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Ace Combat 8: Everything We Know So Far

Ace combat 8

The Ace Combat series has captivated aerial combat fans for over 25 years, blending realistic flight dynamics and fictional conflicts. As fans eagerly await official details on Ace Combat 8, speculation is heating up about what the next numbered entry in the franchise could have in store. From potential release timing to desired gameplay improvements, rumors and fan wishes to paint a picture of a highly anticipated new installment.

Background on the Ace Combat Series

Overview of Previous Ace Combat Games

Since beginning in 1995, the Ace Combat franchise has delivered sixteen fast-paced flight action titles across multiple PlayStation platforms and spin-offs on the Nintendo 3DS and mobile. Numbered entries have transported players into fictional wars between nations like Osea, Erusea, and Yuktobania. The settings provide dramatic backdrops for air battles featuring licensed real-world aircraft.

Popularity and Impact of the Franchise

Known for its technical flight models and cinematic mission design, Ace Combat has sold over 15 million units worldwide. The series has influenced other games and media with its trademark blend of realism and over-the-top action. Major events and battles from the games persist as fan favorites years later.

Ace combat jets leaving

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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Release and Reception

The latest installment, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, arrived in early 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It received enthusiastic reviews for bringing the series into current-gen with photo-realistic visuals and exhilarating VR support on PS4. The return to Strangereal lore and trademark combat secured Skies Unknown’s place as one of the most acclaimed entries in the long-running franchise.

Story and Gameplay

Ace Combat 7 continued the Strangereal arc, focusing on the Osean continent and characters linked to previous titles. Players took to the skies as Osean pilot Trigger amidst a war between Osea and the kingdom of Erusea in the late 2010s. Intense air-to-air, air-to-ground, and naval battles spanned twenty campaign missions featuring advanced operations like electronic warfare and drone combat.

Expectations for Ace Combat 8

Desired Setting and Time Period

Fans speculate Ace Combat 8 will likely continue the Strangereal canon in a new region and conflict on the same timeline as previous games. Many hope to see aircraft and stories themed around real-world equivalent countries and events post-2010. There are also wishes to revisit classic locations from earlier titles in the lore.

Gameplay and Graphics Improvements

Following Ach Combat 7’s major visual leap, fans anticipate more enhanceable graphics and immersive effects in AC8. Top requests include improved flight physics, larger battlespaces, new multiplayer modes, and expanded VR implementation. Weather and terrain affecting gameplay also offer possibilities to increase realism.

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Potential Story Elements

More connectivity with characters from across the AC universe is an exciting prospect for the next chapter. Support squadrons, wingman interactions, and choosing sides in warring nations would provide greater story depth. Branching mission paths and endings based on player choices could make the campaign more dynamic.

Ace combat arrving in jet

News and Leaks About Ace Combat 8

Developer Comments and Hints

Producer Kazutoki Kono has expressed a desire to keep the momentum going after AC7’s success but has not offered a firm AC8 confirmation. Interview quotes point to ideas like co-op multiplayer, expanded customization, and a greater focus on gameplay diversity, suggesting that Project Aces is openly exploring options for the next title.

Rumored Release Window

A 2024-2025 release window has emerged as a popular guess among journalists and fans. Hints about Project Aces hiring for next-gen development have fueled speculation that AC8 will be released around three years after AC7 as a launch window title for upcoming PlayStation and Xbox hardware.

Possible Teasers and Leaks

Eagle-eyed fans noticed “Osea 2020” tags on planes in AC7 DLC trailers, implying Strangereal’s timeline has advanced closer to real-world years. This detail could hint that AC8 will soon depict events in the Strangereal 2020s. Potential leaked images of aircraft from the next game have circulated online but remain unverified.

What Fans Want to See in Ace Combat 8

Favorite Aircraft and Locations

Support for modern real-world jets like the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter and the return of iconic series planes would satisfy desires for new and classic machines. Locations modeled on the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa are popular location wishes. Appearances by fan-favorite environments like San Salvacion offer nostalgia potential.

Multiplayer and VR Support

Bringing back competitive and cooperative online multiplayer modes tailored to flight combat offers immense replay value. Continuing PS VR implementation and possibly expanding to other VR platforms would also offer an immersion that would set AC8 apart.

Continued Story Focus

While the campaigns have limited replayability, fans appreciate Ace Combat for its elaborate stories, orchestral scores, and anime-inspired cutscenes. Advancing Strangereal’s narrative with new characters and political conflicts remains a priority for the next game.

Ace combat Station Destroyed

Release Date Speculation and Expectations

Likely Release Year

Given typical development cycles and the 2024 timing rumors, a 2025 launch for Ace Combat 8 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC seems realistic. This would satisfy fan hopes for a new numbered entry 4-5 years after the last.

Potential Launch Platforms

As an arcade flight experience, Ace Combat suits the technical strengths of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Supporting these platforms and PCs allows for best-in-class graphics, while PS VR 2 integration would continue VR options.

Marketing and Reveal Timeframe

If AC8 targets 2025, official announcements and trailers will likely drop in 2024. Revealing the game 1-2 years out aligns with usual marketing timelines. Initial teases could come in late 2023 if the project is far ahead. You can watch an unofficial trailer here.


Ace Combat 8 has massive shoes to fill following the long-awaited Ace Combat 7. But with the veteran team Project Aces seemingly embracing new gameplay directions and the power of next-gen hardware, the stage is set for the Strangereal saga to soar to new heights.

Though no concrete details are available yet, the planned evolution for the series aligns with fan hopes for an exciting new chapter in the skies of Ace Combat. Whenever the official reveal comes, Ace Combat 8 already looks poised to be one of the most ambitious and anticipated air combat games ever made.

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What platforms will Ace Combat 8 release on?

No platforms are confirmed, but PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC seem likely based on Ace Combat 7 and next-gen development hints. PS VR 2 integration is also possible.

Will Ace Combat 8 continue the Strangereal storyline?

Based on the cliffhanger ending of AC7 and developer comments about expanding story elements, Ace Combat 8 is expected to further the Strangereal canon.

When will Ace Combat 8 be revealed and released?

Rumors suggest that AC8 will be revealed in 2024 and released in 2025, around four years after AC7. This timeline is consistent with the typical development timeframe for major Ace Combat titles.

What new gameplay elements will Ace Combat 8 have?

Expanded multiplayer, deeper aircraft customization, larger-scale battles, added VR functionality, and branching missions with choices have been highlighted as potential inclusions by the development team.

Will Ace Combat 8 feature real modern aircraft like the F-35?

Fans hope so! Real-world 5th-generation fighters like the F-35 Lightning would fit the Strangereal timeline post-2010s. These and fan-favorite jets from previous games are likely aircraft candidates.


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