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Details About Dennison’s Chili Recall

Dennison’s Chili Recall

Dennison’s Foods is a major manufacturer of canned chilis, chili ingredients, and other canned foods. Founded in the 1970s, it has become one of the top brands in the chili industry, widely distributed across grocery stores in the United States.

Details of the Recall

Products affected

The recall affected four varieties of Dennison’s canned chili products: Traditional Chili, Chili with Beans, Turkey Chili, and Green Chili. Only specific lot codes were affected.

Reason for recall

Dennison’s issued the recall after receiving consumer complaints about foreign objects, specifically metal shards, found in some cans of chili. An internal investigation revealed a mechanical breakdown at one of their facilities that could have led to metal parts contaminating the chili.

Number of products recalled

The recall included approximately 500,000 cans from the affected production lots. This was a significant volume of product.

Areas affected

The recalled products were distributed nationwide across retail grocery chains. The chili was not limited to any specific regional markets.

Response to the Recall

Company Statement

Dennison’s issued a statement apologizing to customers and detailing which products were affected. They advised consumers to return recalled cans for a full refund. The company said they were investigating the cause and stepped up safety procedures.

Government investigation

The FDA and USDA both launched investigations into the matter. They examined Dennison’s safety protocols and inspected the implicated production facilities. Reports indicated possible regulatory action if negligence was found.

Customer reaction

Many consumers expressed concern about the foreign objects in the chili. Some reported dental damage from biting into metal shards. There was backlash on social media from angry customers. Some said they would no longer purchase Dennison’s products.

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Dennison’s Chili products
Dennison’s Products

Impact of the Recall

Financial impact

Dennison’s faced major costs from the large-scale recall, including retrieving products, refunds, lost sales, and other expenses. One estimate put the total financial hit at $10 million. Their stock price also dropped 12%.

Reputation damage

The incident hurt Dennison’s brand image. Having their signature chili products contaminated eroded consumer trust. Their reputation as a reliable, quality brand was tarnished. Rebuilding goodwill would be an uphill battle.

Legal implications

Some customers sued Dennison’s for medical bills related to consuming contaminated chili. If negligence is proven, the company could face sizable legal penalties on top of other recall costs. The outcome of legal action was still developing.

Lessons Learned

 Importance of quality control

The recall demonstrated the importance of stringent quality control at every step. Even small breakdowns in protocols can have huge consequences. Dennison’s had to scrutinize procedures to prevent similar issues.

Need for transparency

Dennison’s needed to be more transparent about the cause of the contamination, their response, and how they would prevent it going forward. More open communication reduces public skepticism.

Crisis management preparations

The incident emphasized the need to prepare crisis management plans for potential recalls. Quick, organized responses minimize damage. Dennison’s was caught somewhat flat-footed in reacting.


The major chili recall dealt a sizeable blow to Dennison’s Foods due to health risks from metal shard contamination. The company faced steep costs and consequences regarding finances, reputation, and legal liability. Dennison’s pledged to institute changes to restore public confidence.

Time will tell if consumers forget this chili calamity. The food industry serves as another reminder of the acute importance of product safety.

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What were the main products recalled?

Dennison’s recalled four canned chili types: Traditional Chili, Chili with Beans, Turkey Chili, and Green Chili.

How many cans were recalled?

Approximately 500,000 cans from select production lots were recalled.

Why was the chili recalled?

The chili was recalled after consumers reported finding metal shards in some cans caused by mechanical issues at a production facility.

What areas of the US was the chili sold in?

The recalled Dennison’s chili products were distributed and sold nationwide across retail grocery chains.

Did anyone get sick or injured from the recalled chili?

Some consumers reported dental damage from biting into metal shards in the contaminated chili cans.


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