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Monster Hunter 6 Paradise: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of monster hunter 6
Featured image of monster hunter 6

The Monster Hunter franchise first debuted in 2004 and has since grown into one of Capcom’s biggest success stories. With each new entry, the games have gradually evolved from niche titles to a worldwide phenomenon.

Monster Hunter World, released in 2018, became the best-selling Capcom game of all time, with over 18 million units sold. Its Iceborne expansion added massive new environments along with fearsome monsters like Velkhana.

Monster Hunter Paradise

Now fans speculate that Monster Hunter 6 and a mysterious project nicknamed “Monster Hunter Paradise” are on the horizon. There haven’t been any official announcements yet, but here’s what we know so far and what we hope to see when Monster Hunter’s next evolution finally arrives.

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What We Know So Far About Monster Hunter 6

Potential Platforms

Monster Hunter World launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so it’s likely Monster Hunter 6 will target a similar combination of current and next-gen consoles along with PC.

Monster Hunter 6

Possible New Features

Given the series’ track record of innovation, Monster Hunter 6 will almost certainly introduce fresh ideas to the hunting formula. Things like new traversal options, monsters with unique behaviors, expanded weapon move sets, and more could be on the table.

Likely Release Date

There were roughly 4 years between Monster Hunter 4 and World, so tentatively expect Monster Hunter 6 to release sometime in 2023 or 2024.

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What Fans Want to See in Monster Hunter Paradise

Bigger, More Open World Maps

Fans hope Monster Hunter Paradise will take the explorable areas from the World and make them even more vast and seamlessly interconnected. Dense jungles, sprawling deserts, deep caverns – the possibilities are endless.

Expanded Weapon Choices

While the 14 weapon types currently in the series provide tons of depth, some hunters would love to see even more variety, like martial arts stances, whips, grenade launchers, or chainsaws.

More Challenging Monsters

After conquering elder dragons like Nergigante and Alatreon, hunters want more skill tests from Monster Hunter Paradise. Perhaps gigantic siege-style monsters that require teams to destroy individual body parts systematically.

Underwater Combat

Underwater battles in Monster Hunter Tri were divisive, but many fans hope to see them return with refined controls and full movement freedom. Fighting leviathans in their natural deep-sea habitats could be an incredible experience.

Character Creator Customization

Monster Hunter World added character creation, but many fans hope for deeper options in Monster Hunter Paradise, like more body types, height adjustment, unlockable cosmetic armor, and detailed facial features.

Monster Hunter 6 Teaser 20th Anniversary

The company released Monster Hunter 6 Teaser 20th Anniversary. You can watch it here.

Predictions for Monster Hunter 6 and Paradise

Continued Innovation in Hunting Mechanics

Each new Monster Hunter finds ways to refresh the core loop of tracking, battling, and conquering giant monsters. We can expect Monster Hunter 6 and Paradise to add their own twists, like new strategy elements or environmental interactions.

Stunning Graphics and Environments

Monster Hunter World set a new bar for visual splendor and immersion. Monster Hunter 6 will surely take things even further on modern hardware. Vibrant, living ecosystems could make exploration feel more dynamic than ever.

Balancing Casual and Hardcore Players

World tried streamlining Monster Hunter for new players while keeping signature depth and challenge. Future titles will likely continue walking this line, enhancing accessibility without compromising the skill ceiling that keeps hardcore hunters engaged for thousands of hours.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

As crossplay becomes more ubiquitous, Monster Hunter 6 seems primed to unite the player base across console and PC for cooperative hunting on a grander scale than ever before.

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Why Fans Are Excited

Opportunity to Expand the Monster Hunter Universe

Monster Hunter’s world is vast and full of potential. Each new entry could take us to unexplored corners, building on existing lore and adding completely fresh elements.

Potential for New Gameplay Experiences

The core appeal of Monster Hunter endures, but the formula always leaves room for innovation. Fans are hungry to see what novel directions Monster Hunter 6 and Paradise will push the hunting and combat mechanics.

Why Fans Are Excited

Building on Past Games’ Successes

Veterans who have invested years into the series can’t wait to see how new titles will double down on successful features while evolving the experience to new heights.


Monster Hunter’s meteoric rise shows no signs of stopping. Monster Hunter World broke sales records and drew in legions of new fans. Now, Capcom has a perfect opportunity to deliver the biggest and most impressive Monster Hunter game yet for the franchise’s next generation. While details are still scarce, veteran hunters and newcomers alike have plenty of reason to be excited.

With an open-world sandbox like Monster Hunter Paradise complementing a fully-fledged numbered sequel, the future looks incredibly bright. Whenever Monster Hunter 6 does appear, hunters will be ready to sharpen their blades and dive in for another legendary monster-slaying adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Monster Hunter 6 be an open-world-like World?

A: While not confirmed, an open world is likely based on the World’s success. Fans hope for even bigger interconnected maps.

Q: What new monsters could appear in Monster Hunter Paradise?

A: There’s room for anything from giant sea creatures to exotic winged beasts. Mountaintop snake monsters or quick burrowing desert creatures could offer new challenges.

Q: Will Monster Hunter 6 have weapon improvements?

A: Expanding the movements and combos for weapon types is a good bet. Brand-new weapons like chainsaws or Plasma Cannons aren’t outside the realm of possibility either.

Q: Could Monster Hunter 6 feature character customization?

A: Character creator options will almost surely return. Fans want deeper customization like varied body types, height adjustment, and detailed faces.

Q: Will underwater battles make a comeback?

A: This divisive feature from Monster Hunter Tri could return with improved controls. Fighting ocean beasts in their natural habitat would be epic.


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