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Monster Musume Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

monster musume season 2

Monster Musume (Everyday Life with Monster Girls) took the anime world by storm when it premiered in 2015. The ecchi harem comedy stands out for its outrageous premise – a world where different humanoid monster species have assimilated into human society, including as potential romantic partners. Now, fans eagerly await the announcement of a second season.

Now, fans have been eagerly waiting for Monster Musume Season 2 to be released.

About Monster Musume Season 1

Overview of the plot and characters

In the first season of Monster Musume, he introduced us to Kimihito Kurusu, a young man who became part of a government homestay program for monster girls. He suddenly finds himself living with Miia, a lamia (snake girl); Papi, a harpy; Centorea, a centaur; Suu, a slime; Meroune, a mermaid; and other increasingly eccentric monster girls who develop affections for Kimihito.

Much risqué romantic comedy ensues as Kimihito gets close to his new housemates while trying not to break the rules against interspecies breeding.

Popularity and reception

Monster Musume became one of the most talked about anime of 2015. Fans responded enthusiastically to the ridiculous premise, fun characters, and ecchi humor. The series is one of the top-selling anime/manga franchises, with over 2 million copies of the manga printed. This breakout success left many fans eagerly awaiting the green light for a second season.

Popularity and reception

The Case for Season 2

Open-ended story and material from manga

Season 1 only adapts some of the manga series, leaving much more of the story to be told. With some plot threads unresolved and new monster girls and adventures on the way, there is plenty of source material for a second season. Fans are eager to see the continued exploits of Kimihito and his harem.

Strong fanbase wanting more.

Given the first season’s popularity and manga, a strong fanbase is excited about Monster Musume’s return; the first season generated significant buzz within the anime community. And the franchise continues to sell well, showing there is still substantial interest.

Unique premise still has potential.

The idea of a human interacting with monster girls is still quite novel and unexplored in anime. The first season showed the creative potential of developing different monster girl species and building a world around human-monster relations. Many possible stories and new types of monsters could still be introduced.

What Fans Want from Season 2

More episodes and character development

12 episodes felt short for the first season, with so many girls vying for Kimihito’s affection. Fans hope for at least another 12-episode season, if not longer. More episodes can allow for better development of side characters as well. Fans want to see deeper personalities and backstories for the monster girls beyond their monster traits.

New monster girl introductions

While season 1 included a diverse cast of monster girls, many more species are still featured in the manga, yet to be animated. Fans are excited to see their favorite new monsters like octopi, ogres, and more join Kimihito’s lively household. More unique monster girl designs and interactions promise more of the zany fun people loved from season 1.

The proper conclusion to the story

The first season did not provide much plot resolution, leaving things open-ended. Fans are hoping a second season can propel the overall story forward rather than just repeat more of the same. Ideally, the ending ties up loose ends regarding Kimihito’s relationships and satisfies viewers invested in the characters.

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Potential Storylines for Season 2

Season 2 has many possible directions that could take the story and characters. Here are some of the likely possibilities:

Continue where Season 1 left off

The second season could pick up right after the first events, keeping the existing story momentum. Any lingering plot threads like Kimihito’s relationships with Mia and Centorea will probably be addressed. And the challenges of housing so many monster girls under one roof are likely only to escalate.

New monster girls are arriving.

More monster girls moving in with Kimihito seems inevitable for season 2. So far, the anime has only featured a fraction of the monster girl diversity from the manga. Fans are eager to see what new species get introduced and how they become entangled in Kimihito’s increasingly crowded and chaotic harem.

New monster girls arriving

Character backgrounds explored

While season 1 focused mainly on introducing the monster girls, season 2 has an opportunity to develop backstories for them and Kimihito. Exploring where these characters came from and what motivates them beyond surface-level traits can really enrich the overall story. This deeper dive into characters is something lacking from season 1 that fans want to see.

Developments in relationships

Now that the groundwork is laid, fans hope season 2 starts making tangible developments in the relationships between Kimihito and the girls. While season 1 established affections, season 2 can raise the stakes by moving couplings forward. Things like first dates, confessions of love, and first kisses are all anticipated fanservice moments a second season could animate.

Action and drama

While mainly comedic, the story has room for exciting action and dramatic storytelling focused on monsters living in a human world. The discrimination and danger monster girls face are ripe for more serious examination. In the first season, they already established the potential for action scenes like Centorea jousting and giant snake battles. Fans hope to see the story mix in these elements for greater variety.

Action and drama

Challenges Facing Season 2

While excitement is high for a second installment, some challenges and potential pitfalls face Monster Musume season 2.

Funding and production issues

As with any anime, funding and assembling the staff for a second season can be difficult, especially for smaller productions like Monster Musume. The creators likely want to ensure they have the budget to maintain decent production values before committing to more episodes.

Staying true to the source material

Adapting from the manga presents challenges in deciding what to include in only 12-13 episodes. There may be pressure to cram in fan-favorite scenes, making storytelling rushed. The writers must focus on crafting a coherent narrative rather than just animating random parts of the manga.

Avoiding censorship

Monster Musume pushes boundaries with its risqué content, mixing monster girls and ecchi themes. Censors could force the nudity and sexual humor to be toned down, which could disappoint fans. The showrunners have to walk a fine line to retain the show’s pervy fun without crossing boundaries.

Will Season 2 Meet Fan Expectations?

With such hype, there is pressure on Monster Musume season 2 to satisfy what fans loved about the first season. But will it deliver?

Depends on adaptation and writing quality

A strong script fleshes out the characters and keeps the humor and spirit intact. The writers need to adeptly adapt source material in a way that flows well in an animated format. This will determine if the essence fans connect with resonates in a second season.

Animation quality needs to stay consistent.

The vibrant animation and appealing character designs were a huge part of season 1’s success. Fans hope the studio can maintain this quality for the artwork and animation. Declines could make the novelty of the monster girls less impactful.

Finding the right balance with ecchi elements

This won’t feel right without the risqué ecchi content dialed up. But it runs the risk of leaning too heavily into only providing fanservice. The next season has to strike the right mood so the raunchy humor complements the characters and story rather than detracting from them.


Monster Musume made a memorable splash, and the enthusiasm from fans indicates the story is far from over. While a second season has yet to be confirmed, the potential for continuing this creative monster harem story remains. Fans have high expectations for more hilarious antics and adventurous worldbuilding.

If the anime team sticks to what worked for the first installment while expanding in new directions, its second season could become another smash hit.


When will season 2 be released?

No confirmed release date yet. Many hope an announcement will come sometime in 2023.

How many episodes will season 2 have?

Likely 12-13 episodes. Fans hope for at least as many episodes as season 1, if not more.

Will the manga creator be involved?

Creator Okayado will likely be credited again but may not have direct writing involvement.

What studio will animate season 2?

No studio has been confirmed yet, but Lerche will likely return as the season 1 studio.

Will the same English dub cast return?

It’s unknown, but fans hope to see the original cast reprise their roles if possible.


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