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Crusader Kings 4: Everything We Know So Far

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Crusader Kings is a popular grand strategy role-playing video game series published by Paradox Interactive. The first game was released in 2004, the most recent being Crusader Kings 3 in 2020. The medieval feudal simulation franchise allows players to take control of a Christian noble dynasty in the Middle Ages and navigate family politics, war, religion, and more.

With Crusader Kings 3 receiving positive reviews and continuing to be supported with DLC expansions, fans are already looking ahead to Crusader Kings 4. While details are limited at this stage, some information is available regarding the potential release date, features, platforms, and more for the next installment in this beloved strategy series.

About the Crusader Kings Series

The Crusader Kings series began in 2004 and, over the years, has built up a reputation as one of the most in-depth and complex medieval grand strategy franchises. The games blend real-time strategy, role-playing, and dynasty simulator mechanics, allowing players to control noble houses during the Middle Ages.

Key features across the series include arranging dynastic marriages, managing armies and landholdings, navigating court intrigue and local politics, spreading religion, and more. There is a strong focus on narrative emergent gameplay, meaning the storytelling arises dynamically from the player’s actions.

Crusader Kings 3 launched in 2020 as the long-awaited sequel, introducing 3D character models, revamped gameplay systems, and improved mod support. It was praised for making the series more accessible without compromising depth.

crusader kings 4

Crusader Kings 3 Overview

Crusader Kings 3 built upon its predecessors while revamping many gameplay systems. Some key features include:

  • Detailed 3D character models bring more life to the nobles you interact with
  • Interactive dynasty trees to track familial relations and history
  • Personality traits and stress systems that influence behavior and decisions
  • Skill trees for unlocking perks tailored to playstyles
  • Schemes and hostile actions to undermine rivals or gain advantages
  • Dynamic religion mechanics like diverging faiths and religious communion
  • Deep diplomatic plays through alliances, marriages, and friendships
  • Large-scale medieval-era maps with hundreds of playable regions
  • Immersive events across thousands of years of history

The game was praised for retaining the series’ signature complexity while dramatically improving accessibility for newcomers. This was achieved through redesigned interfaces, helpful tooltips, expanded tutorials, and improved gamepads.

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Crusader Kings 4 Announcement Details

Crusader Kings 4 has not yet been officially announced by Paradox Interactive. However, the publisher has strongly indicated that another sequel is likely in active development.

In an interview shortly after Crusader Kings 3’s launch, game director Henrik FĂ„hraeus said the team is “absolutely” already working on ideas and plans for this release. He explained that their DLC roadmap for CK3 is expected to last 3-4 years, so they are thinking ahead to the next full installment.

Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud also referred to their development pipeline as including “Crusader Kings 4 and Victoria 3”. The mention of the numbered sequels points to concrete plans for both franchises.

So, while this series remains officially unannounced, developers have essentially confirmed it is in the works as they support and build upon Crusader Kings 3 over the next few years. An official announcement can be expected sometime after the bulk of CK3’s DLC content is released.

Possible Release Date

Given the comments from Paradox about their long-term DLC plans, This upcoming title will likely target a release in 2024 or 2025.

Crusader Kings 2 received major expansions about 5 years before its sequel arrived. Crusader Kings 3 was released in September 2020, indicating we are still in the 2-4-year timeframe of expected DLC development mentioned for CK3.

Additionally, the wait between CK2 and CK3 spanned 8 years. Following a similar development cycle would potentially put this game in 2028. But the comments from studio leadership point to a shorter gap this time.

Overall, a launch target of 2024-2025 seems reasonable based on typical sequel timelines for Paradox grand strategy games like Europa Universalis and Stellaris. However, no firm release window exists until an official announcement is made.

crusader kings 4 Release Date

Potential Gameplay Features and Improvements

Given the praise Crusader Kings 3 received for improving game systems and accessibility, fans can expect Crusader Kings 4 to refine further and build upon these foundations.

Potential gameplay additions and improvements include:

  • Expanded map scope – More playable regions, cultures, and religions across Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
  • Deeper dynasty legacies – Additional long-term goals and prestige paths for dynasties.
  • More royal court dynamics – More events and decisions stemming from courtiers and guests.
  • Expanded trade/economy features – Trade routes, goods production, and prosperity improvements.
  • More religions and faiths – Additional faiths, heresies, and religious mechanics.
  • More narrative events/storytelling – Impactful historical events and greater emergent tales.
  • More government types – Alternatives to feudalism like republics and theocracies.
  • Technology spread – Advances spreading along trade routes over time.
  • Disease modeling – Epidemics rising and spreading to pose new threats.

Overall, this can be expected to provide more breadth and depth across all core systems – from dynastic dealings to religion to warfare and beyond.

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Graphics and Technical Aspects

Crusader Kings 3 introduced full 3D character models, providing visual uplift in terrain, clothing, architecture, and unit animations. This was a major graphical step forward for the series.

For Crusader Kings 4, more visual improvements will likely be in store. Paradox strategy games have incrementally improved their engines over time across sequels.

