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Is Anno 2025 The Next Anno Game? All We Know So Far

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The Anno series of city-building and real-time strategy games is one of the most beloved franchises in PC gaming. Developed by Related Designs and published by Ubisoft, the Anno games allow players to build sprawling cities and economies across various historical settings.

The most recent entry in the series, Anno 1800, has proven to be a massive hit among fans and critics alike. Naturally, speculation has now turned to what the next Anno game could be. Many signs are pointing towards Anno 2025 as a likely candidate. But what do we actually know so far about a potential futuristic sequel? Let’s take a look at the rumors, news, and possibilities for Anno 2025.

History of the Anno Series

To understand the excitement around Anno 2025, it helps to know the history of this long-running franchise. The first game, Anno 1602, came out in 1998 and allowed players to colonize and build on islands in the Caribbean. This was followed up by Anno 1503 in 2003, which expanded the game’s scope to the Orient. In 2006, Anno 1701 took the setting to the colonial era.

After a detour into the future with Anno 2070 in 2011, the series returned to the past with Anno 1800 in 2019. Set during the Industrial Revolution, Anno 1800 became the most successful title in the franchise so far, selling over 3 million copies. Its Victorian-era setting and intricate production chains hit the sweet spot with Anno fans.

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Popularity and Success of Anno 1800

Anno 1800 quickly built a dedicated fanbase thanks to its compelling gameplay loop focused on building complex industrial economies. Players enjoyed optimizing supply chains and city layouts to keep their residents happy and productive. The game also featured gorgeous visuals that brought the 19th century to life.

Following its launch, Anno 1800 received numerous free updates, adding new features like co-op multiplayer, new production chains, and quality-of-life improvements. This post-launch support shows the developers’ commitment to the game and desire to expand on fan feedback. Anno 1800’s widespread acclaim and active player base make it clear the series is stronger than ever.

Possibility of an Anno 2025 Game

Given the newfound popularity of the franchise, speculation has mounted that the next Anno game will build on 1800’s successful formula. Many fans and gaming sites believe Anno 2025 is a likely candidate for the ninth mainline title in the series. This presumption comes from hints dropped by the developers themselves.

In an interview last year, the CEO of Ubisoft Blue Byte said a new Anno game would come “when the time is right.” While there is no official confirmation, this does seem to imply something is in the works. Anno 1800’s continuous updates also point to the developer playing the long game of supporting the game while slowly pivoting focus to the next project.

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Anno 2025 Game Rumors and Speculation

Several rumors about Anno 2025 have circulated online, though nothing concrete yet. Some say Ubisoft has had a small team working on the next Anno for several years now. The most common speculation centers on a near-future setting, given how the last two games returned to the franchise’s historical roots.

Many fans agree that coming off Anno 1800, a follow-up in a contemporary or sci-fi setting seems likely. Going forward another century to 2025 would allow for cool new technologies while still being relatable for players. Ubisoft also registered the domain “anno2025.com,” fueling the rumors that a futuristic sequel is coming.

What Fans Want to See About Anno 2025 Game

Anno enthusiasts on Reddit, Steam forums, and elsewhere have already compiled wishlists for Anno 2025. Many want to see customizable modular buildings that allow for more flexibility when designing cities. Better trade and economy management tools are also high on the request list.

Fans seem most excited about new transportation types like airports, advanced cargo ships, high-speed rail, electric cars, and automated infrastructure. More disaster events and challenges to disrupt their well-oiled cities are also desired. Of course, upgraded visuals and performance to match modern gaming rigs will be expected.

Anno 2025 Game

Potential Features of Anno 2025

Though purely speculative, Anno 2025 has much potential to build on the strongest aspects of its predecessors while breaking new ground. Here are some of the more likely features we could see if an Anno 2025 becomes a reality:


A near-future world similar to 2070 but brought up to current technological standards. It’s likely a balance of familiar urban environments with some exotic locales—plausible technology like green energy, artificial intelligence, and automated systems driving production and citizens’ needs.

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Gameplay Improvements

Faster and more varied production chains utilizing machine learning and other futuristic tech. More complex and intertwined economics between multiple-player islands and NPC factions. Supply/demand modeling accounting for real-world events like recessions, viruses, etc.

New Technologies

Electric vehicles, maglev trains, hyperloops, and eco-friendly power options like wind, solar, and nuclear. Autonomous drone delivery systems. AI citizens with learning capabilities. Climate change modeling and disaster scenarios. Spaceports and off-world mining of resources.


Drop-in/drop-out co-op for the entire campaign. Competitive sandbox modes with fame rewards. Joint crisis events require teamwork. Shared technologies and trade routes. Open beta branches for early community feedback.

Anno 1800 – DLC 12 New World Rising Trailer

Check out this DLC 12 trailer we found on YouTube.

What We Know So Far About Anno 2025

Sadly, all we can say for certain right now is that Anno 2025 has not been officially confirmed yet. Ubisoft has said nothing definitive about their plans for the next Anno game. Any details about a setting, features, or release timeframe are speculation until the developers make an actual announcement.

That said, the success of Anno 1800 and the appetite among fans for more point to another new entry coming sooner rather than later. Anno 2025 seems a logical next step, but the developers could still surprise us with something completely different!

For now, all we can do is wait for Ubisoft to peel back the curtain on what’s next for the beloved city-building series. Rest assured, the Anno community will be buzzing with anticipation for any news.

Anno 2025 Game Release Date Speculation

Given typical game development timeframes, Anno 1800’s release in 2019, and the lack of any official word from Ubisoft, the most realistic expectation would be sometime in 2023 or 2024 for Anno 2025. However, if the game has already been in production for a couple of years in secret, a 2022 launch could potentially happen.

But it’s just as likely we won’t see the next Anno until 2025 or beyond. Ubisoft will want to take its time to ensure the new game lives up to expectations. Patience will be key, even if it means a few more years of waiting.

Anno 2025 Game Release Date


Anno 2025 is clearly one of the most anticipated upcoming games among city builders and strategy fans. The prospect of bringing the award-winning Anno formula into an exciting contemporary setting has people eager to dive in. While we don’t yet know for certain if Anno 2025 is the next title on the horizon, all signs seem to point in its direction.

Whatever shape Anno’s future takes, we can expect incredible attention to detail, satisfying progression mechanics, and the freedom to build the cities of our dreams. The innovative developers at Ubisoft Blue Byte will surely have some surprises in store to take the beloved franchise to new heights.

For now, we’ll just have to play the waiting game for official details on what comes after the splendid Anno 1800. The future is bright for fans of this long-running city-building series.

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Is Anno 2025 confirmed?

No, Ubisoft has not officially confirmed Anno 2025 or any details about the next game in the series yet. It remains speculation at this point.

When will Anno 2025 be released?

There is no known release date yet. Based on typical game development timelines, a tentative estimate would be sometime in 2023-2025. But this is just speculation until Ubisoft makes an announcement.

What setting will Anno 2025 have?

It is widely presumed Anno 2025 will take the series back to a contemporary or near-future setting similar to Anno 2070. But the actual setting and timeline won’t be known until Ubisoft reveals more information.

Will Anno 2025 have multiplayer?

Multiplayer has been rumored and requested by many fans. Anno 1800 added multiplayer after launch, so it is very possible Anno 2025 will have online co-op and competitive modes. But nothing is confirmed yet.

What new features will Anno 2025 have?

Potential new features fans speculate about include modular buildings, more transport types, enhanced economic systems, and technologies like renewable energy, AI, and automation. But Ubisoft has not revealed any actual game features yet.


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