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Top 3 Best VR Tank Games

Best VR Tank Games

Virtual reality (VR) tank games provide an immersive experience, allowing players to operate armored fighting vehicles from a first-person perspective. The combination of realistic controls, detailed graphics, and explosive tank battles makes VR an excellent match for tank warfare.

This article will cover some of the best VR titles that let players take command of a tank.

Best VR Tank Games

  1. Steel Crew VR
  2. War Thunder
  3. Voxel Tanks

Here are some of the best VR games that let players experience tank combat.

1. Steel Crew VR

Realistic tank simulation

Steel Crew aims to provide the most authentic tank simulation in VR. Players can operate a fully interactive Tiger I or T-34 tank. Complex controls and realistic physics provide great immersion.

Detailed environments

The game features large open environments based on real-world locales like the Eastern Front. Detailed cities, forests, and fields provide exciting backdrops for battles.

Multiplayer co-op battles

With multiplayer, tanks can have commanders, drivers, gunners, and more for cooperative tank teams. Communication is key to dominating the battlefield.

Steel Crew VR
Steel Crew VR

2. War Thunder

Huge selection of playable tanks

War Thunder has an enormous roster of tanks from World War II and beyond. Over 500 tanks from major countries, including light, medium, and heavy varieties, are modeled.

Realistic damage modeling

Tanks in War Thunder are fully modeled, with detailed armor profiles and component damage—target weak spots to immobilize the enemy.

Massive online battles

Take to the fields of battle with dozens of players. Coordinate with teammates, flank the enemy, and use tactics to prevail.

War Thunder
War Thunder

3. Voxel Tanks

Cartoony voxel graphics

The voxel-based graphics of Voxel Tanks give it a colorful, retro aesthetic. The blocky tanks are simple but have a certain charm.

Customizable tanks

Players can customize their unique tank with different blocks, colors, accessories, and possibilities. Experiment to make the best tank.

Online PvP matches

Voxel Tanks focuses on online multiplayer battles. Up to 10 players can compete in a match with various tank-friendly game modes.

Voxel Tanks
Voxel Tanks

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What Makes a Great VR Tank Game?

There are a few key elements that set apart a great VR tank game from an average one:

Realistic Controls and Physics

The controls and physics should make players feel like they are driving a tank. Controls like levers for steering brakes help sell the simulation. Proper weight and movement physics also add realism.

Immersive Graphics and Sound

With VR’s ability to fill a player’s vision, high-quality graphics and spatial audio go a long way. Detailed tank models, fully realized environments, and authentic sounds help transport players into the commander’s hatch.

Multiplayer Capabilities

While solo play has merits, tank warfare comes alive when playing against others. Multiplayer battles with fully crewed tanks working together provide amazing cooperative and competitive experiences.

Tips for Getting Started with VR Tank Games

Here are some tips for those new to the world of VR tank games:

Choose the right VR headset

Make sure your VR headset can have room-scale tracking for the best experience. The extra immersion of moving around your tank is worth it.

Optimize your play area

Clear a space so you can stand or spin around without hitting anything. This helps sell the illusion of commanding a tank.

Start slow and work your way up

If you are new to VR, start with simpler tank games and short sessions to get your VR legs. Then, work your way up to realistic simulators with complex controls.

The Future of VR Tank Games

As VR tech continues improving, here are some exciting developments in store for VR tank games:

More advanced locomotion

Treadmills or other locomotion solutions could allow tank movement tied to natural player movement. This could enhance the commander experience.

Larger multiplayer battles 

Improved networking and server capabilities will help connect dozens or hundreds of players for epic tank battles.

Enhanced realism through physics

Ray tracing, advanced physics modeling, and other improvements will make tanks behave even more like their real-world counterparts.


VR and tanks are a match made in heaven, with virtual reality headsets allowing for incredibly immersive tank simulations and battles. For tank enthusiasts, there are several great VR titles to fulfill your fantasies of commanding an armored behemoth.

As VR technology improves with solutions like wider fields of view and better locomotion, the realism and scope of these tank games will only improve whether you want a hardcore simulation or accessible online multiplayer, strap into a virtual tank, and prepare for explosive VR action.

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What are the best VR headsets for tank games?

The Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift S are excellent choices, thanks to their room-scale tracking and motion controllers. The upcoming Pimax 8K X is also one to watch.

Do you need a powerful PC for VR tank games?

Yes, VR tank games require at least a PC with a powerful GPU like an RTX 2070 or Radeon RX 5700 to run smoothly. A gaming PC is a must for high-fidelity VR.

Are VR tank games playable seated?

While possible, seated VR limits the experience. The ability to physically stand and look around greatly enhances the realism. But cockpit view modes can work seated.

Which VR tank game has the most realistic physics?

Steel Crew VR likely has the most realistic tank physics and damage modeling. But new titles are continuing to push VR tank realism forward.

What’s the best tank game for VR multiplayer?

War Thunder is the current king for tank battles with huge online multiplayer. But keep an eye on upcoming titles, too, that will expand the scope of multiplayer conflicts.

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