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Subnautica 3: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of subnautica 3
Featured image of subnautica 3

The Subnautica series from Unknown Worlds Entertainment has earned a dedicated following for its creative underwater survival gameplay. With the success of the first Subnautica game and its stand-alone follow-up Subnautica: Below Zero, fans are eager to learn more about the next full-scale sequel, tentatively referred to as Subnautica 3.

Introduction to the Subnautica Series

The original Subnautica launched in 2018 after five years in early access, transporting players to an aquatic alien world brimming with mystery. As the lone survivor of a crashed starship, players explore the depths of an ocean planet, scavenge resources craft equipment, and unravel the secrets of a long-extinct advanced civilization.

Subnautica: Below Zero arrived in 2021 as a shorter story set in the same universe. The new protagonist explores a different region of the same planet, contending with frigid arctic biomes while investigating the fate of her missing sister.

Both games garnered praise for their open-ended gameplay, intriguing narratives, diverse underwater life, and haunting atmosphere. Their regular presence on lists of best survival games demonstrates the franchise’s strength.

Subnautica 3

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What We Know So Far About Subnautica 3

Details about the next full entry in the Subnautica series remain sparse. The original game’s runaway success means a sequel is very likely, but the developers have yet to make any official announcements. We can, however, speculate about Subnautica 3 based on comments from the team and reasonable assumptions.

Potential Release Date

Given the extensive early access periods for previous Subnautica titles, Subnautica 3 will probably not be released until at least 2024 or 2025. The team seems committed to ensuring the gameplay meets expectations before launch, and a 12- 18-month early access period would be consistent with their past process.

Possible Setting and Story Details

Both previous Subnautica games followed lone survivors dealing with shipwrecks on an alien ocean planet called 4546B. The planet hosts a variety of aquatic biomes rich with exotic flora and fauna to discover.

For Subnautica 3, fans hope the story will take them to new depths of 4546B, exploring areas not seen in previous games. Alternatively, the setting could shift to a different ocean world in the same universe. The narrative may connect back to the ancient precursors or introduce new mysteries to unravel.

Rumors About Gameplay Features

Unsubstantiated rumors suggest Subnautica 3 will expand base-building options, allowing players to construct multiple large seafloor bases and connect them via tunnels. Additional vehicles and gear for exploring hostile deep sea environments may also be in development. Some fans even speculate about a late-game submarine or mech suit.

Anticipated New Content for Subnautica 3

Given the breadth of content already in earlier Subnautica games, what can fans expect to see added for the third installment?

Underwater Vehicles and Gear

New aquatic trucks, submersibles, and sea scooters would provide greater mobility and access to more treacherous seafloor locations. Augmented diving gear like reinforced wetsuits, rebreathers, and underwater drones could facilitate deeper and longer excursions.

Underwater Vehicles and Gear

Biomes and Creatures

Expanding the diversity of biomes and exotic marine life has always been a strength of the series. Subnautica 3 will hopefully take us to environments like coral reefs, kelp forests, abyssal plains, hydrothermal vents, and more, populated by astonishing creatures like giant Squids, Livyatan, Goblin sharks, and other Alien Beasts.

Base Building Options

Constructing seafloor bases has always been a key activity in Subnautica games. For the next installment, fans hope for enhancements like multi-segment bases, tunnels between locations, new modular rooms, additional furnishings, and more exterior landscaping tools.

Multiplayer Hopes for Subnautica 3

One of the most common fan requests is for Subnautica 3 to add multiplayer functionality despite the series’ traditionally single-player focus.

Co-op Campaign Support

Many want the ability to explore the alien ocean and unravel its mysteries alongside friends in cooperative play. Banding together in a small group would provide comfort and company in the vast underwater expanses.

Competitive Multiplayer Modes

Others suggest more traditional competitive modes like deathmatch arenas where players wield weapons and gear from the main game. However, this would likely require significant rebalancing to maintain the overall PvE focus.

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Trailer Speculation for Subnautica 3

Though no trailers exist yet, anticipation is high for video reveals of Subnautica 3 like those that built excitement for previous entries.

Reveal Trailer Details

The first teaser or announcement trailer will likely focus on tone and atmosphere over specific details. Haunting music over shots of the ocean floor and glimpses of bioluminescent flora and fauna would draw in newcomers while exciting existing fans.

Later Marketing Videos

Subsequent trailers throughout development could highlight biome concept art, new vehicles and equipment, creature designs, and expanded base building. Story hints may emerge closer to the launch without spoiling plot surprises.

Subnautica 3 Trailer Concept 2023

Here is a Subnautica 3 trailer we found on YouTube.

Excitement Building for the Next Subnautica Game

Even with limited concrete details available, the passionate Subnautica fanbase grows more eager for news about Subnautica 3 with each passing month.

Devotion of Fan Community

The Subnautica subreddit and forums feature regular speculation and wishlists about the next installment. Many fans replay the first two games while awaiting announcements of the third. Their enthusiasm demonstrates the lasting impact of this imaginative indie game series.

Rumors About Gameplay Features

Positive Response to News and Rumors

Every tidbit about the future of Subnautica makes waves across social media and websites like Reddit. Fans express hope at the prospect of expansive new underwater environments to explore, intriguing alien life to encounter, and immersive construction projects to pursue.


With its creative creature designs, intriguing sci-fi storytelling, and freedom to carve out an underwater haven, Subnautica offers an experience like no other survival game. Subnautica 3 has the opportunity to deliver that magical feeling again on an even grander scale. Each hint about what may lie below the waves builds more anticipation. While waiting for official word, loyal fans continue dreaming of the mysteries to come in the deepest depths. Whenever the next chapter arrives, players will be ready to dive in.

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Q: Is Subnautica 3 confirmed?

A: No, Subnautica 3 has not been officially confirmed yet by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. However, the success of the series makes another sequel very likely.

Q: What consoles and platforms will Subnautica 3 be released on?

A: No specific platforms have been announced, but the previous games launched on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Subnautica 3 will likely target next-gen consoles, too.

Q: Will Subnautica 3 have VR support?

A: VR capability has not been confirmed, but it proved popular in earlier Subnautica games, so fans are hopeful it will return for the sequel.

Q: Will creatures and items transfer over from previous Subnautica games?

A: It’s unclear if continuity with previous games will allow transferred items and pets. However, some fan-favorite creatures will likely appear alongside new ones.

Q: Can I wishlist or pre-order Subnautica 3 yet?

A: No, pre-orders and wishlists are available since Subnautica 3 has not been announced or listed on any digital storefronts yet.


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