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Secrets & Tips for Playing Warzone 2 in a Group

Warzone 2

The developers of Call of Duty have released Warzone 2 – a new version of the battle royale genre in which single players and groups of up to three people can survive and fight among themselves for the right to be the last one standing.

CoD uses quick rounds and matches, in which you will find a large number of players and a variety of different weapons without the need for a long search, which will allow you to quickly play matches and fight for ratings, playing many games in one session.

Despite all the possibilities of quick play alone or as part of a group, this does not guarantee you a high win rate, which is accompanied by the ability to shoot and sometimes a lucky coincidence of circumstances.

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Landing and tactics

If you play as part of a squad, then you need to make team decisions about your actions, and first of all, this concerns the landing.

You need not only to choose the right point but also to gain a foothold on it because if you run chaotically and look for weapons and other equipment, you risk being ambushed or under fire and losing the match at the very beginning.

You need to distribute your roles, and the player who is the first to find weapons must look around and, if an enemy is detected, will be able to fight until the allies receive the starting set and not join you.

Landing in Warzone 2
Landing in Warzone 2

Try not to land in large zones because you are not the only one playing with three players, and you are always at risk of being ambushed and killed due to the large number of enemies everywhere.

It will be much better, more profitable, and safer if you track the main landing points of other groups while still on the plane, and start disembarking later, occupy small individual buildings, collect all the necessary equipment, and then move from the side move to large points and clear out the remnants of the enemies that didn’t kill each other.

This approach will be safer and more stable in terms of kills and group survival, which will have a positive effect on rank boosting in Call of Duty Warzone.

Your main task is not to look for trouble on purpose and to prepare for the start of the first phase, which will begin just when the first narrowing of the combat zone appears and all players who survived the landing will move towards the already mandatory battles imposed by the system in order to determine the status of the top 1 best team.

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First phase

This is an interesting stage that forces all groups to move towards a central point, which is randomly chosen by the game system, and it is impossible to predict this place in advance.

You need to start moving quickly but in an organized manner – teams that will occupy defensive points and attack other groups from more advantageous points.

Taking a fight outside the zone is not profitable, and it is easier to simply bypass the threat and take more advantageous points without the risk of being left behind and losing health simply due to poor positioning.

When you gain a foothold in the circle and look for a way to improve your equipment and weapons, then you will simply wait for the next phase, and at the same time, you are guaranteed to be able to get the best parameters for your CoD rank boost.

Second phase

This is a more difficult stage that significantly limits the game map and increases the number of fights because players will have very little space.

This stage will weed out the weak and show the best players who will fight for top 1 status in this match.

It’s better for you to get epic and legendary types of weapons and stock up on medicines, ammunition, and grenades, as well as armor elements that will allow you to resist enemies for a long time and effectively.

Use suppressive fire tactics and clear areas with grenades and gunfire while maintaining cover and providing supplies to the wounded.

The phase may be lengthy, but it will end with the match moving to the final stage, which will determine which squad will receive the maximum boost in Warzone 2.

Victory or defeat with all the results goes to the entire team, regardless of how many of them are alive.

Warzone Ammunition
Warzone Ammunition

Collaborative Tactics

If you are playing as part of a squad, then act accordingly and take advantage of all the benefits of the CoD Warzone.

Suppress enemies and go around the flanks, use grenades and smoke, and destroy them with sniper fire.

Try different tactics and use different weapons, which will give you different options in battle.

Practice joint exits and vocalization of reloading – this will allow you to avoid situations in which you will find yourself without ammo as a whole group and will be easily vulnerable.

Try to occupy advantageous buildings and gain a foothold in them, knocking out opponents as necessary.

Remember that enemies can always approach you the same way you came, so you can safely place mines, but remember them in case of a quick retreat.


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