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Hot Funyuns Discontinued? Reasons For Its Discontinuation

Hot Funyuns Discontinued

Hot Funyuns were a beloved spicy variety of Frito-Lay’s popular Funyuns onion-flavored corn snack. In the 1970s, Hot Funyuns offered the same crispy, ring-shaped snack with a kick of heat from spices like cayenne and chili peppers. The snacks quickly gained a devoted following among spicy food fans.

Hot Funyuns have been found in convenience stores, vending machines, and snack aisles nationwide for years.

Announcement of Discontinuation

In September 2022, Frito-Lay announced that it was discontinuing Hot Funyuns. The company had quietly stopped producing the snacks a few months earlier.

Frito-Lay released a statement citing declining consumer demand and a desire to simplify its product lineup as reasons for the discontinuation. The announcement shocked Hot Funyuns fans, who had been enjoying the spicy snacks for decades.

Reasons for Discontinuation

Declining Sales

According to Frito-Lay, sales of Hot Funyuns had been on the decline for several years. As consumer tastes changed, the popularity of the spicy corn snacks waned.

Frito-Lay reported that other chip flavors like Flamin’ Hot and Chili Cheese were overtaking Hot Funyuns in sales. Rather than devoting resources to reviving the brand, Frito-Lay discontinued production.

Manufacturing Costs

Industry experts speculate that growing manufacturing costs also played a role in Hot Funyuns’ discontinuation. The spices and flavorings used to produce Hot Funyuns have become more expensive in recent years. Producing the niche product at a price attractive to consumers had become challenging. Discontinuing the snacks likely provided cost savings for Frito-Lay.

Hot Funyuns manufacturing
Hot Funyuns manufacturing

Competition from Other Snacks

The spicy snack market grew increasingly crowded over the years. Many competitors began releasing spicy chips and snacks to capitalize on consumer demand for heat and flavor.

These new products provided stiff competition for established brands like Hot Funyuns. Rather than spend money on marketing and product innovation to maintain relevancy, Frito-Lay axed the declining brand.

Response to the Discontinuation

Shock and Disappointment from Fans

Diehard Hot Funyuns fans were vocal about their disappointment over the discontinuation news. Many consumers use social media to express their frustrations and love for the snacks.

The loss of the nostalgic product prompted strong reactions from those who grew up enjoying Hot Funyuns for decades. Frito-Lay’s social channels were flooded with negative comments.

 Petitions and Social Media Outcry

Some devoted fans launched online petitions pleading for Frito-Lay to bring back Hot Funyuns—one popular Change.org petition accumulated over 15,000 signatures. There were also calls to boycott Frito-Lay products. Fans posted old commercials and photos reminiscing about the discontinued snack. However, the outcry did not sway Frito-Lay to reverse its decision.

Efforts to Bring Them Back

A few retailers attempted to bring Hot Funyuns back after stock ran out. Specialty food stores placed bulk orders of remaining inventory and sold the snacks to fans at inflated prices.

Some sellers even tried replicating the seasoning and taste profile of Hot Funyuns to produce bootleg versions. Ultimately, these niche efforts could not replace the national distribution of the beloved Frito-Lay product.

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Are Hot Funyuns Gone for Good?

Potential for Relaunch

Some analysts speculate Frito-Lay has the potential to relaunch Hot Funyuns down the road based on consumer demand and food trends. Brands often leverage nostalgia by bringing back discontinued “retro” products.

If spicy snacks rise in popularity again, returning Hot Funyuns to store shelves could be a savvy business move. However, Frito-Lay has not indicated any plans to bring Hot Funyuns back.

Alternative Spicy Chips

Fans of Hot Funyuns have turned to other spicy chips and snacks to get their fix. Brands like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Hot and Spicy Funyuns have benefited, seeing sales bumps from former Hot Funyun lovers. Smaller spicy chip brands are also gaining attention and market share. For many consumers, these products fill the void left by Hot Funyuns.

Will the Brand Survive?

Discontinuing Hot Funyuns may impact Frito-Lay’s branding in the long term. The company risks losing relevance with spicy snack enthusiasts. Frito-Lay must carefully manage its portfolio of spicy products and flavors going forward. However, the Funyun name remains strong, so losing one variety is unlikely to severely damage Frito-Lay’s snack market dominance.

The Future of Frito-Lay’s Spicy Snacks

New Spicy Flavors

Frito-Lay has introduced new spicy flavors across its brands in recent years. Flamin’ Hot Doritos, Cheetos, and Ruffles now offer extreme heat. Frito-Lay is also experimenting with flavors like Chili Cheese Frycorn. These new products aim to fill the void left by Hot Funyuns’ discontinuation. The company hopes constant innovation will appeal to spicy snackers.

Focus on Healthier Options

Frito-Lay is also expanding healthier spicy snacks to align with consumer demand. Lines like Simply Tostitos Hint of Lime and Chili provide spicy flavor with reduced fat and more natural ingredients. Frito-Lay is tweaking recipes as tastes evolve to offer bolder spice and better nutrition.

Nostalgia and Retro Brands

Another strategy Frito-Lay utilizes is capitalizing on nostalgia by bringing back beloved discontinued products. Brands like Cheetos Paws and Doritos 3Ds that were axed years ago have had limited-time revivals. While Hot Funyuns remain off shelves, temporary retro releases could occur. Nostalgia marketing taps into fond memories linked to snacks.

Doritos 3D
Doritos 3Ds


The discontinuation of Hot Funyuns came as a shock to those who knew and loved the spicy snack. Despite online petitions and outcry from fans, Frito-Lay has not indicated that the product will return shortly. However, nostalgia marketing trends and demand for spicy flavors could revive Hot Funyuns someday.

In the meantime, former fans will need to seek out alternative spicy chips to satisfy their cravings. With the over-saturation of the spicy snack market and pressure to innovate products, discontinuing Hot Funyuns was a strategic, if unpopular, decision for Frito-Lay. The company is focused on the future, even as consumers long for the spicy snack’s past heyday.

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What year were Hot Funyuns discontinued?

Hot Funyuns were discontinued in 2022 when Frito-Lay announced it was stopping production of the snacks.

Where can I still buy Hot Funyuns?

The remaining inventory of Hot Funyuns sold out quickly after the discontinuation was announced. The product is no longer available from major retailers or Frito-Lay. Some specialty food stores may still have limited stock remaining.

Will Hot Funyuns ever come back?

Frito-Lay has not indicated any plans to bring back Hot Funyuns. However, it’s possible the product could return for a limited time based on consumer demand or as part of nostalgia marketing efforts.

What snacks are similar to Hot Funyuns?

Consumers looking for a similar spicy onion flavor have turned to alternatives like Flamin’ Hot Funyuns, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Chili Cheese Fritos to satisfy cravings formerly filled by Hot Funyuns.

What were people’s reactions to Hot Funyuns being discontinued?

Many Hot Funyun fans were shocked and upset that their beloved snack was axed. There was an outpouring of nostalgia and disappointment across social media as people petitioned for its return. However, Frito-Lay stood by its decision to discontinue the declining product.


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