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Top 5 Best Cricket Games For PC

Best Cricket games

Cricket is among the most popular sports globally, with billions of fans. For cricket enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of the sport on their PCs, several excellent cricket games are available for download.

This article will review the top 5 best of these you can get for the PC in 2023. We will provide an overview of the gameplay for each title and information on how to download them. Whether you want to lead your national team to victory or experience club-level cricket, these games provide an authentic and engaging cricket experience.

1. EA Sports Cricket

EA Sports Cricket is one of the most realistic and enjoyable cricket games you can get for PC. Developed by HB Studios and published by EA Sports, it provides an authentic cricket experience packed with detail and great gameplay.

EA Sports Cricket


EA Sports Cricket has extensive career modes, allowing you to lead domestic and international teams. You can select from several game types like tests, ODIs, T20s, tournaments, and challenges. The game utilizes the Frostbite engine to render lifelike player models and animations.

The gameplay is smooth and responsive, with smart AI for the opposition. There are also community creation and sharing options available. Overall, EA Sports Cricket offers the most comprehensive cricket experience on PC with its breadth of content and game modes. Download EA Sports Cricket free for PC.

2. Cricket 19

Cricket 19, developed by Big Ant Studios, is a top choice for those seeking a challenging and realistic cricket simulator. With official licensing and in-depth career modes, it captures the essence of the sport authentically.

Cricket 19 gameplay


Cricket 19 has all the international teams and fully licensed players. You can create your players and take them through a 15-year career. The career mode sees you progress from club cricket to national teams.

The graphics and animations are smooth and realistic, with excellent likenesses to real cricketers. There are also community creations available to expand your experience. With its challenging and nuanced gameplay, Cricket 19 provides a rigorous cricket simulation. Download Cricket 19 free for PC.

3. Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 14 offers one of the most realistic and in-depth cricket experiences on PC. It brings advanced features and great gameplay.

Don Bradman Cricket 14


Don Bradman Cricket 14 has a comprehensive career mode, allowing you to start from scratch and represent your national team. The batting and bowling mechanics are challenging, requiring mastery. You move your bat and position the bowler precisely when bowling.

The game has a challenging AI providing a rigorous experience. There is also a cricket academy to hone your skills, and online multiplayer is available. With great realism and details, Don Bradman Cricket 14 is hugely engaging. Download Don Bradman Cricket 14 free for PC.

4. Cricket Coach 2014

If you are looking for pure cricket management experience, Cricket Coach 2014 is an excellent choice. You take on the role of coach and manage all aspects.

Cricket Coach 2014


In Cricket Coach 2014, you take control of a club or national team as head coach. You then manage all aspects, such as selecting your squad, schedules, training, and tactics. The match experience allows you to make decisions like field placements while simulating the live action.

There are extensive tournaments and challenges to take your team through. Cricket Coach 2014 provides an engrossing experience with its focus on strategic management. Download Cricket Coach 2014 free for PC.

5. Big Ant Cricket 22

Big Ant Cricket is a top choice for over-the-top cricket action and enjoyable gameplay. With an arcade-style experience and great animations, it provides engaging cricket.

Big Ant Cricket 22


Big Ant Cricket has fast-paced gameplay with an arcade-style cricket experience. You can smash sixes out of the stadium and take spectacular catches with dynamic moves. Big Ant is going to launch Cricket 24 very soon. They have already released the trailer. This is the best cricket game I have found in terms of graphics and gameplay.

There are various game modes to enjoy, like matches, tournaments, and challenges. With its addictive gameplay and great animations, Big Ant Cricket offers a fun cricket experience. Download Big Ant Cricket free for PC.


This covers our pick of the top 5 best cricket games you can enjoy on PC in 2023. Whether you want a realistic simulation or an enjoyable arcade-style cricket experience, these games deliver engaging and detailed cricket action. From fully licensed titles to in-depth management, they cater to all cricket gaming fans. Be sure to get these cricket games for your PC today and experience the thrill of cricket!

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Q1: Which is the most realistic cricket game for PC?

EA Sports Cricket and Don Bradman Cricket 14 provide the most realistic and authentic cricket experiences on PC with their graphics, animations, and physics-based gameplay.

Q2: What are the best cricket games for low-end PCs?

Cricket Coach 2014 and Big Ant Cricket have lower system requirements and are optimized for most PCs.

Q3: Is online multiplayer available in PC cricket games?

Yes, many titles like EA Sports Cricket, Cricket 19, and Don Bradman Cricket 14 offer online multiplayer features allowing you to compete with others.

Q4: Do these games have women’s cricket options?

Some titles like EA Sports Cricket and Cricket 19 include women’s international teams and allow you to play as them.

Q5: Can I play these games with a controller?

Most games have PC support controllers and gaming pads for an enhanced playing experience.

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