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Did Subway Discontinue Italian Herb and Cheese Bread?

did subway discontinue italian herb and cheese bread

Italian herb and cheese has been one of Subway’s signature bread options since the early 2000s. However, rumors have been circulating recently that Subway may have discontinued or plans to discontinue this beloved bread option.

The History of Subway’s Italian Herb and Cheese Bread

Subway first introduced Italian Herb and Cheese bread into its restaurants in the early 2000s. The bread quickly became popular among customers as a delicious, flavorful alternative to Subway’s classic white bread.

Italian Herb and Cheese bread features a blend of oregano, basil, rosemary, and other Italian herbs baked right into the dough. This gives the bread a signature aroma and taste that many Subway fans have come to love.

Over the years, Italian Herb and Cheese developed into one of Subway’s core bread options, available in restaurants all across the United States and Canada. For many Subway customers, a sandwich just isn’t complete without the taste of Italian Herb and Cheese bread.

Rumors About Discontinuing Italian Herb and Cheese Bread

In 2022 and early 2023, rumors began circulating on social media and Reddit that Subway may discontinue its Italian Herb and Cheese bread. Some customers shared that their local Subway said the bread was being phased out, while others noticed it was missing from menus and ordering apps.

There has been no official word from Subway about discontinuing this bread. However, the rise in customer reports about missing Italian Herb and Cheese bread has stirred speculation and concern.

Some customers have expressed disappointment and frustration at even the idea of the bread being discontinued. Italian Herb and Cheese has become a beloved menu item with a passionate fan base.

Subway’s Response to Rumors

With so many questions swirling, Subway finally addressed the situation in January 2023. A company spokesperson stated that Italian Herb and Cheese bread is not being discontinued in the United States or Canada.

According to the spokesperson, supply chain interruptions over the past year have caused bread shortages at some locations. But Subway plans to have Italian Herb and Cheese bread available chainwide again soon.

This official response from Subway comes as welcome news to bread fans. While shortages may still occur locally, customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the bread remains part of Subway’s national menu.

Subway sales were declining till 2020 but have risen again since then. Subway sales were approximately 10.37 billion USD in 2022 in the United States.

Subway Sales graph
Source: Statista

The Current Availability of Italian Herb and Cheese Bread

Despite Subway’s assurances, Italian Herb and Cheese bread availability still varies between locations. Some Subway restaurants currently have it in stock and prominently advertised. Others list it as “temporarily out of stock” on menus and ordering sites.

Based on customer reports, the bread is more widely available on the East Coast, while shortages seem concentrated in the Western U.S. and Canada. But supply challenges can arise anywhere, even if a location typically stocks the bread.

The best bet for customers craving Italian Herb and Cheese is to call their nearest Subways to check availability. With the hope that increased production will soon lead to more widespread availability.

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Why Subway Might Consider Discontinuing the Bread

While Subway states they have no plans to stop selling Italian Herb and Cheese bread, there are some reasons why the company could discontinue it.

Lower Demand

One possibility is that the demand for Italian Herbs and Cheese isn’t what it used to be. With the rise of specialty breads like flatbread, wraps, and cheese bread, Italian Herb and Cheese may not be as popular today. If sales drop low enough, Subway may cut it from the menu.

Supply Chain Issues

With ingredients and supplies disrupted globally, Subway may have trouble getting consistent access to the herbs, cheese, and other components that give Italian Herb and Cheese its signature taste. If shortages become chronic, Subway could opt to shelve the bread rather than deal with unpredictable availability.

Focus on New Menu Items

Subway has introduced many new sandwiches, sauces, and sides over the past few years. Subway may devote less attention and marketing to long-time offerings like Italian Herbs and Cheese as they push these menu innovations. Phasing out the classic bread could be part of repositioning Subway as a more modern brand.

Subway Discontinue Italian Herb and Cheese Bread
Subway Discontinue Italian Herb and Cheese Bread

The Future of Italian Herb and Cheese at Subway

For now, Italian Herb and Cheese fans can find the bread at many Subway locations. But its long-term future on the menu remains uncertain. If Subway sees a sustained drop in sales or cannot get supply reliability, discontinuing the bread permanently may be considered.

Hopefully, the company will keep this iconic flavor on sandwich shop menus for years. Yet if Italian Herbs and Cheese eventually disappear from Subway, at least devoted customers enjoyed it for over two decades.

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Did Subway get rid of Italian herbs and cheese bread?

No, Subway has confirmed that Italian Herb and Cheese bread is still available nationwide despite some locations experiencing shortages. The company has no plans to discontinue the bread in the U.S. or Canada.

Is Italian Herb and Cheese bread discontinued?

According to Subway, Italian Herb and Cheese bread is not discontinued. Shortages have occurred in some regions due to supply chain issues, but Subway is working to make the bread available again soon.

What happened to Subway Italian herbs and cheese?

Subway Italian Herb and Cheese bread has been sporadically unavailable at some locations due to production and distribution challenges over the last year. Subway states this has led to rumors of it being discontinued, but the company has no plans to get rid of the bread.

Is Italian Herb and Cheese bread coming back?

Yes, Subway has said they are working to bring back Italian Herb and Cheese bread to all restaurants that currently don’t have it in stock. Its return timeline is not definite, but Subway has assured customers the bread remains an ongoing menu item.

What bread replaced Italian herbs and cheese at Subway?

No bread has permanently replaced Italian Herb and Cheese at Subway. Locations currently out of Italian Herb and Cheese are likely offering alternate top-selling bread choices like 9-Grain Wheat and Honey Oat. But this is temporary until the Italian Herb and Cheese supply bounces back.


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