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Mega Man 12: Everything We Know So Far

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The Mega Man series is one of the most iconic and beloved video games in history. First launched in 1987, the classic run-and-gun platformer has seen over 50 games released across multiple spin-off series, cementing Mega Man as one of gaming’s most recognizable mascots.

The original Mega Man series consists of 10 mainline entries that were released between 1987 and 2010. These games followed the adventures of the robotic protagonist Mega Man as he fought against the evil Dr. Wily and his army of Robot Master bosses. Mega Man defeats these bosses to gain their weapons and abilities to help him progress.

The series has branched out into several spin-offs over the years:

  • Mega Man X launched in 1993, following a new protagonist named X in a futuristic setting. This series has 8 main entries.
  • Mega Man Legends kicked off in 1997 as the first 3D adventure game in the franchise, set far in the future. There are 2 Legends games.
  • The Mega Man Battle Network games debuted on Game Boy Advance in 2001 and spawned 6 titles. These were RPGs that revolved around networked computers and AI programs.
  • Mega Man Zero came to Game Boy Advance in 2002, focused on a new character named Zero in a dystopian future. 4 Zero games were released.
  • Mega Man ZX was a sequel series to Zero, featuring dual protagonists Vent and Aile. It had 2 games from 2006-2007.
  • Mega Man Star Force brought a new, colorful sci-fi world to life across 3 different DS games starting in 2006.

After over a decade without a new entry in the original series, Mega Man 11 finally arrived in 2018 for modern platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

mega man 12

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Mega Man 11 Release Date and Details

Mega Man 11 launched on October 2, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam. This was the first new mainline Mega Man game since Mega Man 10 back in 2010.

Mega Man 11 featured tight side-scrolling platformer gameplay and challenging boss battles, just like the beloved NES classics in the series. However, it sported modern 3D visuals and introduced some new mechanics.

The major addition in Mega Man 11 was the Double Gear system, which let players boost Mega Man’s abilities for a limited time. The Speed Gear slows down time, while the Power Gear boosts Mega Man’s power. This added a fun risk-reward element to the gameplay.

Reviews for Mega Man 11 were positive, with critics praising the blend of classic and modern elements. Fans were thrilled to have a new entry in the iconic series after such a long wait.

Mega Man 12 Announcement

In November 2021, Capcom officially announced that Mega Man 12 is being developed! Very few details were provided beyond the fact that the next mainline sequel is coming.

Understandably, this announcement generated much excitement and speculation within the Mega Man community. Fans are eagerly theorizing about what we can expect from Mega Man 12 based on previous games, and the hype is steadily building for the Blue Bomber’s return.

Mega Man 12 Release Date

Capcom has not officially announced a release date or even a release window yet for Mega Man 12.

Based on the development timelines for previous games, fans expect Mega Man 12 will launch sometime in late 2023 or 2024.

Likely, the game will again come to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC like Mega Man 11 did. But the platforms have not been confirmed yet.

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Mega Man 12 Trailer

Capcom has not released a trailer or any gameplay footage yet for Mega Man 12.

Fans may get a brief teaser trailer for 2023 announcing the release window, giving a quick glimpse at the visuals and tone.

As we get closer to launch, Capcom will surely unveil a full-length Mega Man 12 trailer showing off actual gameplay, bosses, weapons, and story elements without spoiling too much. This could arrive 6-12 months before release.

Mega Man 12 Gameplay and Features

Although details are scant so far, there are educated guesses we can make about the potential gameplay and features coming to Mega Man 12 based on previous titles:

  • The core run-and-gun platformer gameplay will likely feel very familiar to fans of the 8-bit games, with tight controls and challenging enemy patterns.
  • However, expect modern touches like full 3D graphics, varied-level themes, and cinematic set pieces.
  • The Double Gear system could return from Mega Man 11 to further enhance the gameplay, or they may add some new twists to the formula.
  • We’ll almost certainly see a lineup of unique new Robot Master bosses with special weapon abilities for Mega Man to steal after defeating them.
  • Given the series’ history, Dr. Wily will likely be the main antagonist again, trying to take over the world. But they may introduce additional villains, too.
  • Expect plenty of clever platforming segments, traps, mini-bosses, and stage elements to test players’ skills along the way.
Mega Man 12 Release Date

Mega Man 12 Trailer Video

Here is the Mega Man trailer we found on YouTube.

Mega Man 12 Story and Setting

Story details are essentially non-existent so far for Mega Man 12. But looking at past games provides some clues:

  • The story will likely feature the classic formula of Mega Man needing to stop Dr. Wily and his plans for world domination with the help of new Robot Master abilities.
  • However, the tone and setting could go in new directions compared to previous entries. Given how long it’s been, they may opt for bold new story elements to surprise fans.
  • We may be introduced to exciting new characters and see surprising character arcs for existing heroes and villains.
  • The setting could also shift in time or explore entirely different worlds than we’ve seen before. The possibilities are wide open.

No matter what direction the story goes, the team is sure to craft a compelling new adventure for our lovable Blue Bomber that gives the gameplay even more purpose.

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Mega Man 12 Sales Potential

Capcom likely has high hopes that Mega Man 12 will be a strong seller, especially after the positive reception to Mega Man 11. Early buzz and hype for MM12 are very promising.

However, the Mega Man franchise has struggled at times commercially in the past decade relative to Capcom’s mega-hit series like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter. Mega Man 11 performed decently but wasn’t a huge blockbuster.

If MM12 reviews well and Capcom nails marketing and timing the release, the game could drive excitement and sales among old and new fans. But it faces challenges standing out in a crowded genre.

The Future of Mega Man

The sales performance of Mega Man 12 will clearly be very influential in determining the future direction of the franchise.

If MM12 sells especially well, it could spur Capcom to invest more in the classic series with regular sequels, remakes, and spinoffs for current and next-gen consoles.

However, more mediocre sales could see the series going dormant again until nostalgia builds back up years later.

Regardless, the passion for Mega Man among gamers hasn’t dwindled even after all these years. So the Blue Bomber will almost certainly blast his way onto our screens again somehow, whether it takes another decade or arrives much sooner.

Mega Man


It’s an exciting time for Mega Man fans eagerly awaiting the franchise’s return in Mega Man 12. Though details remain scarce for now, Capcom will surely deliver all the tight platforming action, clever bosses, and symphonic melodies we love when the Blue Bomber returns.

The Mega Man series has come a long way while retaining its retro charm across 50+ games. Mega Man 12 will bring a nostalgic dose of familiarity and exciting modern twists.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see what direction the story, setting, and gameplay take when MM12 is unveiled. But hopefully, it won’t be too long of a wait before we’re running and gunning with our Mega Buster again!

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When will Mega Man 12 be released?

Capcom has not announced an official release date yet, but it will likely be sometime in late 2023 or 2024, based on typical development timelines.

What platforms will Mega Man 12 be available on?

While not confirmed yet, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC are the most probable platforms given the last game’s release.

Will Mega Man 12 bring any major gameplay changes?

It will likely build upon Mega Man 11’s modern 3D graphics and Double Gear system while retaining the classic platforming gameplay the series is known for.

Who will the bosses be in MM12?

No bosses have been revealed yet, but expect 8-10 unique new Robot Masters designed around specific abilities Mega Man can steal after defeating them.

Will Dr. Wily be the villain again in Mega Man 12?

Almost certainly, yes, though Capcom may introduce additional antagonists as well. Dr. Wily is Mega Man’s arch-nemesis, so he’ll surely be behind the plot again in MM12.


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