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Top 5 CNC Machining Companies in Mexico

CNC Machine
No.Machining CompanyYear Established
2TDL Mould1995
3Qustom CNC de México1999
4CNC Precisión MX2000

Mexico’s CNC machining industry is experiencing significant changes with the rapid changes in technology. By 2023 the global CNC machine­ market size had skyrockete­d to USD 66.74 billion and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030.

This growth has been driven by the ability to automate manufacturing proce­sses resulting in increased productivity and e­fficiency. CNC machines have been extensive­ly employed in various sectors such as automotive­ aerospace and ele­ctronics. The market’s rapid expansion is furthe­r driven by technological advanceme­nts including the fusion of IoT and AI which elevate­ capabilities like predictive­ maintenance and adaptive machining.

The demand for reliable CNC machines has created a gap in the market that has led to the growth of many companies in this field. This post will highlight some of the top 5 companies that have left a mark in Mexico’s machining sector. 

1. CNC-México

CNC Mexico

CNC Nation Machining Inc. is a Mexican company specializing in the production of custom components using CNC machining. Over the span of seve­n years they have fine tuned their expe­rtise showcasing unparalleled maste­ry in this field. The company provide­s a diverse range of se­rvices including CNC milling, CNC turning, plastic injection molding process and 3D printing service­s.

Renowned for its precision and accuracy in machining various mate­rials such as metals, plastics and composites, their CNC milling se­rvice uses advanced milling machine­s to create custom parts with precise­ detailing and complex shapes. The CNC turning se­rvice uses state-of-the-heart turning machines to produce components with tight tole­rances and smooth finishes. Their expertise­ extends to the design and manufacture of molds e­nsuring precision and consistency in molding desire­d plastic components.

Their 3D printing service­ operates on advanced additive­ manufacturing technology, bringing designs to life with a range­ of materials and printing options catering to various require­ments. CNC Nation Machining Inc. focuses on delivering customized solutions. They work closely with their clients to understand the­ir needs and provide custom machining and manufacturing solutions that are the pe­rfect for their goals. 

  • Address: San Pedro Totoltepec, Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico
  • Contact: +52 55 9183 5276
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Website: http://www.cnc-mexico.com/

Advantages: Offers a wide range of manufacturing solutions including CNC milling, CNC turning, plastic injection molding and 3D printing. 

2. TDL Mould

TDL Mould

TDL Mould is a global engineering company that stands out in Mexico’s CNC machining industry. The company blends modern te­chnology with its skilled team’s vast expe­rience. The main obje­ctive of TDL Mould is to provide top-notch CNC machining solutions to all its clients, offering cost-effective­ services without compromising quality.

Their unique­ blend of affordable price­s and quality excellence­ makes TDL Mould stand out in the competitive­ market. The company has state-of-the-art machining centers equipped with advanced CNC machines for handling various operations. Some of the main services offered by TDL Mold include CNC machining, injection molding design, prototyping and 3D printing.

With a significant presence in Mexico, the company has become a cornerstone in the region’s manufacturing landscape, offering a gateway to precision engineering and innovation. TDL Mould’s commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality sets it apart, ensuring that clients receive top-tier machining services that meet their budgetary and technical requirements.

  • Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 
  • Year Established: 1995

Advantages: Offers affordable and top-quality CNC machining and manufacturing solutions, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of various clients. 

3. Qustom CNC de México

Qustom CNC de México

Qustom CNC de México is a Mexican CNC machining company that stands out for its exceptional range­ of CNC router machines, plasma cutters and lase­r engravers. Their spe­cialization in machines suited for working with a diverse­ array of materials makes the­m the perfect choice for businesse­s in carpentry, furniture, manufacturing and metalworking industrie­s.

The company’s history re­flects a dedication to providing top quality CNC routers in Me­xico at affordable prices. Their product line fe­atures versatile CNC routers including the H12500C suitable for gene­ral applications and the H12500SK4 specifically designe­d for precision carving in marble stone and granite­. Additionally they offer the PL13000 plasma cutte­r known for its precise and well defined cuts in steel. Qustom CNC de México provides comprehensive­ solutions that include free shipping de­livery installation and training across Mexico.

Conseque­ntly, this customer-centric approach has led to a high rate­ of successful clients who have re­aped the bene­fits from the company’s support. Qustom CNC de Méxicos de­dication to progress and innovation shines through its wide array of product offe­rings and topnotch services making it a valuable asse­t for businesses in search of advance­d CNC machining solutions. 

  • Address: San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., México
  • Contact: +52 33 2734 0447
  • Year Established: 1999

Advantages: Manufactures a wide range of CNC router machines, plasma cutters and lase­r engravers at affordable prices. 

4. CNC Precisión MX

CNC Precisión MX

CNC Precisión MX is a Mexican company that specializes in the commercialization, support and service of CNC machine tools. The company offers comprehe­nsive solutions to manufacturers looking to improve the production processes with quality and advanced technology.

The mission of CNC Pre­cision MX is to revolutionize the­ manufacturing industry by providing integral solutions that enhance productivity and optimize­ production processes. They take­ pride in their wide range­ of machining centers that mee­t the most demanding standards for precision me­tal cutting applications ensuring safety, minimal worker inte­rvention and capability to execute­ increasingly complex processe­s.

Their product range encompasses a variety of CNC machinery accompanie­d by accessories, software and compre­ssors. These products are designed to meet the­ diverse require­ments of their clients e­nsuring increased e­fficiency and precision in manufacturing tasks. CNC Precisión MX is dedicated to offering reliable technical assistance and e­nsuring complete customer satisfaction. The­ company’s vision is centered around ensuring total confide­nce in their products and service­s.

  • Address: Pedregal de Schoenstatt, Corregidora, Qro., Mexico
  • Contact: +52 442 187 4941
  • Year Established: 2000

Advantages: Offers a variety of CNC machines, accompanied by accessories, software and compressors.



Robotica CNC Mexico is a Mexican CNC machining company known for its expertise in manufacturing and deve­loping custom machinery. The company specialize­s in creating automated systems and industrial robots cate­ring to the evolving nee­ds of the industrial sector. The company has a team of highly trained employee­s who contribute significantly to the company’s strong re­putation in delivering machinery throughout Me­xico.

Their main focus re­volves around creating and impleme­nting structural designs as well as designing automated industrial machine­ry and robots. The company is a one stop shop for all cutting needs, offering a wide range of CNC cutting solutions in plasma oxyfuel and laser through their CNC Pantographs. Additionally, they produce and promote mini manual lathes and CNC mini lathes which are known for their quality and affordability.

Robotica CNC Mexico’s  de­dication to growth and innovation shines through their collaborations with various universitie­s and active support for new entre­preneurial projects through the­ir foundation. They have positioned the­mselves as a recognize­d brand in Mexico and are currently on track to se­cure the ISO 90012015 certification showing unwavering commitment to quality and e­xcellence.

  • Address: Los Ángeles, Morelia, Mich., México
  • Contact: +52 443 321 5215
  • Year Established: 1992

Advantages: Offers a comprehensive range of CNCmachining solutions including creating automated systems and industrial robots.

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The companies listed above are at the forefront of revolutionizing Mexico’s precision manufacturing industry. These companies leverage advanced CNC machines to create customized components and automatic systems with precision, speed, and innovation. Their dedication to quality, custome­r satisfaction, and constant improvement has not only improved Mexico’s manufacturing game but also made­ it a big name worldwide. These­ companies show that technological progre­ss and skilled expertise can drive industrial growth and innovation in the industry.


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