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Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Will The Story Continue?

Deadman Wonderland Season 2

It’s often disappointing to see an excellent anime series end, especially one with such an excellent plot as Deadman Wonderland. After the first season ended rather abruptly, fans waited quite a long time for a second season, only to realize later that it wasn’t coming. Fans and viewers of this anime series often express disappointment when talking about wanting a second season for the anime.

Manglobe’s Bankruptcy and Its Impact

Since 2008, Kazuma Kondou and Jinsei Kataoka‘s Deadman Wonderland manga has been made into a series from a Japanese magazine. The first twenty-one chapters in the manga served as the basis for the anime, which aired from April to July 2011. Licensed by Funimation, it ran from May through August 2012 on Adult Swim’s relaunched Toonami block.

Deadman Wonderland Season 1 Recap: What Happened?

The first season told a fascinating story that could be summarized in about a hundred words, but why cut it short and miss some core details? The series, which had no more than twelve episodes, each of which ran for about 24 minutes per episode, falls under quite some genres, which include Shounen, Gore, High Stakes Game, Action, Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, and contained a fair share of violence and obscenity.

Deadman Wonderland Season plot

Potential Plot For A Season Two

There has been no confirmation of the second season of Deadman Wonderland. Still, given the events of the first season and the lack of other information, one might speculate on the story if a second season were to be made.

If there were a season two for Deadman Wonderland, it would most probably reveal more of Promoter Tamaki’s schemes, unravel some more questions about Shiro, and maybe, ultimately, end in the release of Ganta and Shiro after proving Ganta’s innocence to the world. And maybe we might see more formidable opponents springing up from different corners, thereby increasing the fun and excitement.

Lastly, fans would love to see some significant character development, especially Ganta, as the first season had been entirely devoid of that.

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Which Characters Would Return In Season Two?

Deadman Wonderland isn’t an anime that parades some characters for a few minutes in an episode and forgets them. Most of the characters in the anime play a significant role that can’t be overemphasized. With this in mind, the following characters are expected to come back into Season Two:

  • Ganta
  • Shiro
  • Yoh
  • Promoter Tamaki
  • Captain Makina
  • Senji
  • Karako
  • Nagi
  • Kyoko
  • Minatsuki
Deadman Wonderland Season main character
Deadman Wonderland Season main character

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 Released Date?

We don’t think there’s much of a chance that it will return for a second season. This is because the studio that produced it, Manglobe, went out of business in 2015 owing to a significant debt of over $350 million. But it’s also easy to completely lose faith.

Though Manglobe is no longer, another production company might pick up the show. Any thought that an animation company might adapt an already established production is not unusual. Thus, we must investigate whether or not any animation studios are interested in reviving the series.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 doesn’t have you worrying about a shortage of content since there is plenty to cover. The manga concluded some years ago, but the animated adaptation only covers the first fourteen chapters. Thirteen sections have been created from the original 58 chapters. That’s 44 potential sequel chapters right there!

The anime’s first season was unfinished, and its plot was derivative. This will make it less of a challenge for the next studio to continue what Manglobe started.

Never, ever rule out the possibility of the second season.

The Deadman Wonderland Season scene

On What Platforms Can You Watch?

A handful of streaming sites provide users with the opportunity to watch this anime series. Some sites where you can stream the entire Series of Download Wonderland include Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Video (depending on your location).


In the anime world, uncertainty often surrounds the fate of beloved series. Deadman Wonderland Season 2 stands as a testament to this reality. While the studio’s bankruptcy might seem like an insurmountable obstacle, the anime community has witnessed surprising comebacks. As fans hold onto the hope of a continuation, the legacy of it persists, leaving an indelible mark on those who experienced its thrilling narrative.

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Q1: Is there any official confirmation of Deadman Wonderland Season 2?

A1: Unfortunately, no official confirmation has been made regarding the production of it.

Q2: Why did Manglobe go bankrupt, and how does it affect the chances of a second season?

A2: Manglobe, the studio behind Deadman Wonderland, filed for bankruptcy in 2015 due to significant financial issues. This has diminished the likelihood of a second season.

Q3: Are there any alternative mediums to explore the continuation of the story?

A3: While a second season remains uncertain, fans can delve into the manga, which provides a more extensive narrative beyond the animated adaptation.

Q4: Which characters are expected to return if a second season is produced?

A4: Key characters like Ganta, Shiro, Promoter Tamaki, and others are anticipated to return in Deadman Wonderland Season 2.

Q5: Where can fans currently watch it?

A5: Deadman Wonderland is available for streaming on platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Video, depending on your location.

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