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Gate Anime Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Gate Anime Season 3

Gate is a popular anime based on the light novel series written by Takumi Yanai. The anime tells the story of a mysterious gate that opens in modern Tokyo, leading to a parallel fantasy world with elves, dragons, and wizards.

The Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) entered the gate and set up a base of operations in the Special Region on the other side. Here, we will find out the storyline of the Gate Anime Season 3.

The anime explores the interactions between the modern Japanese military and this medieval fantasy realm. Political intrigue and battles ensue as the JSDF gets entangled with the various kingdoms and factions within the Special Region. Alongside the military narrative, Gate also features interpersonal stories about characters adjusting to life in this new world.

Plot of Previous Seasons

Season 1 Recap

Season 1 introduced viewers to Gate’s basic premise. One day, a mysterious gate appears in Ginza, Tokyo. Monstrous creatures emerge from the gate and attack civilians. The JSDF can fend off the invasion and then decides to send an expeditionary force through the gate into the Special Region.

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Key Events and Characters

  • Lt. Youji Itami leads the recon team into the Special Region, where they encounter fantasy races like warrior bunny girls and elves.
  • Itami and his team get involved in various adventures, including rescuing the sorceress Lelei and the goddess Rory from bandits.
  • In Japan, the SDF fends off another invasion attempt through the Gate. Political tensions rise about how to handle the Gate.
  • Itami and his team help defend the Emroy villagers from raiding bandits and a fire dragon.
  • At the end of the season, Itami’s recon team prepares to escort diplomatic envoys to the Special Region’s imperial capital.
Overview of Gate Anime

Season 2 Recap

Season 2 continues as Lt. Itami’s group arrives in the imperial capital amid growing political tensions. New characters and conflicts are introduced as Japan establishes a permanent base in the Special Region.

Key Events and Characters

  • Itami meets the empress Pina Co Lada and her knight order, the Rose Knights, who become key allies.
  • Back in Japan, politician Dietrich baits anti-gate protesters into violence, seeking to undermine the SDF’s mission.
  • The Warrior Bunnies, Lelei’s sister Arpeggio, and more characters join Itami’s diplomatic delegation.
  • Japan helps the empire fend off an invading allied army led by the warlike Hardy kingdom.
  • A coup attempt by the pro-war faction in the empire failed thanks to Japan’s assistance. Itami is hailed as a hero.
  • In the end, Japan prepares to establish a permanent settlement in the Special Region.

Speculation about Season 3

With Season 2 wrapping up positively for Itami and Japan, what could Gate Anime Season 3 explore? Fans have plenty of theories about where the story could go next.

Potential Storylines

Continuing Adventures in the Special Region

More episodes focused on Itami’s team exploring the Special Region seems like a given. Many parts of the world and its unique fantasy races have yet to be revealed in the anime. Introducing more cities, civilizations, and strange creatures would provide endless content possibilities.

New Character Arcs

Season 3 could further develop characters like Itami, Rory, Lelei, Tuka, and Yao. Rory’s demigod backstory could be expanded on, for example. Tuka’s struggles coping with the trauma of losing her family have plenty of room for growth as well. And Yao’s role as an envoy between Japan and the Empire has great story potential.

New Character Arcs

Production Details

Staff, Studio, and Release Date

The same core production staff and studio that worked on the first two seasons would likely return for a third season. Animation studio A-1 Pictures and chief director Takahiko Kyogoku delivered an adaptation faithful to the light novels thus far.

However, no official announcements about renewing Gate for 3rd season have been made. Some speculated that 2021 could be the earliest possible release date. But that has gone far away. Now, fans are expecting it to be released somewhere in 2024.

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Why Fans Are Eager For 3rd Season

Unresolved Storylines

Both seasons 1 and 2 ended by setting up future storylines. The political tensions between Japan and the Special Region have eased but remain unresolved. And Itami’s adventures in the Special Region are far from over. Fans are curious about what challenges he will face next.

Unresolved Storylines

Interesting World and Premise

The core concept of a modern military interacting with a fantasy world offers endless possibilities for creative storytelling. Fans are hooked on the rich world, intriguing lore, and political/cultural clashes depicted in the series. If the anime continues, more worldbuilding and complex conflict between Japan and the Special Region powers seem certain.

Appeal of Characters

The Gate has accumulated a diverse and memorable cast. Itami and Rory are particular fan favorites that viewers want to see more of. And there is still room for the development of other characters like Tuka, Lelei, Pina Co Lada, and the rest of the Rose Knights.

Impact and Legacy of Gate Anime

Popularity and Reception

Both seasons of Gate have proved very popular, especially with fantasy and military anime fans. Positive reviews praised the animation, worldbuilding, and political narratives. Some criticized the nationalistic overtones and excessive fanservice. But overall, Gate established itself as one of the better modern isekai anime.

Influence on Isekai Genre

Gate helped pioneer the modern isekai genre. It provided an influential template of “military meets medieval fantasy” that later shows followed. Gate’s seamless blending of military fiction with interdimensional travel set it apart from classic isekai. Its impact can be felt in many recent shows.

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With its sprawling fantasy world, rich lore, and mix of military and interpersonal stories, Gate has all the ingredients for an anime classic. Fans highly anticipate a continuation of the second season’s open-ended conclusion. More exotic lands and adventures likely await Itami and company in the Special Region if Season 3 ever materializes. But fans continue eagerly awaiting any news of the Gate anime returning.


Q: How many light novel volumes does Gate have?

A: The Gate light novel series currently has over 20 volumes published. The anime has adapted material through volume 9 so far.

Q: Will the mangaka and voice actors return for Season 3?

A: Most likely, yes. The original mangaka Satoru Sao and popular Japanese voice actors like Junichi Suwabe (Itami) will probably reprise their roles.

Q: Is Gate getting a live-action adaptation?

A: Gate doesn’t have live-action adaptions.

Q: How did Season 2 end? Did it conclude the storyline?

A: Season 2 ended on an open-ended note, with Japan establishing a permanent base in the Special Region. Major plot threads remain unresolved, setting the stage for a continuation.

Q: Will the Special Region ever launch an invasion of Earth?

A: It’s possible. The Empire has already sent multiple small probing attacks through the Gate. A full-scale invasion could occur in Season 3, leading to new large-scale conflict.



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