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Are Sour Skittles Discontinued? Their Origin & Popularity

Are Sour Skittles Discontinued

Sour Skittles have been a popular candy treat for decades, known for their bright colors and puckering sour taste. However, some concerning rumors have emerged recently about the potential discontinuation of this classic candy.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Sour Skittles, look at the evidence for and against their discontinuation, discuss the possible reasons, and consider the potential impacts if one of America’s favorite sour candies were to go away.

Sour Skittles Origins

Sour Skittles were introduced in the early 1990s as a tangy twist on the original Skittles recipe. The fruity flavors now had an extra sour bite, appealing to those who liked extreme tastes. The brightly colored candy with a sour coating quickly became popular.

While regular Skittles featured fruit flavors like strawberry and orange, Sour Skittles had more exotic flavors like Paradise Punch and Riddle Me This. The sour coating provided a jolt of flavor that fans loved.

Sour Skittles Popularity

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Sour Skittles gained devoted fans across America. The candy became a classic choice at movie theaters, with the small boxes fitting perfectly into cup holders. The sour taste was bold and addictive, daring candy lovers to keep eating.

Sour Skittles developed a reputation as an edgy, intense candy – a bolder choice than run-of-the-mill sweets. Fans would recognize the bright green packaging anywhere. For many Millennials today, Sour Skittles taste like nostalgic childhood memories.

Are Sour Skittles Discontinued?

Rumors have been circulating that Sour Skittles may be discontinued soon. However, the evidence is split on whether this is true.

Evidence Pointing to Discontinuation

Some concerning signs indicate that Sour Skittles could potentially go away for good. Over the past year, fans have reported trouble finding Sour Skittles in stores, suggesting shortages in stock. Online sellers charge inflated prices for remaining candy packs, with prices spiking over $10 a box when a single pack once costs under $1. Right now, the pack of 24 is costing around $24 on Amazon.

There are also reports of Mars Wrigley, the manufacturer of Skittles, discreetly removing mention of Sour Skittles from their websites and product listings. Previous press releases and ads featuring Sour Skittles are nowhere to be found lately. It seems the company is distancing itself from the once-popular product.

Here is how Skittles are made
Here is how Skittles are made

Evidence Pointing Against Discontinuation

However, there are reasons to believe Sour Skittles are not discontinued yet. While stocks seem limited lately, it is still possible to find packs of Sour Skittles at some retailers. Online candy sellers also still have supplies available to purchase.

Though Mars Wrigley does not actively advertise Sour Skittles anymore, the product is still quietly included on their website product list. Sour Skittles also has active social media fan pages, interacting with followers about the candy. These factors suggest the company has not entirely abandoned the brand.

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Why Would Sour Skittles Be Discontinued?

There are a few possible explanations if Mars Wrigley did discontinue Sour Skittles.

Business Reasons

Like any product, Sour Skittles needs strong sales to stay in production. As new treat options emerged, demand for the candy may have dropped over the years. With the priority on keeping top sellers like original Skittles produced, the company may have deemed Sour Skittles not profitable enough anymore. Discontinuing it would free up resources for more popular current products.

Manufacturing Issues

Producing the sour candy coating on Sour Skittles requires perfecting the right recipe and technique. There could have been difficulties scaling up manufacturing as the product line expanded.

Or Maybe health concerns emerged around ingredients in the sour coating. Rather than invest in changing factories to address these issues, Mars Wrigley may have decided discontinuation made the most business sense.

Impact of Potential Discontinuation

If Sour Skittles are truly gone for good, there would likely be some significant impacts.

Consumer Reactions

Devoted Sour Skittles fans would undoubtedly be outraged if their beloved candy were taken off shelves. Petitions and protests could emerge demanding the company bring the product back. Consumers might boycott other Mars Wrigley products in protest. There would likely be an uproar across social media platforms over the discontinued candy.

Skittles Packaging Boxes
Skittles Packaging Boxes

Effect on the Candy Industry

The discontinuation would also impact the broader sour candy market. Competitors may develop copycat sour gummy products to appeal to disappointed Skittles fans. With one major sour candy option gone, it could spur innovations in the market. However, the Skittles brand would also lose its unique position as the top sour candy in many consumers’ minds.


At this time, it seems unlikely that Sour Skittles are truly gone for good. Though availability is currently limited, it appears Mars Wrigley is keeping the brand alive but on the down low. They may be assessing demand to decide whether to ramp up production again.

Fans should still be able to find Sour Skittles for the foreseeable future – but may have to hunt harder for their beloved treat. As long as devotees keep purchasing, Mars Wrigley will likely keep Sour Skittles candies coming.


When did Sour Skittles first launch?

Sour Skittles were first released in early 2001 in Europe and internationally, debuting the now-iconic sour candy coating on the classic Skittles.

What flavors are in Sour Skittles?

Sour Skittles come in fruit flavors like Lemon, Raspberry, Paradise Punch, and Berry. The candies are known for tropical-inspired flavors not found in original Skittles.

Are other Sour candy brands being discontinued too?

There are no major reports of other popular sour candies being discontinued. Brands like Sour Patch Kids and Warheads remain easy to find for sour candy fans.

Where can I still find Sour Skittles?

Limited stocks of Sour Skittles can still be found at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and convenience stores. Online candy retailers also have supplies for candy lovers hunting down the tangy treat.

Will there be a replacement candy if Sour Skittles are discontinued?

Mars Wrigley has not announced plans for a replacement sour candy product. However, competitors would likely rush to develop options to appeal to disappointed Sour Skittles fans.

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