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Nioh 3: Here is Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of nioh 3
Featured image of nioh 3

The Nioh series has carved out a unique niche in the action RPG genre, blending challenging Souls-like combat with historical fiction and Japanese mythology. Nioh and Nioh 2 won over fans and critics with their great gameplay and pile-driving swordplay.

A cryptic Nioh 3 teaser has fans chomping at the bit for more demon-slaying mayhem. While details remain scarce, we can make some educated guesses about what the third entry might deliver based on Team Ninja’s pedigree. In this article, we’ll break down everything we know so far about Nioh 3 and speculate on what the future may hold for this beloved franchise.

Nioh 3 Announcement and Teaser

In June 2022, Team Ninja stealth-dropped a brief teaser trailer for Nioh 3 during a Sony State of Play livestream. The cinematic clip depicts ominous supernatural forces gathering around historical Japanese figures. We see glimpses of familiar Yokai monsters and spectral weapons. However, the trailer raises more questions than answers.

Nioh 3

What We Know So Far

The teaser confirms Nioh 3 is in development under Team Ninja but reveals little else concrete. We can ascertain the game will likely continue the series’ blend of Sengoku period Japan and dark fantasy creatures. The visuals hint at enhanced graphics and effects compared to previous entries. The trailer description also states that Nioh 3 concludes the “Nioh saga,” implying a narrative conclusion.

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Fan Speculation and Hype

Despite the scant details, fans quickly began speculating on storylines and new features. Many theorize that Nioh 3 may introduce a character creator that lets players forge their own custom protagonist. Others hope to see enhanced combat, new weapon types and expanded magic abilities. The community buzz underscores the anticipation around Nioh 3.

Potential Release Date

While no launch date has been announced, we can make some educated guesses on when Nioh 3 could land.

Development Timeline Clues

Nioh was originally released in 2017, followed by Nioh 2 in 2020. Assuming a similar dev cycle, 2023 would be the earliest possibility. However, interviews suggest Nioh 3 entered production after Nioh 2’s final DLC. A 2024-2025 target seems more likely, given 4-5 years of development.

Industry Trends and Windows

Major Sony titles usually target Q1 or Q4 release windows to hit peak sales. With strong 2023 lineups, 2024 seems more probable. A late 2024 launch would bring Nioh 3 to PS5 exclusivity and capitalize on holiday sales.

Setting and Story Possibilities

While story details are unknown, Team Ninja has plenty of options for continuing the Nioh universe.

Historical Influences

Nioh 2 ventured further into Japanese lore with its protagonist, Hideyoshi. The Sengoku period provides fertile ground for new characters and conflicts. Many fans want to see Oda Nobunaga featured prominently in Nioh 3.

Historical Influences

Continuing William’s Journey

William was largely absent from Nioh 2, but bringing him back as a central character could bookend his saga. Having William confront Nobunaga or other figures from his past could provide closure.

New Protagonist?

Nioh 2 proved the series could succeed with a new playable character. Creating their own custom ninja would allow players greater immersion and ownership over the experience.

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Nioh 3 Trailer – Official E3 2005 Trailer

Here is the Ni-Oh PS3 trailer we found.

Gameplay Improvements and Changes

While maintaining Nioh’s addictive challenge, Team Ninja will surely refine and expand certain gameplay elements.

Combat Refinements

Expert timing and combos define Nioh’s combat. New enemy patterns and behaviors will likely be introduced to counter higher difficulties. Smoother animations and camera work could also enhance the core swordplay.

New Weapon Types

The axe and switchglaive expanded the weapon roster in Nioh 2. Blunt weapons like the Kanabo Club or ranged types like blowguns could offer new battle dynamics. More magic varieties also seem probable.

Character Customization

Deeper customization options appeal to Nioh’s hardcore fans. Expect more ways to tailor builds via skill trees, gear bonuses, and prestige rewards.

Larger Maps and Environments

Claustrophobic arenas hampered some boss fights. Having more space and terrain variety would enable more dynamic encounters and rewarding exploration.

Co-op and Multiplayer

Smoother online connectivity, expanded clan features, and competitive modes could enhance the social aspects. But single players may remain the focus.

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Graphics and Visuals

As a next-gen exclusive, Nioh 3 has big shoes to fill from a technical standpoint.

Engine Upgrades

Leveraging PS5 power, Team Ninja can ratchet up effects, physics, enemy numbers, and environments for true visual splendor. HDR, ray tracing, and 4K support seem guaranteed.

Art Direction Evolution

Nioh 2 embraced supernatural elements more fully in its art direction. Developing a fresh, ominous atmosphere while retaining the grounded historical tone could make areas feel singular and memorable.

Most Desired New Features

Fans have plenty of ideas for new features and mechanics they hope to see implemented.

By Fans

The community craves even more build options and weapon techniques to master. Many also want enhanced character creators and hub zones for deeper RPG immersion.

By Critics

Reviews noted some repetitive level design and enemy selection. Implementing more varied stages, traps, and smarter monster behaviors could go a long way.

Most Desired New Features

What We Hope to See

Personally, I think delivering spectacle while maintaining nuanced combat is essential. The PS5 power could enable screen-filling boss battles, but not at the expense of intricate footwork and timing. Retaining level challenge options lets players tailor the experience to their skills and preferences.

Seeing William’s redemption arc conclude would provide narrative closure. But letting users forge their own ninja legend also offers great potential. Hopefully, Team Ninja can balance storytelling and RPG ambition to maximize our sense of ownership over our hero’s fate.

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Closing Thoughts and Excitement Building

While details remain scarce, Nioh 3’s potential ignites fans’ imaginations. Our inner ninja can’t wait to slice demons and warlords with more elegant and deadly techniques. Team Ninja has proven their mastery of the genre and should have ample creativity to spare. We may have a long wait ahead, but the future looks bright for this iconic franchise to land another knockout blow.

The stage is set for Nioh 3 to refine the series’ formula while delivering a riveting and visually striking backdrop. For now, we’ll have to meditate patiently on what surprises may arrive. The road ahead is shrouded, but our blades stay sharp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an official Nioh 3 release date yet?

A: No, Team Ninja has not confirmed a release date. Based on development timelines, 2024 or 2025 seems likely.

Q: Will Nioh 3 have a new main character?

A: Potentially, yes. Many fans speculate the third game could feature character creation and custom ninjas.

Q: What new weapons might be added in Nioh 3?

A: Players suggest new blunt or ranged weapon types could expand combat options. Magic also may see growth and modifications.

Q: Will Nioh 3 conclude William’s story arc?

A: William was absent from Nioh 2, so bringing him back as a central character could provide narrative closure.

Q: How will Nioh 3 leverage the PS5’s capabilities?

A: As a next-gen exclusive, Nioh 3 should feature significant graphical upgrades and technical flourishes like 4K and HDR.


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