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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2: All We Know So Far

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) is a popular light novel and anime series that aired for 12 episodes in 2015. It tells the story of Ikki Kurogane, a student at a magical knight academy who is seen as a “failure” but possesses unique skills. The anime adapts the beginning of the light novels but leaves much of the story unexplored.

With interesting characters, exciting action, and a fresh take on school and romance stories, Chivalry of a Failed Knight gained many dedicated fans eagerly awaiting a second season. While Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, the potential for more anime episodes is real.

Story and Characters

The Chivalry of a Failed Knight light novels and anime introduce viewers to various memorable characters whose stories are just beginning in season 1.

Ikki Kurogane

The main protagonist, Ikki, is a first-year student at Hagun Academy who was branded as the “Failure Knight” due to his extremely low magical and physical abilities. However, Ikki possesses the unique “Itto Shura” skill, which allows him to fight on par with skilled mages. Kind-hearted but socially isolated, Ikki gains Stella Vermillion’s affection and slowly opens up to her.

Stella Vermillion

The academy’s most accomplished swordswoman, Stella, is a third-year student titled “Crimson Princess” from a prestigious magical family. Initially seeing Ikki as unworthy, she challenges him to a duel but is shocked when he matches her skills and eventually falls for him. Beneath her gifted exterior, Stella yearns for true friendship and intimacy.

Shizuku Kurogane

Ikki’s little sister, Shizuku, is a first-year student and genius swordswoman who sees through people’s facades and is interested in Ikki’s friend, Shizuya Kurogane. She and Ikki share a deep but complex bond.

Overview of Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Other Characters

Ikki’s roommates, Nagi Arisuin and Kirihara Shizuya offer comedic relief and support. The director, Ouma Kokonoe, oversees the academy unbeknownst to the students. Rivals like Ayase Ayatsuji and Kuraudo Kurashiki challenge and develop Ikki and Stella’s skills throughout season 1.

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Season 1 Recap and Plot

The first season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight sets the foundations for the series with the introductions of Ikki Kurogane, Stella Vermillion, and the other main characters. Their backgrounds, relationships, and skills take center stage.

Beginning and Ikki’s Past

The anime opens with Ikki’s acceptance into Hagun Academy and explains his upbringing separated from his family due to his lack of skills. Ikki hopes to become stronger and change people’s view of him as the “Failure Knight.”

Stella and Ikki’s Relationship

After Stella challenges Ikki to a duel over a misunderstanding and loses, she starts to see beyond Ikki’s reputation. The two slowly bond as Stella helps Ikki train, and a romance blooms despite their differences in status and talent.

Seven Star Sword Art Festival

Ikki and Stella enter a fighting tournament at the academy where powerful foes test their skills and teamwork. They advance through fierce battles while uncovering dark plots.

Final Fight Against Kuraudo Kurashiki

Final Fight Against Kuraudo Kurashiki

The season concludes with Ikki barely defeating the sinister Kuraudo Kurashiki in the festival finals, protecting the academy from Kuraudo’s cruel ambitions. This cements Ikki’s new title as an elite “Knight” despite being a “Failure.”

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Potential Storylines for Season 2

While the light novels reveal where the story goes after season 1, a second anime season could adapt the beginning volumes in various ways.

New Threats and Enemies

New antagonists and opponents can challenge Ikki, Stella, and their friends to develop their skills further. These could include even stronger knights from rival academies.

Romance and Character Development

Ikki and Stella’s romance could deepen as they learn more about each other. There are still insecurities and issues to work through. Shizuku, Nagi, Ayase, and others could also gain relationship focus.

Seven Star Sword Art Festival Returns

The popular tournament format could be explored in a bigger nationwide competition testing veteran fighters like Ikki and Stella with new foes.

Ikki and Stella Graduate

The anime could culminate with Ikki and Stella graduating at the end of their third year, leaving the academy behind for new adventures.

Production and Release Possibilities

While many fans desire a second season, the actual likelihood depends on various factors.

Animation Studio

Silver Link’s animation studio produced season 1 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. The studio must be onboard for season 2 to maintain quality and familiar style.

Source Material Availability

As of 2023, over 25 light novel volumes beyond season 1’s content could fuel new anime episodes. Having ample original stories to adapt is a good sign.

Popularity and Sales Potential

Chivalry of a Failed Knight was one of its season’s more popular anime series. Strong Blu-ray sales and a potential increase in light novel sales with a new season could make season 2 an attractive financial investment.

Why Fans Want Season 2

Viewers have many reasons for eagerly anticipating a continuation of the Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime.

Unresolved Storylines

The anime leaves much of the story, character arcs, and world to explore, which viewers crave to see brought to life.

Interesting Characters and Relationships

Fans became invested in Ikki, Stella, Shizuku, and the rest and wanted more time with them. There are more layers of their lives and relationships to reveal.

Action and Tournament Appeal

The magic knight battles were a highlight of season 1. The prospect of bigger, more intense fights in a new tournament is appealing.

Potential for More Character Growth

The characters show enormous potential for deeper maturity and development in abilities. Viewers hope to see this realized.

Unresolved Storylines


Chivalry of a Failed Knight stands out with its earnest characters, romantic chemistry, and exciting action. While season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, the light novels provide abundant material should the anime resume. With so many engaging characters and storylines left to explore, fans will undoubtedly rejoice if they can continue Ikki and Stella’s tale in a second season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Chivalry of a Failed Knight season 1 end?

Season 1 ended with Ikki defeating Kuraudo Kurashiki in the final battle of the Seven Star Sword Art Festival tournament, which protected the academy from Kuraudo’s control. This victory secured Ikki’s new status and reputation.

How much source material is left for season 2?

As of 2023, over 25 untapped light novel volumes beyond season 1’s content provide ample storylines and details for more anime episodes.

What studio animated season 1 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight?

Season 1 was produced by Silver Link, which is known for shows like Strike the Blood and Kokoro Connect. Getting Silver Link back would help maintain cohesion.

When could season 2 be released?

It’s unknown, but 2024 or 2025 would be likely target years if season 2 gets greenlit soon. The anime industry typically needs at least a year or two to produce a quality sequel season.

Who are the main Japanese voice actors?

Ikki is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Stella by Ai Kayano, Shizuku by Ari Ozawa, and Director Ouma by Toshiyuki Morikawa. Fans hope they will return.


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