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Top 4 Best VR Boxing Games For Oculus Quest 2

Best Oculus Quest 2 Boxing Games

The Oculus Quest 2 opens new possibilities for intense virtual reality boxing workouts in your living room. Meta Quest 2 boxing games provide an immersive and satisfying boxing simulation with responsive motion tracking and Touch controllers that function as your gloves.

Whether you want to train like a professional boxer, get a full-body workout, or just experience superhuman boxing powers, there are a variety of great Quest 2 boxing titles to choose from. Here are some of the best Oculus Quest 2 boxing games available now.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Boxing Games

  1. Creed: Rise to Glory
  2. Knockout League
  3. BoxVR
  4. Thrill of the Fight

1. Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory

Fight as Adonis Creed

Creed: Rise to Glory lets you step into the gloves of Adonis Creed from the hit Rocky sequel movies. You take on the role of the underdog fighter, working your way up to a World Championship title fight. The storyline, characters, and settings stay true to the films.

Movie-inspired settings

Iconic locations from the movies, like the Front Street Gym, Tijuana, and Philadelphia, are recreated in stunning detail. You almost feel part of the Creed film universe as you battle opponents in these visually impressive locales.

Multiplayer mode

In addition to story mode, you can face off against friends in thrilling PvP matches. Landing a knockout punch on a live opponent is extremely satisfying. There are also online leaderboards to compare your speed, accuracy, and power with players around the world.

2. Knockout League

Knockout League
Knockout League

Arcade-style boxing

Knockout League adopts an over-the-top, arcade-style approach to boxing. You take on outrageously cartoonish fighters with absurd proportions, like a giant squid and a walking skeleton. The fast-paced fights focus on big haymakers rather than strict boxing techniques.

Cartoonish opponents

The colorful visuals and exaggerated sound effects give it a Saturday morning cartoon vibe. Learning each opponent’s silly tells, like the pirate who always scratches his head before a hook, adds an element of strategy to the wacky match-ups. It’s ideal for casual gaming sessions with friends.

Training mini-games

There are fun mini-games between fights to improve punch speed, timing, and accuracy. Dodging tractor tires as Rocky and hitting a home run derby-style pitches break up the standard boxing with humorous challenges. You can customize your character and unlock silly power-ups to pummel opponents.

3. BoxVR


Custom boxing workouts

BoxVR takes a fitness-first approach by letting you custom-design your boxing-inspired workouts. Different training zones focus on arm toning, squats, reaction time, etc. Workouts sync punches and movement to an energetic soundtrack for engaging cardio sessions.

Rhythm game elements

The music synchronization and cue visuals give it a rhythm game feel. You alternate between jabs, hooks, uppercuts, blocks, and ducks in time with the beat of the music. The reflex-based gameplay helps distract from the intense exercise.

High-intensity exercise

Completing back-to-back tracks in BoxVR leaves you dripping with sweat. It combines non-stop punching, squatting, and well-timed defensive maneuvers for serious calorie burn. The workouts hit muscles often neglected during traditional cardio. It’s a great option for HIIT-style training at home.

4. Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the Fight
Thrill of the Fight

Realistic boxing simulation

The thrill of the Fight offers one of the most realistic and physically demanding boxing simulations on any VR platform. With 1:1 tracking of your movements, you feel like you’re trading blows with a real human opponent in the ring. The game emphasizes proper boxing techniques like keeping your guard up, avoiding telegraphed punches, and managing your stamina.

Intense workout

The realistic simulation ensures an intense full-body workout as you bob, weave, block, punch, and control your breathing during fights. You’ll be dripping in sweat after just a few rounds due to the deep squats needed to avoid punches and the energy required to throw real haymakers. It’s a great way to burn calories and get your heart pumping outside the gym.

Customizable fights

You can fully customize your fight experience by adjusting the number of rounds, opponent’s skill level, and weight class. Additional training modes also focus on perfecting your form, speed, and combos. The thrill of the Fight is highly replayable thanks to the variety of opponents and the satisfaction of mastering your boxing skills over time.


Best overall boxing game

For the most comprehensive and professional boxing experience on Quest 2, Thrill of the Fight is hard to top. The realistic physics, endlessly customizable fights, and demanding physicality make it the top choice for fitness and technical boxing simulation.

Most realistic boxing simulation

Thrill of the Fight is the most true-to-life VR boxing title. The 1:1 motion tracking and emphasis on proper technique make you feel like you’re boxing at a gym, not gaming on a VR headset.

Top game for exercise

BoxVR’s beat-driven boxing routines maximize calories burned for intense HIIT-style workouts. It’s the best option for those focused solely on using VR boxing for high-intensity exercise.


1. Does the Oculus Quest 2 come with boxing games?

No, the Oculus Quest 2 is not bundled with games. You have to purchase boxing games separately on the Oculus Store. Some popular titles are Thrill of the Fight, Creed: Rise to Glory, BoxVR, and Knockout League.

2. Do you need accessories for Oculus Quest 2 boxing games?

The great thing about Quest 2 is that you can play VR boxing games with the included Touch controllers that function as your boxing gloves. Some people buy additional accessories like weighted gloves, head straps, or boxing rings for a more realistic experience, but they are not required.

3. How intense is the workout from VR boxing games?

It depends on the game, but titles like Thrill of the Fight and BoxVR are known for providing an intense full-body workout comparable to an hour-long heavy-bag session at the gym. The fast punching, squatting, ducking, and blocking work your arms, back, legs, shoulders, and core.

4. Can you play Oculus Quest 2 boxing games online?

Some titles, like Creed: Rise to Glory, have online multiplayer where you can face opponents worldwide. Others have leaderboards to compare your high scores globally. But most focus on single players with AI opponents. You can still have friends take turns trying to set high scores when gaming together locally.

5. Do you have to mimic real boxing techniques perfectly?

The better Quest 2 boxing games teach you proper form, but how strictly you adhere to it is up to you. Titles focused on simulation, like Thrill of the Fight, encourage good technique. But games like Knockout League allow a more casual arcade experience where form matters less.

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