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Sniper Elite 6: Everything We Know So Far

Sniper Elite 6

The Sniper Elite series has earned a dedicated following over the years, with its stealthy sniping action and x-ray kill cam becoming signature features. After 5th series arrived in 2022, fans eagerly anticipated news and details on Sniper Elite 6. While the next installment has been confirmed to be in development, solid information has been scarce.

The big question on every fan’s mind is what the 6th series release date could be. Has developer Rebellion finally lifted the veil on when we can expect to play the next entry in this popular tactical shooter franchise?

Key Points:

  • Sniper Elite is a popular tactical shooter series with authentic ballistics.
  • Sniper Elite 6 is confirmed to be in development and set in France during WW2.
  • A typical 2-3 year release cycle points to a potential 2024 launch.
  • Entry promises higher levels, improved sniping, and x-ray kill cams.
  • Details are still limited, but signs indicate the most ambitious series yet.

Background on Series

To better speculate on when it could be released, it helps to look at the franchise’s history. Sniper Elite 1 first introduced fans to elite marksman Karl Fairburne in 2005. The original game focused on stealth sniping tactics during World War 2. Sniper Elite 2 arrived in 2012 with improved kill cams and larger levels set in Berlin during the war’s final days.

3rd series shifted the setting to North Africa in 2014, providing more open environments. 4th one continued the trend of bigger and better with its 2017 release, featuring large open-ended levels across Italy.

The latest entry, Sniper Elite 5, arrived in 2022 and took players to the French countryside during the height of WW2. Each new entry expanded the scope and systems, focusing on authentic sniping ballistics and tactics.

Sniper Elite 6 destroying

Latest Announcement and Details

In March 2022, developer Rebellion officially announced that Sniper Elite 6 is in development. They revealed that Karl Fairburne’s next mission would take him back to France in 1944, during the famous Operation Dragoon Allied invasion of southern France. The game aims to build on the previous season’s larger maps by featuring full-scale French cities and regions.

The development team has touted even more tactical options for approaching missions in this release, such as expanded traversal mechanics like climbing and sliding.

This should enable more ways to flank and ambush the occupying Nazi forces. They also teased more realistic sniper ballistics and replications of real-world sniper techniques like managing breath and heart rates while aiming down scopes.

It is planned for current and next-gen platforms – PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No Switch version has been announced. The developers have yet to confirm a specific release date or a release window for this release. But fans are scouring every announcement for clues hinting when the next chapter in Karl’s story could arrive.

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Here’s The Trailer

You can watch the trailer here.

Sniper Elite 6 Release Date

While Rebellion has yet to confirm a solid Sniper Elite 6 release date, observers can still make educated guesses at potential launch windows based on the franchise’s history and typical scheduling.

Looking at the last few mainline games, there has usually been a 2-3-year gap between numbered entries. 1st release V2 arrived in 2012, followed by 3rd series in 2014, 4th in 2017, and most recently 5th release in May 2022. Assuming a similar timeline for 6th series, a release sometime in 2024 seems probable.

Given that the 5th edition will be released in May 2022, following the typical timeline puts the 6th on track for a mid-to-late 2024 launch. Many anticipate an announcement of a firmer release window sometime in 2023. Given the development time for recent entries, a late 2023 launch could happen, but it seems unlikely.

Of course, delays are always possible, too, if more polish or development time is needed. But for now, the smart money is on getting hands-on with series 6 sometime in 2024 unless Rebellion surprises fans with an earlier-than-expected launch.

Sniper Elite 6 sniper shooting

What to Expect From The New Series

Based on the details Rebellion has revealed so far, combined with the steady evolution of the franchise, the fans have much to look forward to when Karl Fairburne picks his rifle back up.

As a cross-gen title, the new release should boast improved graphics, textures, lighting, and effects compared to the previous one – thanks to the power of new-gen hardware. Detailed, authentic French cityscapes and countrysides will provide visually impressive backdrops to calculated long-distance shots.

New campaigns built around the invasion of southern France will provide fresh historical context to Karl’s missions. Varied maps should give even more environmental options to suit a range of creative strategies. The team frequently refines their sniping ballistics simulation with each new entry, so expect sniping to feel better than ever.

And, of course, the visually stunning x-ray kill cams that reveal the internal devastation of perfect head and organ shots will be back and gorier than before. Destructible environments and traps to rig will likely return as well.

The developers have suggested more ways to approach missions stealthily, so covertly eliminating the Nazi threat without being spotted looks to be more viable and satisfying.

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While concrete details are still few, the development team at Rebellion seems to have big plans in store for Sniper Elite 6. The franchise has steadily built upon its tactical WW2 sniping roots over multiple successful entries. This looks ready to deliver the series’ most realistic and varied sniper campaign yet.

Though the release date remains a mystery, signs point to late 2024 being a reasonable target for now. Whenever it arrives, fans can expect an elevated sniping experience that captures the tense exhilaration of long-distance combat.

Karl Fairburne’s ongoing fight behind enemy lines shows no signs of letting up. Stealthy sharpshooters have much to look forward to with Sniper Elite’s next chapter.


Has the release date been officially announced?

No, Rebellion has not yet announced a release date for Sniper Elite 6. They have only confirmed the game is in active development. The community expects more firm details on the launch timing later in 2023.

What consoles/platforms will it be on?

It is planned for current and next-gen consoles – PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. A PC version is also coming. No Nintendo Switch version has been announced.

Will there be a beta?

Rebellion has not confirmed a beta version yet. However, the previous two games had beta testing periods, so there’s a good chance this will have one too close to launch.

Will it have multiplayer?

Yes, the development team has confirmed Sniper Elite 6 will include multiplayer modes. Co-op and competitive modes were present in 4th and 5th series and will likely return in the next installment.

Will it be on Xbox Game Pass?

The previous release was launched on Game Pass, but it’s unclear if this one will too. As a first-party Xbox studio, there’s a good chance Rebellion’s next game launches into Game Pass like previous titles.


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