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7 Reasons To Play Destiny 2 If You Haven’t Already

Destiny 2 Game

Destiny 2 is one of the brightest and most unusual projects in the MMO RPG genre and is practically the only shooter presented in this format.

It was developed by Bungie, who has already given the world the first part of the HALO series, significantly impacting space networking and the gaming industry.

You will be engaged in Destiny 2 boosting until the new update, fighting monsters and other players, studying the game plot, and choosing any activities you like.

Let’s look at the 7 main reasons why you should try Destiny 2 on your own or with friends

Destiny 2 Graphic

D2 uses advanced graphics and a beautiful space setting. Since, as part of the plot, you will travel around your home planet and explore other outer spaces, many unique moments can be seen from any location if you stop for a while and look around.

Players will find special effects, bright attacks, and skills that will differ for each class.

Each stage of D2 boosting will be accompanied by a beautiful picture, animation, and storyline, appealing to fans of aesthetics and modern graphics.

The most important thing for a shooter is the bright firefights, filled with various animations, and the use of grenades.

Destiny 2 Boosting
Destiny 2 Boosting

Combat system and PVP modes

Destiny 2 features a vibrant gunplay system where players can use weapons to progress and simply enjoy the gameplay.

You can complete quests that will tell you the main story and begin to repel the advance of alien invaders, exterminate monsters, and earn glimmers as the main resource for strengthening your character.

For assignments, you will need to destroy monsters and deliver orders to NPCs, and for this, you will be able to receive stable leveling in D2.

Shooting is closely tied to PVE, or hunting monsters as part of story and side quests to level up and obtain resources.

You will be able to go on raids and strikes – these are the mechanics of clearing dungeons in which the boss and his retinue are located, and you need to enter the territory and destroy all the enemies in order to receive a rare and unique reward and complete a difficult task and gain experience.

Strikes are a simplified and preparatory raid designed for small groups of individuals, up to three gamers. Raids require much effort and are divided into normal, heroic, and mythical. To gain access to a raid of increased difficulty, you need to complete the previous one and create a character so that it meets all the requirements.

This is where you get the most valuable examples of weapons and armor from standard to legendary levels.

For players who have mastered all PVE content and want to try something new, it’s worth paying attention to the mechanics of battles between players in arenas and other events.

One of the most striking formats is Trial of Osiris – a battle between players in arenas in short matches of one and a half minutes.

You’ll play in a group of three players against randomly selected opponents and must win and do so several times in a row to qualify for good rewards during the season. If you lose even in one match, the statistics will be reset, but don’t worry – the rounds go by very quickly, and with due effort, you can easily return a stable result and finish the season with the best reward.

Combine units as you see fit – these do not have to be representatives of each class – you can choose two tanks and a hunter, and so on.

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Full-fledged co-op

D2 involves cooperative boosting in Destiny 2, and all content is available for completion alone and in group leveling and gameplay.

You can complete different quests and grind together. It will be even easier for you to hunt, despite the fact that you will share all the experience and glimmers between two, but at the same time you will be able to destroy more monsters in one hour of playing time, which will compensate for all financial shortcomings and at the same time give you the opportunity to play together and talk over voice communication.

You can go on strikes and clear them without any problems. The same applies to raids, but you need to prepare for extra effort on your part.

For PVP mode, you will need a third player.

Destiny 2 main character
Destiny 2 cover photo


Despite the concept of an MMO RPG, Destiny 2 demonstrates a good story and interesting gameplay.

Humanity has been hit by an invasion of aliens who want to destroy all life, and representatives of three game classes have come to defend the planet and destroy the invaders.

  • These are the titans – knights and founders of the capital.
  • Warlocks are fighters against darkness and marksmen.
  • Hunters are mercenaries and masters of survival, first-class marksmen.

You will clear territories and gradually begin to explore space, including visiting Neptune, a new planet in the D2 universe.

Constant updates

D2 constantly receives new updates and additions, so you can always receive Destiny 2 leveling. New content often means new lands and mechanics, planets and skills, and increasing the limit of the best equipment and weapons.

Arena and league system

All PVP fans will receive lucrative rewards and an update of their rating, which will rise and fall depending on your gaming merits and make you stand out from other players.

The character is always growing

A player who has chosen his character will quickly make sure that boosting in D2 never stops, and even if you get the maximum level, you will still have equipment, special ammunition, weapons, and so on.

The release of a new update usually opens up new opportunities for strengthening the hero. Still, many players have not yet had time to fully equip themselves with the old elements of weapons and equipment, so strengthening in Destiny 2 is always a race with the best, where speed and luck decide everything.

Some people are lucky enough to get a new legendary item right away, while others get it from new raids throughout the season.

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