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A Guide to Building the Perfect Loadout for Stealth Games

Stealth Games

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like sneaking around in the shadows, knowing that one wrong move could be the difference between success and failure. In the world of stealth gaming, success relies on becoming a ghost, which relies on expert skill and a perfect set of tools. Below, we dive into the art of creating the ultimate loadout for stealth-driven games, transforming you from a basic intruder into a commander of the shadows.

Core Equipment

Building the perfect loadout for stealth games starts with having the correct clothing and accessories, allowing you to become a phantom. Kicking things off is the suit, which should be lightweight for mobility but dark for blending into the background. Black or muted grey (pewter colour code #E9EAEC) are excellent choices, mimicking the shadows and minimising your presence. Depending on the game, you may be able to choose the material for bonuses, like dampened fabrics to stifle sounds. 

Other essential gear to consider include:

  • Headwear. A balaclava or no-thrills cap can help conceal your identity. Choose materials that merge with the surroundings. For example, a black cap for night-time infiltration or a camouflage bandana for sneaking into the jungle. 
  • Footwear. Regardless of your chosen gear and headwear, the wrong boots could result in failure. Search for footwear with excellent traction, allowing you to move quickly and quietly. You also need to think about the terrain – trainers are great for urban missions but combat boots work perfectly for uneven surfaces. 
  • Night vision goggles. The last thing you want to do is make unnecessary noise by walking into objects, which is why most games have options for night vision goggles.  However, depending on your game, the goggles may have a limited battery supply, so use them sparingly. 


Stealth games involve navigating maps without detection, meaning the all-guns-blazing approach found in games like Call of Duty won’t cut it. However, you will still need a small arsenal of weapons at your disposal, but choosing the right ones will depend on your gaming style. Here’s an overview of some key options:

  • Suppressed pistol. The universal gun of choice for any stealth operative is a silenced pistol, allowing you to eliminate enemies at close range with a single shot. Find a pistol with high accuracy and damage, as you won’t want to leave enemies alive after the initial shot. 
  • Non-lethal. Some games provide more pacifistic approaches, allowing you to use tranq darts and tasers to down enemies non-lethally. 
  • Sniper rifle. Scoping out military bases and compounds is essential, especially in games like Ghost Recon. With a sniper rifle, you can eliminate guards, disable alarms, and explode objects without having to enter the space. 
  • Bladed weapons. The true thrill of stealth-based games is getting up close with enemies without being seen, and then silently taking them down with concealed daggers or knives. Just remember to hide the bodies to avoid a full-scale alarm activation. 

The key to choosing weapons for stealth games is aligning them with your play style. Finding the winning combination may take some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to embrace plenty of respawns to get it right. 

Gadgets and Tools

Getting equipped for covert operations extends further than choosing clothes and weapons; you’ll also need a well-stocked selection of tools and gadgets. Here are some of the most common gadgets found in stealth games:

  • Lockpicks. Bypassing security and accessing restricted areas is essential in any stealth op, so make sure you have plenty of lockpicks to suit different doors. 
  • Strategic grenades. Frag grenades are mostly out of the question for successful stealth, but a well-placed flashbang or smoke grenade can help to disorientate enemies. Think before you throw, as careless launching can alert other guards.
  • Camera disruptors. There’s nothing worse than clearing the guards only to be caught on camera. Having a camera disruptor can help you pass by undetected, but it may not work for every camera.  
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Turn off all power in a given area with an EMP, but be aware of time limits. Depending on the game, an EMP can make enemies aware of an intruder’s presence. 

The recipe for becoming a master of the shadows includes strategic thinking and the right gear strapped to your back. Scour your targets, choose tools wisely, and change your loadout depending on the environment. A silenced pistol can be your best friend in one situation, while a smoke grenade works best in another. The shadows await, so be prepared to turn it into a weapon and master any mission. 



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