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Black Summoner Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of Black Summoner Season 2

Black Summoner is a popular Japanese light novel series, starting as an online story in October 2014, then turned into a book by Overlap in June 2016. It features stunning illustrations by Kurogin and was later adapted into a comic on the Comic Gardo website in January 2018 by Gin Ammo.

It was also made into a TV show and launched as Season 1 in 2022. Now, fans are waiting anxiously for the Black Summoner Season 2.

Popularity of Black Summoner

Light Novel and Manga Popularity

The light novel series Black Summoner has sold over 1.2 million copies. The manga adaptation is also popular, ensuring an existing fanbase.

Season 1 Reception

Season 1 received positive reviews for its animation, worldbuilding, and characters. It boosted interest in the light novels and manga.

Anticipation for Season 2

Fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 to continue the story. The season 1 finale set up future plot threads that viewers are invested in seeing resolved.

Summary of Season 1

Season 1 introduced viewers to Raios, who was summoned to another world as a powerful Black Summoner. He befriends the elf Lolia and starts building his reputation. The season ends with Raios defeating the demon king Modes.

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Production Details
Black Summoner

Black Summoner Season 2 Details

Expected Release Date

Season 2 is expected to be released in 2024. The exact premiere date has not been announced yet.

Production Details

The same studios will produce season 2 as season 1 – Okuruto Noboru and J.C.Staff. Masahiro Ando and Hideki Shirane are returning as directors and scriptwriters.


The main Japanese voice cast is expected to reprise their roles, including:

  • Ryota Osaka as Raios
  • Lynn as Lolia
  • Miyu Tomita as Alvin

What to Expect in Season 2

Continuing the Story

Season 2 will likely pick up where Season 1 left off and continue the main story. Raios now has to help rebuild the kingdom after Modes’ defeat. More threats that will test his summoning abilities are likely to emerge.

New Characters

The light novels introduce several new characters that could appear in season 2. These include rival summoners and other allies that assist Raios on his adventures.

New Characters

Deeper Worldbuilding

With the demon king defeated, season 2 can expand more on the fantasy world Raios is summoned to. Now that the immediate threat is gone, more kingdoms, cultures, and summoning lore can be explored.

Improved Animation

The animation quality in season 1 was already excellent. But with the popularity of season 1, the studios may be able to invest more into enhancing the visuals even further for season 2.

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Reasons to Watch Black Summoner Season 2

Interesting Fantasy World

The world-building is one of the highlights of the series, featuring creative magic systems and hierarchies of summoned creatures. Season 2 can expand on this rich fantasy setting.

Relatable Protagonist

Despite his overpowered abilities, Raios remains down-to-earth and focused on helping others. His kindness makes him an appealing main character to follow.

Epic Fight Scenes

The summoning battles were dynamic and intense in season 1. With Raios gaining more abilities, season 2 can raise the bar even higher.

Epic Fight Scenes

Potential for Further Seasons

If season 2 continues being successful, it increases the chances of additional seasons being produced to adapt the light novel story fully.


Black Summoner Season 2 has the potential to build on the strengths of Season 1 and deliver an even more epic story. With its expansive fantasy world, endearing characters, and spectacular summoning battles, the sequel is shaping to be a must-watch for action anime fans. As long as season 2 stays true to the spirit of its source material, it is primed to be another smash hit.

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1. What is the release date for Black Summoner season 2?

The release date is expected to be July 2023, but the exact premiere date has not been officially announced.

2. How many light novel volumes will season 2 cover?

That is still unconfirmed, but it will likely adapt at least the next 2-3 volumes beyond where season 1 ended.

3. Will the same Japanese voice actors return for season 2?

Yes, the main Japanese cast is expected to reprise their roles for season 2.

4. Will season 2 conclude the story?

No, the light novel series is still ongoing. It will likely take multiple more seasons to adapt the entire story fully.

5. Where can I watch season 1 of Black Summoner?

Season 1 is available on streaming services like Crunchyroll and VRV.


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