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Kakegurui Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Kakegurui Season 3
Kakegurui Season 3

Kakegurui is a popular anime series based on a Japanese manga of the same name written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The anime adaptation premiered in 2017 and tells the story of Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student to a prestigious high school where student hierarchy is determined by skill in high-stakes gambling.

Summary of Seasons 1 and 2

The first season introduces viewers to Hyakkaou Private Academy and its unique gambling-based hierarchy. Yumeko Jabami joins the school and challenges her classmates to various gambling games, usually winning despite the odds. Her love of risk-taking disrupts the social order at the school.

The second season continues to follow Yumeko and her friend Ryota Suzui as they take on more members of the student council in gambling matches. The season builds up anticipation for a high-stakes match between Yumeko and the student council president Kirari Momobami. The season ends on a cliffhanger just as their match is about to start.

Main characters

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami is the main protagonist of the series. She is depicted as an attractive but eccentric newcomer to the academy with a love for high-stakes gambling for the thrill rather than monetary gain. Her unusual gambling techniques confuse her classmates. She forms a close bond with her friend Ryota Suzui throughout the first two seasons.

Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami

Ryota Suzui

Ryota Suzui is a timid student who often gets dragged into Yumeko’s gambling antics. While at first critical of her risky behavior, he begins to admire her carefree attitude. He provides emotional support to offset her detached personality. There are fan theories of potential romantic chemistry developing between the two characters.

Ryota Suzui

Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami is the president of the student council. She is depicted as highly cunning and ruthless in her leadership. She allows the school’s tradition of gambling autonomy but intervenes when she views rules being broken. She takes an interest in facing off against Yumeko herself to put the newcomer in her place. Their high-stakes match has been built up throughout two seasons.

Kirari Momobami
Kirari Momobami

What Fans Can Expect from Kakegurui Season 3

Continuation of season 2 cliffhanger

The second season concluded with Yumeko facing off against Kirari in a high-stakes gamble with the entire school’s social order at stake. Fans are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this standoff and how it might affect the dynamics at Hyakkaou Private Academy moving forward. Will Yumeko finally beat Kirari at her own game?

More high-stakes gambling

Each season introduced new and more daring gambling games. Fans can expect even riskier bets increasing the excitement. Potential games include Russian Roulette-style formats or integrating physical challenges alongside traditional card games with everything on the line. Viewers love to watch Yumeko cleverly turn the tables on opponents. More insight into her unusual yet strategic gambling psychology keeps viewers hooked.

New characters introduced

While Yumeko, Ryota, and Kirari are expected to remain central characters, new seasons often introduce additional side characters. Potential students that could emerge are relatives of Kirari or previous gambling opponents wanting revenge on Yumeko for past defeats. Supporting characters provide backstories that enrich the show’s interesting universe.

Potential romantic developments

A subplot over the first two seasons has centered around the relationship between Yumeko and Ryota. As mentioned before, fan theories speculate on romance blossoming between the two main characters as Ryota continues to show admiration for Yumeko’s carefree spirit in contrast to his cautiousness. This would mark a compelling shift from their season 1 and 2 dynamics.

jabami and manyuda
Jabami and Manyuda

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Production Details


The same production staff and studio behind the first two seasons are expected to remain in charge for season 3. Lead staff members director Yuichiro Hayashi and character designer Yasuko Kobayashi deliver the stylized look the show has become known for. Keeping the same creative team ensures continuity for new episodes.

Expected release date

No official announcements have been made yet on the release date. Given past schedules and allowing for pandemic-related delays, late early 2024 seems the most realistic timeframe. The show’s popularity makes a third season likely just a matter of time.

Impact and Legacy of Series

Popularity in Japan and overseas

Kakegurui stands out as one of the more popular anime to emerge in recent years, both in Japan and abroad. Netflix acquired international streaming rights exposing the show to new demographics. Its unique premise and art style resonate in today’s culture obsessed with high-risk/high-reward entertainment.

Influence on the gambling anime Genre

Stylized anime centered on gambling had existed for decades, but Kakegurui pushed boundaries on sexualizing gambling as an analogy for addiction. Leading a wave of similarly themed manga and anime to emerge afterward, it normalized these provocative analogies through well-written characters and storytelling invisible in B-movies or direct-to-video releases.

Cult following and cosplay

The show spawned a prolific cosplay community. Cosplayers recreate Yumeko’s mannerisms and eccentric uniforms along with those of other student council members. This level of grassroots fandom activity demonstrates how viewers strongly identify with characters in the series.


Kakegurui resonates at this particular cultural moment with its binge-worthy combination of gambling, eccentric aesthetics, plot twists, and well-developed characters. While a high-stakes anime centered on gambling has been done before, Kakegurui feels fresh and exciting heading into its third season. Early seasons lay the groundwork for expanded Universe potential assuming the main conflict between Yumeko and Kirari delivers a satisfying conclusion.

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What manga is Kakegurui based on?

Kakegurui is adapted from a manga series of the same name written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The manga launched in 2014.

How many seasons of the Kakegurui anime currently exist?

As of 2023, there have been two seasons of the anime series comprising a total of 24 episodes. A third season has been rumored but not yet confirmed.

What streaming services offer Kakegurui anime?

The Kakegurui anime is available internationally through Netflix. In Japan, it can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, along with several other streaming services that offer anime content.

Is Kakegurui appropriate for teenagers?

Kakegurui is rated TV-MA due to suggestive themes, sexuality, and violence centered on its gambling premises. While no outright nudity exists, provocative moments mean parental discretion is advised, particularly for early teenagers.

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