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Exploring Ways to Make Money Using Google Maps

Make money using Google maps

For many small to medium enterprises, being easily discoverable on Google Maps can significantly influence their visibility, foot traffic, and sales. Recognizing this, freelancers specializing in listing optimization have become invaluable allies for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and attract more customers.

This article will explore all the different monetizable aspects of working on it.

Earning Money Through Google Maps Listing Optimization

Before learning how to make money with Google Maps, let’s first understand the underlying concept that drives this side hustle.

Optimizing a Google Maps listing involves more than adding a business to the map. It’s about fine-tuning all aspects of the listing to ensure it ranks higher in search results, appears for relevant searches, and presents compelling information that encourages potential customers to engage.

This optimization process can drastically improve a business’s local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making it more visible to users searching for related products or services in the area.

Skills Required for This Freelancing Gig

Basic understanding of SEO and Local SEO: As a freelancer specializing in Google Maps listing optimization, you should become familiar with SEO principles, mainly local SEO. This knowledge will enable you to effectively optimize listings to appear in local search queries, understanding how Google’s algorithms work to favor certain listings over others.

Attention to Detail: From ensuring the accuracy of business information to selecting the correct categories and writing engaging descriptions, attention to detail is crucial. Small mistakes can lead to big misunderstandings, directly impacting a business’s discoverability and review score.

Analytical Skills: Analyzing a listing’s performance, understanding metrics provided by Google My Business, and adjusting strategies accordingly are essential for ongoing optimization.

How Google Maps Optimization Works

The first part of the process revolves around researching businesses that show indications of a neglected presence. This is done by checking for the details in the profile when you search for their company’s name in Google Maps. Specifically, it would be best if you looked for:

  • Unclaimed businesses. Maps has a feature that allows one to claim a business, granting the owner control over the profile’s content. The unclaimed status usually entails other signs of optimization neglect, discussed below.
  • Lacking profile details. There is no phone number or website URL to follow through, few to no relevant pictures, working hours are not mentioned, etc.
  • Few reviews. If it is a reasonably long-lived business with similar enterprise surroundings, though it has almost no reviews, then this could be a sign that it needs optimization.

After you’ve identified potential clients, think through a strategy of approach. Consider, for instance, how you could pitch your services and what your client would truly benefit from.

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The Process of Google Maps Optimization

Continuing on the topic of picking your strategy of approach, here is a more thorough look at what the optimization process entails:

  • Claiming and Verifying the Listing. The first step in the optimization process is claiming the Google My Business (GMB) listing. This involves registering the business on Google My Business and verifying ownership, usually through a phone call or postcard sent by Google to the business address. 
Business listing optimization
Business listing optimization

As discussed above, verification is essential for gaining complete control over the listing and making any necessary edits or updates.

  • Optimizing Business Information. Once the listing is claimed and verified, the next step is to ensure that all business information is accurate, comprehensive, and optimized for search. This includes the business name, address, phone number, and category.

The category selection is essential, as it helps Google understand what type of services or products the business offers and match the listing to relevant search queries.

  • Quality and Relevance of Photos. Adding high-quality photos to the listing can significantly impact its attractiveness and engagement rates. Photos should represent the business accurately and appealingly, including images of the interior and exterior, products, services, and staff.

Regularly updating photos can also signal to Google that the business is active, potentially improving its ranking.

  • Encouraging and Managing Reviews. Reviews play a crucial role in Google Maps optimization. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews can improve a listing’s credibility and attractiveness. Furthermore, responding to reviews demonstrates that the business values customer feedback, which can influence its ranking positively.
Google maps reviews
Google maps reviews

Managing reviews also involves addressing negative feedback promptly and professionally, showing potential customers that the business is committed to customer satisfaction.

  • Monitoring and Adjusting. Optimization is an ongoing process. It involves regularly monitoring the listing’s performance using GMB insights, such as search visibility, customer actions (calls, website visits, direction requests), and engagement with photos and posts.

Based on these insights, adjustments may be necessary to improve the listing’s effectiveness and maintain or improve its ranking over time.

Is Google Maps Optimization Worth the Effort

The exact amount that is imbursed for this kind of work hugely depends on the area of operations, the size of the business, and your ability to pitch your services. Remember that some parts of this work, such as follow-up updates and prolonged metrics evaluations, could be marketed for better pay, as they require continuous effort to sustain.

Be sure to prepare a solid pitch before reaching out to your clients and rerun through the tactics that cold-callers use in their work.


In the competitive digital marketplace, freelancers specializing in Google Maps listing optimization play a critical role in boosting small and medium-sized businesses’ online visibility and foot traffic. This niche skill set, requiring expertise in SEO, meticulous attention to detail, and a strategic approach offers a path to significant professional fulfillment and a vital service to businesses seeking to stand out.

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