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5 Reasons to Buy Boosting in Dota 2

5 Reasons to Buy Boosting in Dota 2

Sometimes getting a little push into a direction is all we need, like when you tried first to learn how to ride a bicycle and your parents or sibling or whoever was teaching you gave a little push to the back of the cycle and freed their hands. They essentially push you to be on your own but that push’s results always come positive because at the end you learn how to ride a bicycle.

If we shift the gear to video games we can vividly remember the first game that we loved and played for more hours than we can remember because someone like your friend, brother, or cousin played the game in front of us and now you want to play it too but after your first try you get to know that you suck at the game and now he teaches you the game while teasing you about how bad you actually which start a reaction causing you to beat your acquaintance real bad.

This means his teasing pushes you to be better at the game. Co related to that in competitive gaming you also need a push to get better at any game. Because simply some of these games are super hard to get into. Let’s take an example from Counter-Strike or Dota 2.

You’ll know that they are a nightmare for new players because both of these games have immense amounts of information that you need to have to get good at them and even if you get that knowledge you still need to know how to and when to utilize which item. In this blog, I will talk about 5 reasons that you need to get boosted in Dota 2.

Reasons for getting boosted:

  1. Rank your level up.
  2. Getting better opponents.
  3. Time efficient.
  4. Frustration with the solo queue.
  5. To get Ahead of their friends.

Before explaining to you what are the reasons people have to get boosted firstly let me tell you what boosting is. So boosting is a service in which people pay a professional player to play on their account and to increase their rank and in return they pay a sum of money to that professional.

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1. Rank your level up.

So the first reason and the most sound reason for getting boosted is you get ranked up very quickly without even lifting a finger you can become immortal or you could have any amount of elo you want. Getting boosted is the easiest and hassle-free way to rank up. It is also the quickest way to get there.

You may ask why. So the players who are boosting your accounts are the ones who are playing Dota 2 for a living and are professionals in this profession. So they make quick work of your account. Thus boosting gives you the best leisurely way there’s to rank up without worrying about anything else.

2. Getting better opponents:

Maybe you’ve once read or heard Dalai lama’s quote which goes like “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher” As you may know that dota is a game for infarct patient people because the average match of Dota lasts about 45 minutes which is for a single match is more than plenty because many competitive games only last about 15 to 20 minutes.

The second part of the quote suggests that your best teachers are your enemies and by getting boosted you essentially will get better at the game by playing with other players who are much better than you giving you a fast path to skill progression.

Dota 2
Dota 2

3. Time Efficient:

The average play time it takes to get to immortal is around 6000 to 7000 hours which if you don’t know is quite a lot of time. If I measure it in the days count for 7000 hours it will be around 291 days of nothing but playing Dota 2. It’s approx 10 months. That is why it is a very sound reasoning that you need to get boosted to save time and possibly your sanity.

So by getting boosted, you will get this rank in a month, most probably after the new calibration method it also saves you from a ton of hassle and stress that is caused by the new glicko system and the confidence ratings.

4. Frustrated with solo queue:

Another reason for getting boosted is the frustration from the solo queue because as you know solo queuing is always harder than playing with a premade in any game but especially in Dota it’s excruciating to play as a solo. That is why some people get upset with the solo queue or worse they get mad at the game that is why they turn themselves into boosting companies to get out of the solo queue hell.

The reason for that is because at first, your rank will be something like guardian or crusader which most players don’t want to queue with but if you get a higher rank they will be able to and importantly want to perform with you. Which ultimately results in your skill progression.

5. To get ahead of their peers:

Dota 2 is one the hardest games in the world to get good at especially if you are not familiar with MOBAS. So some people get boosted to get ahead of their friends just for the sake of it or they want to flex their ranks on their friends. If we view it from a rather positive perspective some people also get boosted to play with their friends because Dota 2 has a restriction against low-rank players playing with high-rank players and that is why people get boosted to play with their friends and have a good time.



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