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5 Ways to Get Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

How to Get Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you know how quickly the cost can add up to buying new games. Brand-new first-party Nintendo titles rarely go on sale and usually retail for $59.99. Even indie games on the eShop tend to stay around the $15-$20 price point.

As a budget-conscious gamer, you may seek ways to score some free Nintendo Switch games. Luckily, there are legit methods of getting free download codes for the Nintendo eShop. Here’s what you need to know.

Ways to Get Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

  1. Nintendo eShop Giveaways
  2. Retailer Promotions
  3. Game Developer Promotions
  4. Nintendo Switch Online Perks
  5. Social Media Contests

What are Nintendo Switch Game Codes?

Nintendo Switch game codes are alphanumeric codes that can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop for digital games. They function just like gift cards – by entering the code on the eShop, you add the monetary value to your account wallet to purchase Switch games.

Game codes directly unlock the full digital version of a specific game rather than just crediting your account with funds.

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Why Get Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes?

There are several advantages to scoring free game codes for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Play new games for free – This is the obvious perk. You get to enjoy a brand-new game without having to pay anything.
  • Try before you buy – Digital codes let you sample games before purchasing them at full price.
  • Convenient access – No need to swap out game cards. Downloaded games are tied to your account.
  • Give as gifts – Buy a code and send it to a friend remotely.

Where to Find Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

Now that you know the potential value of free game codes, here are some legitimate ways to get your hands on them:

1. Nintendo eShop Giveaways

Nintendo will occasionally give away free game codes through promotions on the eShop. This usually happens around the launch of big first-party games like Pokémon.

Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online

2. Retailer Promotions

Stores like GameStop, Target, and Amazon run deals where purchasing select games will net you a free code. For example, buying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe might have a bonus Splatoon 2 code.

Retailer Promotions
Retailer Promotions

3. Game Developer Promotions

The studios making Switch games will hand out codes through social media contests, with console bundles, and as preorder bonuses. Follow your favorite developers on Twitter for potential giveaways.

4. Nintendo Switch Online Perks

If their membership is active, subscribers to Nintendo’s Switch Online service can access free classic NES and SNES games.

Nintendo Switch Online Perks
Nintendo Switch Online Perks

5. Social Media Contests

Companies frequently run contests on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, giving out free game codes. Turn on notifications so you don’t miss any opportunities!

Social Media Contests
Social Media Contests

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Tips for Using Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

To maximize your free gaming, be sure to follow these tips when redeeming download codes:

Create a Nintendo Account

You need a Nintendo Account linked to your Switch to redeem any codes on the eShop. Set yours up in advance.

Redeem Codes Quickly

Codes often expire, so enter your free games into the eShop ASAP before the codes become invalid.

Check Code Region

Some codes only work in certain countries. Verify the region before obtaining a code.

Don’t Get Scammed

Only get codes from legitimate sources. Fake code sellers will swindle you!

Downsides of Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

While free game codes can save you a ton of money, be aware of a few potential disadvantages:

Limited Selection

You can only redeem codes for games being actively promoted or given away. You likely won’t find codes for just any eShop title you want.

Time Investment

It takes effort to hunt down free game code offers. You’ll have to spend time regularly checking various sources.

Codes are Single-Use

Codes can only be redeemed one time. So, if it’s for a popular game, act fast!

Paid Alternatives for Switch Games

If you strike out finding free game codes, don’t despair! Here are some alternative ways to save money on the games you want:

Nintendo eShop Sales

The eShop has special sales events where games get discounted. Add titles to your wishlist to get notified of sales.

Buy Physical Game Cartridges

Physical games go on sale more frequently than digital versions—shop used for even bigger savings.

Split Digital Purchases with Friends

The Switch allows game sharing if you and a friend use each other’s accounts. Split the cost!


While free Nintendo Switch games may seem too good to be true, legit methods exist to score game codes at no cost. Giveaways, retailer promos, developer perks, and social contests are great places to watch for chances at free games. Use tips like creating a Nintendo Account and entering codes quickly to redeem successfully.

With some effort, you can take advantage of special offers to build up an impressive library of Switch games without breaking the bank. Keep your ear to the ground and be ready to pounce when you spot an opportunity for free codes!

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Are free Nintendo Switch game codes illegal?

No, as long as you obtain codes through legitimate giveaways or promotions. Getting codes from unauthorized sellers could be illegal.

Can I redeem Nintendo eShop codes from any region?

No, Switch codes are region locked. European codes only work on the EU eShop for example.

Do I need internet access to redeem Nintendo Switch game codes?

Yes, you must have an internet connection to access the eShop and enter download codes.

What happens when my Nintendo Switch Online membership expires?

You lose access to any free classic NES/SNES games obtained through the membership.

Where is the best place to find deals on Nintendo Switch game codes?

Follow gaming deal sites and watch retailer promotions around major Switch game launches for your best chance at free codes.

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