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Is it time to Update the Technology in your Restaurant?

Is it time to Update the Technology in your Restaurant

As consumer expectations soar and operational staffing costs account for nearly 30% of turnover, one might wonder how a hospitality business is expected to thrive in such challenging conditions. Though seemingly straightforward, the solution is critical: it’s time to modernize your technology stack and elevate self-service to a core priority within your establishment.

The Demand for Speedy Service

Today’s world demands speedy service and instantaneous satisfaction, with meals delivered faster than ever. Adopting omnichannel ordering software that supports face-to-face service via epos systems whilst enabling self-service through kiosks, QR codes, or online ordering to satisfy consumer needs is imperative. The essence here is clear: time is money for customers, and the luxury of waiting has become increasingly intolerable.

Challenges of Implementing New Technology

Implementing new technology, however, presents its own set of challenges. The transition involves significant upheaval, extensive training, and, perhaps

most dauntingly, a substantial financial investment. Yet, the advent of new technology providers offering comprehensive, all-in-one solutions for hospitality businesses has brought a silver lining. These providers not only streamline the process of adopting new technology but also provide an exceptional level of support to facilitate this pivotal change. Whilst financial assistance is available through various grants and loans, the value of partnering with these technology providers lies in their ability to provide a seamless transition and deliver long-term benefits.

Increased Efficiency Through Technology

One of the main advantages of utilizing new technology is the potential for increased efficiency. With streamlined processes and automated systems, tasks requiring significant time and manpower can now be completed with a few clicks or taps. This frees staff to focus on other essential aspects of running a hospitality business, such as improving customer service or developing innovative marketing strategies.

Increased Efficiency Through Technology
Increased Efficiency Through Technology

Enhanced Tracking and Analytics

Moreover, new technology offers enhanced tracking and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into their operations. These data-driven insights can help identify areas for improvement, boost productivity, and drive profitability. By harnessing this information, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance their overall performance.

The Challenges of Change

As we know, change is always challenging. Whether switching phones, changing bank accounts, or adopting new technology, the process is fraught with hurdles. The initial phase of transitioning technology stacks can be particularly tumultuous, requiring teams to undergo training and adapt to new systems. This often leads to frustration when familiar processes are replaced. Yet, despite these initial challenges, the rewards of embracing omnichannel ordering systems are manifold.

Long-Term Benefits of Technology Integration

In the long run, integrating such systems transforms the service model, reducing the burden on staff and allowing them to focus more on enhancing the customer experience. This shift not only improves operational efficiency but also has the potential to increase tips and overall satisfaction. As businesses navigate these changes, the initial weeks of adjustment pave the way to a future where serving becomes more streamlined, leaving more room to elevate the customer experience to new heights.


In conclusion, while the journey to update your restaurant’s technology may be fraught with challenges, the benefits—from improved efficiency to enhanced customer satisfaction—are too significant to ignore. Embracing change, supported by the right technology partners, can set your hospitality business on a path to survive and thrive in the competitive landscape.



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