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Top 5 Best VR Sword Games

Best VR Sword Games

For lovers of medieval combat and virtual reality, VR sword games provide an exciting way to get your slice on. With the immersive capabilities of today’s VR headsets, developers are creating incredibly realistic swordplay experiences that let you live out your heroic warrior dreams.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of VR swordplay, look at some of the top titles in this emerging genre, and provide tips for getting the most out of virtual reality melee combat. So unsheathe your motion controllers and get ready for adventure!

List of Best VR Sword Games

  1. Blade & Sorcery
  2. Hellsplit: Arena
  3. Swordsman VR
  4. Tales of Glory
  5. Skyrim VR

What is VR Swordplay?

VR swordplay refers to virtual reality games and experiences focusing primarily on sword combat mechanics. Unlike non-VR games, where sword fighting is often simplified to just a few button presses, VR allows for natural, realistic 1:1 motion tracking of your hands and weapons.

You can swing, stab, block, and parry like a blade. Precision movement and immersive visuals give these experiences incredible visceral impact. VR swordplay aims to make you feel like you’ve been transported onto an ancient battlefield or dropped into a medieval fantasy adventure.

Benefits of VR Sword Games

Immersive Gameplay

The most obvious appeal of VR sword games is the chance to be completely immersed in melee combat. Trading blows with opponents in VR creates intense, kinetic battles that non-VR interfaces simply can’t match. The ability to freely swing your weapon and maneuver in space takes fight choreography to the next level.

Exercise and Fitness

Many VR titles essentially turn sword fighting into a vigorous full-body workout. Quick reflexes and constant motion are needed to come out victorious. This leads to an elevated heart rate, burned calories, and strengthened muscles. VR swordplay provides a fun way to engage your body actively.

Stress Relief

Aggressively swinging a virtual sword can provide the perfect outlet for stress relief. The focused concentration needed to succeed at VR melee combat forces you into an immersive flow state, taking your mind completely off real-world worries. Releasing pent-up energy by vanquishing foes can be profoundly relaxing.

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Top VR Sword Games

1. Blade & Sorcery

Blade & Sorcery is a physics-based combat game that has become the gold standard for VR swordplay. With advanced dismemberment effects and a huge arsenal of weapons, it makes you feel the impact of every strike. Slow-motion kills let you savor gratuitous swordplay.

Blade & Sorcery
Blade & Sorcery

2. Hellsplit: Arena

Hellish creatures are ready for punishment in this visceral and gory VR title. Hellsplit: Arena features hands-down the most realistic and reactive melee combat. Severed limbs fly with every perfect swing of your sword.

Hellsplit: Arena
Hellsplit: Arena

3. Swordsman VR

Live out your martial arts dreams in this stylistic sword fighter inspired by classic kung fu films. Swordsman VR‘s charming combat adds balletic grace to rough-and-tumble swordplay. Slowing down time pierces the action with dramatic flair.

Swordsman VR

4. Tales of Glory

Step onto Medieval battlefields in this strategic sword-fighting game. Tales of Glory emphasizes clashing armies and skillful techniques like parrying, feinting, and blocking during mass combat. Charge into the fray.

Tales of Glory
Tales of Glory

5. Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR is a classic open-world RPG that feels like a completely fresh experience with virtual reality blade combat. No other swordplay game provides such a sprawling adventure to accompany the satisfying first-person melee. Shouts and magic complement your sword skills.

Skyrim VR
Skyrim VR

What to Look for in a VR Sword Game

Realistic Physics

The physics system makes or breaks VR swordplay. Look for kinetic damage modeling on enemies and weapons that truly interact with each other and your motions. Weighty, momentum-based swinging will fully sell the illusion of real blades.

Variety of Weapons

Hacking away with a single sword gets old fast. Look for games with diverse arsenals, including longswords, daggers, and claymores. Different sizes and weights of weapons increase complexity in timing and strategy during combat.

Challenging Opponents

Clashing with basic AI foes lacks depth after the initial novelty wears off. The best swordplay games feature enemies with comprehensive attack patterns that dynamically react to your actions. Battles should feel like an engaging dance requiring focus.

Character Customization

VR helps you embody a persona during combat. Look for titles that allow appearance and equipment changes so you can roleplay as your perfect sword-wielding self. Progression systems that unlock new items feed into this fantasy.

Tips for Getting Started with VR Swordplay

Clear Play Space

To avoid real-world collisions, clear out an area at least 6 feet x 6 feet to safely swing your virtual sword. Remove breakable objects from this zone and define the boundaries with a mat. Start slow until you learn good spatial awareness.

Use Wrist Straps

Securely strap your VR controllers to your wrists. This prevents painful accidents of gear launched across the room during exuberant swings. Wrist straps also give you the confidence to slash without restraint.

Start Slow

Adjust to the new motion dynamics when diving into VR melee combat, starting with slower, deliberate movements. As you improve proprioception of the virtual space, you can gradually build up speed and force. Master the basics first.

Practice Footwork

Bladework is only half the equation. The other key is proper fighter footwork. Practice lunges, dodges, ducks, sidesteps, and pivots during combat to avoid attacks. Your real-world steps determine in-game maneuverability.


VR swordplay opens up amazingly active and immersive new possibilities in melee combat games. Titles like Blade & Sorcery, Hellsplit: Arena, and Swordsman VR capture the kinetic joy of medieval martial arts with unparalleled realism.

And exercise benefits mean you can slay virtual foes guilt-free. With so many quality options now available, a better time to become a 21st-century swashbuckler from home is never better.

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Is VR swordplay dangerous?

Like any physically active gameplay, VR swordplay does carry some inherent risk if proper precautions aren’t taken. Clear your play space, secure controller straps, and ease into vigorous motions. It is reasonably safe if you remain aware of your environment.

Do I need a large play space for VR sword games?

A minimum of 6 feet x 6 feet is recommended for safe room-scale VR swordplay. However, you can still enjoy these titles in more confined spaces by remaining centered and using mostly arm swings. Larger play spaces allow for unrestricted movement.

Do VR sword games provide a good workout?

The constant motion and combat stance required in these games most definitely elevate your heart rate for an excellent cardio workout. Swinging weapons work arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Just 15 minutes leaves you sweating.

What PC specs do I need for VR sword games?

Many titles require at least a Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card. CPU-wise, an Intel i5-4590 or greater is recommended. 16GB of RAM is ideal. This provides the power needed for advanced physics calculations and rendering.

Are there VR sword games for Quest?

The standalone Oculus Quest can run swordplay games like Blade & Sorcery and Swordsman VR. Graphics fidelity takes a hit compared to PC, but the freedom of wireless Quest play is unbeatable. Look for Quest versions or use Oculus Link.

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