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Nascar Heat 6: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of nascar heat 6
Featured image of nascar heat 6

Gearing up for the 2023 NASCAR season, developers have rebranded and upgraded last year’s NASCAR Heat game, releasing it as NASCAR 21 to showcase the improvements. While it retains the core of NASCAR Heat 6, the new title provides enhancements across graphics, physics, content, and more. Let’s dive into what’s changed in NASCAR’s latest video game entry.

Graphics and Sound

NASCAR 21 delivers solid visual and audio upgrades that make it more immersive and exciting than previous entries.

Visual upgrades

The visuals have seen a nice bump up from NASCAR Heat 6. Tracks and cars look more detailed, with improved lighting, shadows, textures, and reflections, bringing them closer to their real-life counterparts. The cockpit view is also more realistic, and damage modeling allows for finer details like debris on the grille and body. Overall, the environments and vehicles feel richer and more authentic.


Audio enhancements

Complementing the enhanced visuals is improved audio. Engine sounds are more varied between different vehicles, conveying a better sense of power and speed. Crashes come through with impactful audio effects, and you can even hear granular details like loose debris rattling around your car after an accident. Spotter chatter and pit crew communications are clearer as well. Altogether, the audio draws you into the racing experience.

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Gameplay and Physics

Some of the biggest strides this year are in how NASCAR 21 drives. The developers paid close attention to improving the core racing physics and AI.

Improved driving physics

The driving model in NASCAR 21 communicates weight transfer and grip far better than previous entries. You get a greater sense of the car’s weight shifting under acceleration and braking. Traction also varies more noticeably between compounds and track conditions. Overall, it leads to more realistic, nuanced driving.

Upgraded damage modeling

Alongside the physics, improvements are better for damage modeling. Impacts cause damage that alters aerodynamics and handling in a more dynamic way. Hitting walls can crush the sides of cars while rubbing fenders, damaging that part of the aero package. It makes driving increasingly demanding as you pick up damage.

Enhanced AI drivers

The AI drivers have also been overhauled in NASCAR 21. They run more varied lines and make smarter decisions in traffic. You’ll see them change lines to find clean air and make passes just like real drivers. They’ve never been as adaptable and competitive.

Enhanced AI drivers

Modes and Content

NASCAR 21 expands its offerings in career mode, multiplayer, and overall content.

Career mode additions

The career mode has been extended with a couple of key upgrades. You can now start from lower series like Trucks and work your way up. There is also a more robust R&D tree for upgrading your team’s headquarters. These add greater depth to the career experience.

Online multiplayer expansions

Online multiplayer sees welcome improvements, too. There are dedicated servers for cleaner online play and a new spectating mode. You can now watch and commentate on races live as they happen from various camera views.

New tracks and cars

This year’s roster has a couple of notable additions. The Chicago Street Course makes its debut, bringing exciting city racing. Some classic NASCAR vehicles have been added to the historic car lineup, too, like the 1987 #3 Wrangler Chevrolet.

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NASCAR Heat 6 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no official NASCAR Hear 6 trailer yet. Here is the NASCAR Hear 5 trailer that you can watch.

Flaws and Issues

While NASCAR 21 moves the franchise forward in many ways, it’s not without some shortcomings holding it back from being a must-have title.

Lacking licences

A glaring omission is a lack of NASCAR licenses beyond the Cup Series. No Xfinity or Truck Series means you can’t experience those lower NASCAR divisions. The driver roster could also be deeper.

Minimal innovation

Beyond the driving physics, NASCAR 21 plays it relatively safe. Many systems like career mode remain very familiar rather than innovative. It would be nice to see bolder new ideas explored.

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Minimal innovation

Few new features

Considering it’s an entirely new title, some may expect more new features than NASCAR 21 provides. Areas like multiplayer feel more iterated on than transformed. More introductions of new concepts could help make this feel like a bigger leap.


While not revolutionary, NASCAR 21 offers solid improvements that make it the most well-rounded NASCAR gaming experience yet. Enhanced visuals, physics, AI, and career progression improve racing and immersion. However, it may not feel like the full generational leap some hoped for, with licensing limitations and minimal innovative changes. Still, NASCAR fans should find plenty to enjoy in the upgraded experience. With a strong foundation now, hopefully, future installments can bring more ambitious advancements.


What are the big changes in NASCAR 21?

The main upgrades include visuals, physics, AI drivers, career mode depth, and online multiplayer. It looks, sounds, and drives better than previous entries.

What new tracks and cars are included?

New additions include the Chicago Street Course and classic cars like the 1987 #3 Wrangler Chevrolet.

Does it have NASCAR licenses beyond the Cup Series?

Unfortunately, no. The lack of Xfinity and Truck Series licenses is a disappointing omission.

How is the multiplayer improved?

There are dedicated servers now for smoother online play, plus a spectating mode to watch and commentate on live races.

Is this a big leap forward for the series?

In some ways, yes, but in others, it feels more iterated rather than truly innovative or transformational.

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