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Best Spy Apps for iPhone (Top 7 Picks)

Spy Apps for iPhone

Are you curious about what your loved ones do when they’re far from you? An iPhone monitoring app like Spynger is your golden ticket to their digital activities. With such a tool, you can see who texts them, where they go, what they’re watching, and even who calls them. Best of all, they won’t know it is installed on their device (wink, wink!).

We’ve tested the best iPhone spy apps to understand their full potential. Keep reading to discover why tools like Spynger and Phonsee stay ahead of the competition.

NameSupported DevicesJailbreakRefund Policy
SpyngerCompatible with all iOS versionsNo14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
PhonseeCompatible with all iOS versionsNo14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
mSpyCompatible with all iOS versionsNo14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
EyezyCompatible with all iOS versionsOptional14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
MobiPastCompatible with all iOS versionsYes14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
PumpiciOS 6.0 and upYes10-Days Money-Back Guarantee
SpyMonsteriOS 7.0 and upNo60-Days Money-Back Guarantee

1. Spynger

The Best Phone Spy App for iPhone in 2023

Spynger is an advanced iOS monitoring app with everything you need: a rich feature set, intuitive UI, and 24/7 customer support. One of the app’s main benefits is simple installation. You can start monitoring a device just by entering the target iCloud credentials.

Key Features

●  It runs invisibly in the background of the target device.

●  Allows you to read messages, emails, and social media chats.

●  Tracks real-time GPS location with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.

●  Records keystrokes typed on the target device.

Starting Price: €9.21/month.

2. Phonsee

Best iPhone Spy Software for Remote Monitoring

Phonsee, as its name suggests, lets you see what your loves are up to on their iPhones or iPads at any time. If their devices are linked to the same Apple ID, Phonsee can record data on both devices and send it to a secure online dashboard.

Key Features

●  Lets you access photos, videos, and files.

●  Tracks messages and call logs.

●  Records browsing history, including visited sites, search queries, and links.

●  Supports location tracking.

Starting Price: €8.85/month.

3. mSpy

Reliable and Powerful iOS Monitoring App

mSpy often makes it to the list of best phone spy apps for iPhone. Launched in 2011, the app has evolved from a parental tool to a comprehensive monitoring application for iOS devices. You can start using it instantly without jailbreaking the target device.

Key Features

● Let you see who called them and when,

●  Gives you access to messages, emails, and notes.

●  Tracks 14+ social media platforms and messaging apps.

●  Offers GPS tracking and geofencing.

Starting Price: $11.66/month.

4. Eyezy

AI-Powered Best App to Spy on iPhone

With Eyezy, you won’t be just an observer — you’ll be part of the action. It lets you take full control of the target device.

Key Features

●  Block websites, Wi-Fi access, and apps.

●  Receive notifications on location changes.

●  Capture screenshots and download them for offline access.

●  Get real-time reports on the device’s activities.

Starting Price: €7.99/month.

5. MobiPast

Ideal Solutions for Parents

One of the top spy apps for iPhone, MobiPast keeps your children safe in both the virtual and physical worlds. The app works smoothly on all Apple devices, whatever the OS version is.

Key Features

●  Monitor what your kids are doing on social media.

●  Check their most frequently contacted contacts.

●  View photos and videos in their gallery.

●  Access browsing history.

Starting Price: €12.49/month.

6. Pumpic

One of the Top iPhone Spy Apps With Advanced Features

Why settle for less if you can have it all? Pumpic takes iPhone monitoring to the next level by offering some unique features. Some require jailbreaking, but it’s worth knowing what is happening with your loved ones.

Key Features

●  Track location with notifications.

●  Record voice calls and listen to them.

●  Keep tabs on 13+ social media apps.

●  Use the surround recording tool.

Starting Price: $7.49/month.

7. SpyMonster

Best App to Spy on iPhone No Jailbreak

SpyMonster is a perfect solution for you if you need to track more than one device simultaneously. Its subscription packages include a family package. You can add up to five devices!

Key Features

●  View call logs and contact book.

●  Read sent and received messages.

●  Access location history.

●  View all installed apps.

Starting Price:  $10.83/month.

Conclusion | What’s the Best App to Spy on iPhone in 2023?

Our review covers the best iPhone spy apps you can use in 2023.

Whether you’re looking for a basic monitoring tool or want to test advanced solutions, there’s something for every Apple user to try.

Spynger is our top pick due to its rich feature set, intuitive Control Panel, and affordable pricing plans. Try it risk-free for up to 14 days.

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