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Unturned 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Unturned is a hugely popular survival sandbox game created by Nelson Sexton that has amassed over 30 million players since its initial release in 2014. The game is known for its blocky graphics, deep survival mechanics, and ability to be played solo or with friends. In 2017, Sexton announced a sequel, Unturned 2, which had fans extremely excited about the new features and visual upgrades that were promised.

Background on Unturned

Unturned originally started development in 2012 as a Roblox game made by Nelson Sexton when he was only 16 years old. The game was later moved to Steam Greenlight in 2014 and renamed Unturned, becoming one of the early successes of the survival genre.

Some key features that made Unturned unique included the ability to build barricades and fortifications, intuitive vehicle mechanics, extensive weapon/item crafting systems, and the choice between PvE and PvP gameplay.

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The blocky, Minecraft-inspired art style also set it apart from other survival games of the time. Thanks to regular updates, mods, and word-of-mouth popularity, Unturned has reached an incredible 27 million downloads and usually has 15,000-25,000 concurrent players. It cultivated a devoted community of players and content creators that continues to be supported by Nelson Sexton and his development team at Smartly Dressed Games.

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Announcement of Unturned 2

In July 2017, Sexton officially announced he had begun working on Unturned 2 after years of successful growth of the original game. The announcement was met with excitement from fans who were eager to see the zombie survival experience taken to the next level. Sexton planned major graphical improvements with more realistic visuals, new maps/locations, refined gameplay systems, and mod support built directly into the game.

The pivot to next-gen graphics and a more serious tone showed Sexton aimed to bring Unturned gameplay to an audience beyond blocky sandbox fans. For almost 3 years, players eagerly awaited updates on the big sequel, and the promise of their beloved game was elevated to new heights.

Is Unturned 2 Cancelled?

Then, in June 2021, Sexton shockingly announced they stopped working on Unturned 2 to focus efforts on the existing Unturned and expanding the team. He cited limitations with current technology and struggled to create the desired vision as the key reasons for this difficult decision.

Understandably, this produced outrage and disappointment from fans who had waited years for the sequel. The excitement around taking the franchise to the next level fizzled into uncertainty about the future.

Sexton assured the community that their feedback was heard and that the team would continue improving upon the existing Unturned while the possibility of eventually revisiting Unturned 2 remained. Right now, I found many people talking on Steam that the company has started working on Unturned 2 again, and it will be released.

Potential Release Date Leaks

Given the cancellation in 2021, there is no definite timeline for the release of Unturned 2 currently. The development process never seemed to progress far past the early planning stages before Sexton decided to pull the plug.

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Unturned 2 Release Date

Some speculate that 3-5 years could be a reasonable timeframe to revive Unturned 2 or potentially release a different true sequel. However, a lot depends on the continued success and updates to the current Unturned game in the meantime. Sexton has learned not to make any promises until technology and resources catch up to his grand vision.

The massive popularity and fanbase still exist, hungry for that next evolution. But only when the timing is truly right will fans receive the true successor they have patiently been waiting for.

Desired Features for Sequel

Whenever the Unturned sequel finally happens, whether named Unturned 2 or not, fans have plenty of ideas for features and improvements they want to see. Some community wishlist items include:

  • Dramatically improved graphics and visuals – Realistic textures, detailed character models, enhanced weather/lighting.
  • New maps and locations – More uniqueness between areas and urban settings, expanded travel options.
  • Additional gameplay elements – Expanded crafting/building, new zombie types, more survival focus.
  • Better mod support – Easier integration of player creations like custom maps, items, and gameplay tweaks.

Fulfilling the promise of a true AAA zombie survival experience in the Unturned universe would require major shifts in these core areas, though likely not an easy feat.

Unturned Launch Trailer

The unturned 2 trailer has not been released by the company yet, here is the latest trailer that we found.

What Future Holds for Franchise

The dream of a true big-budget sequel clearly still lurks in the minds of both the developers and fans, whether called Unturned 2 or something entirely fresh. Eventually, the technology and resources will align with the grand vision, and the right opportunity will emerge.

Perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future, Unturned will finally break through to new platforms and audiences beyond PC. The future may be uncertain, but for now, fans continue enjoying the current game while awaiting the next evolution of the franchise they love.

unturned 2 Franchise

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Unturned 2 had lofty goals that captured the imagination of the player community, but the limitations of current technology and development resources made that dream unattainable for the time being.

The pause in development was a tough pill to swallow, but the franchise still has plenty of gas in its tank thanks to the success of the original game and its devoted fanbase, which is always hungry for more. For now, fans will continue surviving the apocalyptic world they love, patiently awaiting the day Unturned is truly taken to the next level.


Will Unturned 2 ever be released?

It’s uncertain, but there is news that the company is working on it.

What updates are planned for the current Unturned game?

The developer plans continued improvements and new content like items, maps, mechanics, and quality-of-life updates to support the active player base.

Will Unturned expand to consoles or mobile?

Porting the game to new platforms could potentially expand its audience, but the developer has not made any definitive announcements yet about the console or mobile versions.

Does Unturned remain popular despite no sequel?

Absolutely, the existing Unturned game still has a very large, devoted audience with 15,000-25,000 concurrent players daily and over 27 million total downloads.

When was Unturned originally released?

Unturned first launched in 2014 as an early access game on Steam over 8 years ago, showing the game’s impressive longevity.


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