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Soul Calibur 7: Everything We Know So Far

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The Soul Calibur series is one of the most acclaimed and beloved fighting game franchises ever made. Since its debut on arcade machines in 1998, the weapons-based 3D fighting series has captivated gamers with its fast-paced yet strategic one-on-one battles, expansive roster of iconic characters, and visually stunning presentation.

Overview of the Soul Calibur Series

Created as a spiritual successor to the popular Soul Edge/Soul Blade games, Soul Calibur revolutionized the fighting game genre by introducing 8-way movement and weapon-based combat into 3D arenas.

The original Soul Calibur was a critical commercial smash hit on the Dreamcast. Subsequent mainline entries like Soul Calibur II, III, and IV continued the series’ success by retaining the core gameplay while expanding features and options.

Soul Calibur 7

The most recent installment was Soul Calibur VI, released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. SCVI acted as a reboot of sorts, retelling the origins of the eternal struggle for possession of the magical swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. It was praised for revitalizing the gameplay and visuals while respecting the spirit of the classics.

Now fans eagerly await details on Soul Calibur 7, the inevitable next chapter in this incredible fighting saga. While not officially confirmed yet, it’s only a matter of time before Bandai Namco announces the seventh installment. Let’s explore the latest news and rumors surrounding Soul Calibur 7.

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Latest News and Rumors on Soul Calibur 7

Potential Release Date

There is no set release date for Soul Calibur 7 yet. However, Soul Calibur games traditionally launch around 3-5 years apart. Given that SCVI arrived in 2018, speculation points to SC7 releasing sometime between 2021 and 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays across the industry, so 2023 or 2024 seems more realistic. But Bandai Namco may surprise fans with an earlier launch.


As a premier fighting game franchise, Soul Calibur 7 will likely target the major consoles – PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The power of new hardware could enable spectacular graphics and gameplay innovations. Soul Calibur games were console exclusives until SCVI went multi-platform, a trend expected to continue. But an arcade launch is also possible, given the series’ roots.

Story and Setting

Soul Calibur games are set in the late 16th to early 17th century, with an alternate historical fiction narrative centered around the cursed Soul Edge blade.

SCVI concluded the initial arc involving veteran characters like Mitsurugi, Sophitia, and Siegfried. SC7 will need a new premise to progress the overall Soul Calibur mythology while introducing fresh faces. The series spans numerous locales so that the next entry could feature familiar settings like Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or something new.

Soul Calibur 7 Release Date

New Playable Characters

A core part of every Soul Calibur sequel is new characters joining the 3D weapon-based brawls. SC7 will surely feature multiple newcomers wielding exciting fighting styles and weapons, replacing any potential departing veterans. Potential candidates include descendants of established warriors, entirely new combatants tied to the main plot, and guest stars from other media.

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Expected Gameplay Features

Weapons and Fighting Styles

The exciting weapon-focused battles are the heart of Soul Calibur gameplay. Alongside signature weapons like Mitsurugi’s katana and Xianghua’s Chinese sword, SC7 should introduce new equipment and fighting styles.

These could include Chinese hook swords, giant boomerang blades, monk fists, rapier and dagger combo, scythe, and more. Existing characters may also gain additional weapons and stances to freshen their repertoire.

Game Modes

Soul Calibur VI’s gameplay modes like Story, Arcade, Versus, Training, Character Creation, and Museum will likely return in SC7. The game could also introduce new modes, perhaps a survival mode, expanded character prologue stories, special ‘boss rush’ challenges to fight overpowered enemies or a deep career mode.

Online play will be a key focus, improved via the capabilities of modern gaming networks.

Graphics and Visuals

A big draw of Soul Calibur games is seeing the visual leap with each new generation of hardware. Harnessing the processing power of PS5, Xbox Series X, and high-end PCs, SC7 should deliver jaw-dropping graphics – sharper resolutions, smoother animations, destructible environments, enhanced visual effects, intricate costumes, and more.

Dynamic camera angles and cinematic presentation will make the fights more impactful and immersive.

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Soul Calibur 7 Gameplay Video

You can watch this trailer I found on YouTube.

What Fans Want to See

Returning Characters

Soul Calibur rosters combine returning favorites with exciting newcomers. Longtime fans definitely want iconic veterans to make their triumphant return in SC7 – Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Nightmare/Siegfried, Ivy, Kilik, Maxi, Yoshimitsu, Taki, Xianghua, Seong Mi-Na and more.

Also hoped are fan-favorite characters from more recent games, like Cassandra, Zasalamel, Talim, Amy, Setsuka, and Hilde.

Guest Fighters

Special guest characters are a tradition for Soul Calibur. Previous guests include Link (Zelda), Heihachi (Tekken), Spawn (Image Comics), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Geralt (The Witcher) and Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed). For SC7, dreamed-of guests include Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), 2B (Nier: Automata), Batman (DC Comics), Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn), or a Battletoad (Battletoads).

Guest Fighters

Customization Options

Soul Calibur VI allowed deep customization of created characters, and SC7 can expand this feature with more options for appearance, fighting style, weapons, armor, accessories, taunts, voices, and titles. A potential game-changer would be cross-platform sharing of custom characters for online play.

More character creation parts and stickers, unlockable by playing, add to the fun.


Soul Calibur 7 has the chance to continue the series’ legacy spectacularly, building on past triumphs while breaking bold new ground. This legendary fighting franchise still burns bright, ready to embrace next-gen gaming and deliver intense one-on-one weapon-based duels.

When Bandai Namco finally announces SC7, fans worldwide will be on the edge of their seats, awaiting every detail of the characters, visuals, modes, mechanics, and more that define this incredible series. The hype and speculation shall continue until that fateful day when Soul Calibur 7 is finally unleashed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Soul Calibur 7 officially confirmed?

A: No, SC7 has not been officially announced yet by Bandai Namco. But it’s very likely the next installment in the popular fighting series.

Q: What new characters could be added to the roster?

A: SC7 may feature descendants of existing characters, all-new fighters tied to the plot, and exciting guest stars from other video game universes.

Q: Will Soul Calibur 7 have cross-play features?

A: Cross-play allows players on different platforms to battle online. This feature would be great for SC7, but it is not officially confirmed yet.

Q: What are some possible guest characters for Soul Calibur 7?

A: Rumored and requested guests for SC7 include 2B (Nier: Automata), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn), and Batman (DC Comics).

Q: Will Soul Calibur 7 be available on PS4/Xbox One?

A: While not confirmed, SC7 will likely be a next-gen exclusive for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The older hardware may struggle to run such an intensive 3D fighter.


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