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Oresuki Season 2: What We Know So Far

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Oresuki (full Japanese name: Ore o Suki nano wa Omae dake kayo) was a popular anime series aired in the fall of 2019. Based on a light novel series, the show garnered attention for its unique take on the romantic comedy genre with witty meta-commentary.

Oresuki Season 2 is the most awaited season by the people who watched the season 1.

Plot Summary

Season 1 of Oresuki follows the story of protagonist Joro, an average high school boy caught in a complicated web of romantic misunderstandings. After his crush, Cosmos asks his best friend, Sun, to go out with her; Joro tries to help by staging a fake confession to Cosmos on Sun’s behalf. However, this backfires when Cosmos reveals she was just using Joro to make Sun jealous.

From there, Joro gets embroiled with other girls at school, including the blunt and honest Pansy and the sweet yet manipulative Himawari. Just as Joro believes he has figured a girl out, she reveals a surprising side that subverts his expectations. This constant cycle of dramatic irony and romantic bait-and-switch provides the show’s unique humorous appeal.

Main Characters

  • Joro – The protagonist who acts as the sane man amidst the crazy girls. Though often exasperated, he has a good heart.
  • Cosmos is Joro’s athletic crush who seems perfect but turns out to be cunning and deceptive.
  • Pansy – The brutally honest girl who often roasts Joro but may secretly like him.
  • Himawari is a sweet and innocent-seeming girl who is manipulative behind the scenes.
  • Sun-chan is Joro’s best friend who gets tricked by the girls despite his perceived intelligence.

Popularity and Reception

This anime became one of the sleeper hits of 2019. Viewers praised the clever writing that constantly defied typical romance anime tropes. The dynamic female characters and their surprising reveals kept the show feeling fresh every week. Memes also spread about the “suffering protagonist” Joro and his hilarious misfortunes. By the end of 2019, Oresuki appeared on many “Top Anime of the Year” lists and gained a dedicated fan following eager for more.

Plot Summary

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Possibility of a Second Season

Given the positive response to the first season, many fans have wondered about the chances of Oresuki getting renewed for a second installment. Several factors come into play when determining the likelihood.

Source Material Available

The anime adapts the light novel series of the same name written by Rakuda and illustrated by Buriki. As of November 2022, there are 9 volumes of the light novel published in Japan by Fujimi Shobo. The first season of the anime adapted content roughly through volume 4, so there is definitely enough source material left to produce another 1-2 seasons.

Popularity and Demand

It was the dark horse anime hit of 2019. While it did not top sales charts, it attracted an avid niche fanbase with its clever writing and unpredictable romance plot. There is still substantial enthusiasm among fans on blogs and social media, and they are hoping for a continuation. However, it has been 3 years already without any definite news about a renewal.

Announcements from the Production Team

Unfortunately, neither the anime producers at Connect nor the publishing company Fujimi Shobo have announced plans for Oresuki Season 2 as of December 2023. The show’s chances diminish as more time passes without an update, but fans still hope for a surprise confirmation someday. There are rumors that the producers were caught off guard by the first season’s success and have waited to assess demand.

Potential Storylines for Oresuki Season 2

If Oresuki does receive a second season, what might the plot cover from the later light novel volumes? Here are some likely possibilities:

Continuing the Main Plot

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger just as a new girl named Sakura entered Joro’s class, so Season 2 would likely reveal more about her backstory and relationship with the protagonist. It would also continue the antics of Cosmos, Pansy, Himawari, and other female characters as they manipulate or toy with Joro’s feelings. More meta-commentary on romance tropes would ensue as well.

New Romantic Entanglements

With Sakura’s introduction, the romantic playing field expands even more. Does she have ulterior motives like the other girls? How will her presence shake up the status quo for Joro and affect the tension between Cosmos, Pansy, and Himawari? The source material has ample love polygon scenarios to explore.

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New Romantic Entanglements

Further Character Development

While Season 1 revealed surprising hidden sides for characters like Cosmos and Himawari, other figures like Pansy still have more depth to plumb. Season 2 could delve further into the motivations and backstories of the girls while also developing the stoic Sun and other side characters. Joro will likely gain more resolve, too.

New Conflicts and Challenges

Beyond just romantic mind games, the light novels introduce more substantive conflicts like Pansy’s family issues and Joro being blackmailed with secrets. Season 2 could increase the narrative stakes with these new problems to resolve on top of the relationship drama. More rival characters also emerge to compete with Joro.

Release Date Speculation

With no official renewal yet, predicting a release timeframe for Oresuki Season 2 remains speculative guesswork. But we can make some educated assumptions based on typical anime production schedules.

Expected Production Timeline

Most anime seasons take around 1 year from greenlighting to airing, sometimes longer. If season 2 gets confirmed soon, it likely won’t premiere until late 2024 at the very earliest, and 2024 seems more plausible. This production timeline would allow scriptwriting, animation, voice acting, and marketing buildup. Rushing it out faster seems improbable, given how long fans have waited.

Ideal Release Windows

Assuming a 2023 or 2024 release, Oresuki’s best bet would be to target a Fall or Winter season like the first season did. This window has less competition from other major titles. Fans also associate it with the Fall, thanks to its debut. The premiere could coincide with the 5th anniversary.

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Excitement and Anticipation from Fans

Despite the long wait since 2019, the Oresuki fanbase remains eagerly hopeful about a continuation based on social media discussions and polls. Here are some of the key signs of ongoing anticipation:

Hopes for a New Season

Many viewers express how much they miss the witty dialogue, unpredictable plot, and eccentric characters. They are invested in the relationships and want to see who finally ends up with Joro. The unique genre-deconstructing style left fans wanting more.

Theories and Predictions

In the absence of a real Season 2, fans have floated endless theories about what could happen next, from speculated plot points to character reveals. Sites like Reddit have extensive discussions forecasting potential Oresuki scenarios. This shows a dedicated audience still thinking about its future.

Theories and Predictions

Ongoing Support and Discussion

The subreddit remains steadily active years later. When any glimmer of news emerges, fans quickly congregate to dissect it. Official social media posts still get swarmed with demands for confirmation of Season 2. The passion remains strong within the fanbase, waiting for the announcement.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

While nothing is guaranteed yet regarding renewal, the chances of Oresuki Season 2 staying reasonably high are given the availability of source material and continued fandom interest. The clever genre subversion earned the anime long-term devotees hungry for more. If the producers greenlight another season, it would likely see strong viewership and engagement.

For now, fans will keep dreaming up what hijinks Cosmos, Pansy, Himawari, and the rest of the cast could get to next. Whenever Season 2 drops, the Oresuki faithful will be ready and waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many light novel volumes does the first season of Oresuki cover?

The first season of the Oresuki anime covers approximately the first 4 volumes of the light novel series.

Is the Oresuki light novel complete?

No, as of November 2022, the Oresuki light novel still has new volumes being released in Japan by Fujimi Shobo. The series is currently up to 9 volumes so far.

How did the first season of Oresuki end?

The first season ends on a cliffhanger with the introduction of a new girl named Sakura, who transfers into Joro’s class. Her connection to Joro and the other characters is unclear, setting up a potential storyline for Season 2.

When could Oresuki Season 2 be released?

While still unconfirmed, speculation based on typical anime production schedules suggests Oresuki Season 2 could premiere sometime between late 2023 and 2024 if greenlit soon.

Who are the most likely romantic pairings in Oresuki Season 2?

Fans speculate the most likely endgame couples for Oresuki include Joro x Pansy and Joro x Cosmos. However, the series often subverts expectations, so any outcome remains possible depending on the source material.

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