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Top 5 Strongest Pokémon Cards of All Time

Strongest Pokemon Cards

The Pokémon TCG has been kicking around since the year ’96, and let me tell you, it’s seen some seriously strong cards over the years. We are talking cards that are so powerful that they got banned from official tournaments!  

Every new set brings in fresh card styles with cool abilities. Nevertheless, sometimes they just go overboard, you know? Hence, they recheck which cards are allowed in tournaments every year, ensuring things stay fair and fun.  

But, hey, if you are just chilling with friends for a casual game, you can still bust out those mega-strong cards if everyone’s cool with it. 

Have you checked out the latest pokemon tcg set, Scarlet & Violet – 151?  

It’s a total throwback to the classic days of Pokémon, mixing in all those original Kanto region characters with some fresh new gameplay twists.  

Thinking about it got me reminiscing about all the crazy powerful cards that have popped up over the nearly thirty years this game’s been around. Here are some of the absolute heavy hitters that have graced the Pokémon Trading Card Game over the years. 

1: Coalossal VMAX 

Alright, let’s talk about Coalossal VMAX!  

This bad boy kicks off with a whopping 330 HP, making it a tank on the battlefield. Its basic Eruption Shot attack starts with a decent 40 damage.  

Coalossal VMAX
Coalossal VMAX

But here’s where it gets spicy: if luck’s on your side and you snag an energy card from the top of your deck, you add a whopping 90 more damage! Now, that energy you just snagged?  

It’s not just for show. It’s fuel for Coalossal’s ultimate move, the G-Max Boulder.  

This beastly attack dishes out a massive 240 damage, but it needs a combo of 3 fighting energy and 1 more of any type. Talk about packing a punch! No wonder folks are calling this one of the top dogs from the Sword & Shield Pokémon TCG era. 

2: Black Kyurem EX 

The Black Kyurem-EX card may not have the biggest health pool or the most dazzling moves, but its simplicity and adaptability make it a standout choice. With no need for prior evolution, you can get it into play fast, giving you a head start on building your team. 

Its two attacks, Dragon Fang and Freeze Shock offer a mix of damage and status effects that can throw off your opponent’s game plan. Dragon Fang can paralyze, buying you time or forcing your opponent to switch out their active Pokémon.  

Meanwhile, Freeze Shock’s chance to stun adds an unpredictable twist, potentially stopping your opponent in their tracks. 

Plus, don’t underestimate the power of Freeze Shock’s 150 damage, especially when paired with its extra effects. In Pokémon TCG battles, having a reliable basic Pokémon that can dish out damage and disrupt your opponent’s plans can be a game-changer. 

3: Mega Rayquaza EX 

So, you know that Mega Rayquaza EX card?  

It’s like a huge powerhouse with 230 HP and a cool resistance to Water, Fire, Grass, and Electric types. Those types of attacks? They’re like tickles to it, only doing 20 less damage. 

Mega Rayquaza EX
Mega Rayquaza EX

Now, here’s the kicker: Mega Rayquaza EX has this one killer move called Dragon Ascent. It costs a hefty five energy (three fires, one electric, and one colorless), but whoa, it packs a punch! 

Get this—it deals a whopping 300 damage! Sure, you have to discard two energy cards afterward, but hey, it is totally worth it for the devastation it brings to your opponents. Use a random Pokémon generator to try your luck!

4: Gyarados VMAX 

The Gyarados VMAX card is a beast with a whopping 330 HP, making it super tough to take down in a Pokémon battle. And let’s talk about its moves – they’re no joke! 

First up, there’s Hyper Beam.  

It costs two water energy and one colorless, but it hits hard, dealing 120 dmg. Plus, it snatches an energy card from the opponent’s active Pokémon, putting them at a bit of a disadvantage. 

Then, there’s Max Tyrant. This move is the big one, packing a punch with a hefty 240 damage. It’s like a wrecking ball coming at your opponent’s Pokémon. With moves like these, Gyarados VMAX is a force to be reckoned with in any Pokémon showdown! 

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5: Charizard VSTAR 

Do you know that Charizard VSTAR card? It’s like the king of Pokémon cards.  

With a massive 280 HP, it’s a beast. And let’s talk about its moves – Explosive Fire hits for 130 damage straight up, but if the opponent’s already taken a beating, it jumps to a whopping 230!  

Then there’s the crazy powerful VSTAR Power Star Blaze – it dishes out a monstrous 320 points of damage. That’s like saying “bye-bye” to almost any opponent in just one shot. 

Bonus: Shadow Lugia 

This super rare Pokémon that shows up in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Well, it never got a card for official tournaments, but it did get this crazy promo version.  

Picture this: it’s got a whopping 300 HP, which puts it up there with the tackiest Pokémon cards ever. And its main move, “Shadow Storm,” is a total wrecking ball.  

With just five energies, it slams down a massive 1,000 damage! That’s like saying goodbye to something as hefty as Skeledirge ex three times over. Crazy, right? 


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