Potential graphical enhancements include:

  • Higher quality 3D models and animations – More detailed characters, creatures, architecture, foliage, weather, terrain, etc.
  • Better lighting and shadows – More advanced lighting systems with shadows and day/night cycles.
  • Higher resolution textures – Crisper, more lifelike textures for objects, clothes, and buildings.
  • Improved VFX – Enhanced visual effects for spells, weather, fires, and other elements.
  • Camera improvements – New camera modes and smoother camera movement for cinematics or imagery.
  • Performance optimizations – Faster on higher core/thread counts and newer GPUs.

On the technical side, supporting more concurrent characters and a potentially larger map would require performance optimizations. Autosaving and loading times may also see improvements.

Available Platforms

Crusader Kings 3 launched on PC, Linux, and Mac. Consoles were notably absent despite many grand strategy games now getting console ports.

For this game, a PC release will almost certainly come first, given the complexity of the gameplay systems and the need for mouse control.

However, a console version for Xbox and PlayStation is possible this time. Recent games like Humankind and Age of Empires 4 were designed with console support in mind from the start. Paradox may take a similar approach with CK4.

Cloud streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, or Google Stadia could also potentially allow the game to reach mobile devices and browsers. However, the complex interface may be less suited to these platforms than PC.

Regardless of other platforms, expect this series to target PCs first and foremost upon initial launch.

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DLCs and Expansions

Like its predecessors, this will likely receive regular DLC and expansion packs after launch to grow the experience over time.

These could potentially include:

  • Major expansions – Large content additions like new religions, maps, eras, or systems
  • Flavor packs – Zone-specific content like unique events for certain regions
  • Cosmetic packs – New clothes, hairstyles, music, visual flourishes
  • Content packs – Focused additions like artifacts, royal court items, etc
  • Gameplay expansions – New mechanics in gameplay layers like epidemics or economics

The Paradox DLC model involves steady content releases over many years to support a thriving community. Crusader Kings 4 will likely follow suit, with expansions introducing brand-new layers on top of the strong base game.

Multiplayer Capabilities

A key feature added in Crusader Kings 3 was multiplayer support, allowing cooperative and competitive play. This highly requested addition will surely carry over and be expanded upon in this game.

The sequel could build on CK3’s multiplayer by:

  • Supporting more concurrent players in a game
  • Improving multiplayer stability and performance
  • Adding new multiplayer game modes
  • Supporting hybrid singleplayer/multiplayer with drop-in
  • Allowing spectating of multiplayer matches
  • Potentially adding cross-platform multiplayer
  • Keeping the ability to pause and play at any speed
  • Retaining seamless blending of singleplayer and multiplayer

Smoother multiplayer will amplify the enjoyment of playing with or against friends. Skirmish modes catered to multiplayer could also be added alongside the core single-player experience.

Crusader Kings 3 – Official Trailer

Check this Crusader Kings 3 official trailer I found on YouTube.

Mod Support

Crusader Kings 3 launched with robust mod support, enabling enthusiasts to create total conversions and tweak or expand every aspect of the game. Similar moddability will be expected for this series.

Crusader Kings as a series has benefited immensely from its active modding scene. Popular mods let players experience Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, and other fantasy universes in the game. Historical accuracy mods also add immense flavor.

Mod support helps provide near-endless replay value and customization. This series will surely continue this mod friendliness, enabling fans to reshape their ideal medieval world.

Overall Expectations and Hype

As one of Paradox’s most beloved franchises, the hype for Crusader Kings 4 will be understandably high among strategy and RPG fans once it gets its full reveal.

The new installment must achieve greater scope, refinement, immersion, and approachability to live up to its pedigree. But Paradox has proven its ability to improve its grand strategy formulas across sequels iteratively.

crusader kings 4 Hype

It will likely be another hit if it can expand and enhance the intricate blend of medieval dynasty politics, scheming, war, and role-playing that has made CK so special. With Paradox openly investing in this future sequel, longtime fans have plenty of reason to be excited.

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While details remain limited in these early days, the eventual arrival of Crusader Kings 4 seems assured based on comments from Paradox. It represents the next step in evolving one of gaming’s most intricate medieval strategy experiences.

Fans can expect deeper dynasty simulator mechanics, expanded world scope and content, visual and technical improvements, and refinements that amplify immersion and approachability. Multiplayer, mod support and post-launch DLC will further build on the base experience over years of support.

As we await an official announcement from Paradox, speculation will continue over how vast and ambitious it can become. But the series is clearly in capable hands for its next landmark installment. Whenever the king returns, the throne will surely be claimed.


Q: When will Crusader Kings 4 be released?

A: An exact release date is unconfirmed, but sometime around 2024-2025 seems likely based on typical timelines between Paradox grand strategy sequels and DLC plans.

Q: What new features might be included in CK4?

A: Potential additions could include an expanded map, more religions and cultures, deeper dynasty systems and legacies, more role-playing events and storytelling, additional government types, and improvements across all core mechanics.

Q: Will CK4 have better graphics than CK3?

A: Almost certainly. Each sequel tends to provide graphical improvements so that fans can expect higher-quality 3D models, visual effects, lighting/shadows, textures, and technical performance optimizations.

Q: What platforms will Crusader Kings 4 be released on?

A: PC will come first like past titles, but a simultaneous or later console launch for Xbox and PlayStation seems likely this time. Cloud streaming support is also possible.

Q: Will CK4 have mod support and multiplayer?

A: Crusader Kings 4 will likely match and expand upon CK3’s robust modding tools and multiplayer capabilities based on the series’ traditions.


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