper customization and personalization

Tropico 7 promises even more customization options for crafting your ideal island dictatorship. From improved building and landscape editing tools to enhanced avatar and palace customization, there will be abundant ways to put your personal stamp on your island.

More complex citizen needs

The citizens of Tropico will be more reactive than ever, reacting in complex ways to your edicts, policies, and actions as a leader. Improved citizen AI and needs systems will keep them happy, fearful, or furious, a constantly changing challenge.

More complex citizen needs
More complex citizen needs

Enhanced multiplayer

Tropico has supported multiplayer in the past, but it’s getting expanded for Tropico 7. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to 4 players will allow sharing or sabotaging each other’s island utopias (or dystopias).

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While an exact release date has yet to be determined, Tropico fans have much to look forward to when the long-awaited 7th installment of the dictator-simulator finally arrives. With its blend of strategy, politics, and tongue-in-cheek humor, Tropico 7 looks to deliver the most refined and in-depth entry in the franchise yet.

The expanded progression spanning eras from World War 2 through the present day provides exciting new themes to address. Meanwhile, deepened gameplay systems and customization options give more control than ever over crafting your ideal island domain.

For both veterans and newcomers to the Tropico experience, Tropico 7 is shaping up to provide that perfect blend of strategic challenge and tyrannical humor the series is known for. Whenever it releases in 2023 or 2024, Tropico fans will surely have a new time-sink obsession to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Tropico video game series?

A: The Tropico games are a long-running series of political and economic management simulators where players are dictators (“El Presidente”) of fictional Caribbean island nations. The games blend city-building, governance, diplomacy, and humor.

Q: When will Tropico 7 be released?

A: Tropico 7 is currently targeting a 2023 release after being delayed from late 2022. The specific release date is still TBA, but it will likely be in the first half of 2024.

Q: What new features will Tropico 7 include?

A: New features will include expanded era progression to modern times, deeper tourism and trade systems, more robust multiplayer, greater customization options, and upgrades to gameplay mechanics and AI.

Q: Will Tropico 7 allow co-op or competitive multiplayer?

A: Yes, Tropico 7 will introduce improved multiplayer with support for up to 4 players in cooperative or competitive island-building modes.

Q: Will I need to play previous Tropico games to understand Tropico 7?

A: No, Tropico 7 will be newcomer-friendly, but veterans of the series will appreciate the incremental upgrades and depth of the simulation. Prior Tropico experience is not required.


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